Loong Online Mentor Kindness Points Guide

Loong Online Mentor Kindness Points Guide by OneForLyfe

As mentor

As apprentice

You will get 1 kindness point each tuition point your apprentice uses. I will update the turn in process, rewards, ect soon as i am only 600 kindness points from 3,000!

The loot

Tuition points are gained from your apprentice leveling up.

Secret books of Mentor are obtained by complete all 5 steps of the Mentor/Apprentice quest.

Max amount of apprentices you can have at 1 time is 5.

Once an apprentice hits level 50 they get 1m free exp from the reward npc.

The mentor gets 200k free exp for them reaching 50.

Every level your apprentice gains also gives you a couple points in Apprentice upgrade Points which can be swapped for recasting papers. and artisan souls.

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