Loong Online Stats Guide

Loong Online Stats Guide by gunney

Skill, 6 attack skill, 10 hit rate.
Attack skill gives a little bit damage, this can be compared with external/internal attack.
And attack skill also gives you a higher change to critical.
Hit rate increase your chance to hit.

Strength (str), 5 external attack, 1 external defense.
External attack is increasing your damage done with external weapons.

Agility (Agi), 4 defense skill, 10 dodge.
defense skill is the opposite from attack skill.
With defense skill you take a little bit less damage can be compared with external/internal attack.
Defense skill also decrease the chance you are being hit by a critical hit.
Dodge gives you a chance to dodge an attack.

Spirit (spi), 5 internal attack, 1 internal defense.
Internal attack is increasing your damage done with internal weapons.

Qi, 5 internal defense, 10mp.
Internal defense is decreasing the damage you take from internal attacks.
mp = mana points, also called HP (ingame).

Physique (phys), 5 external defense, 10 hp.
External defense in decreasing the damage you take from external attack
hp = health power / hit points, also called physical limit.

This game is very balanced.
It does not matter if you take 10 str or 10 skill, you damage output (per sec) will be the same.
But for bow you have a lot of increase critical chance skill, so if your base critical chance is high, then base critical + skill critical chance is VERY high.

I don’t have experience with bow but people say that skill gives more base damage then str. then explain this:
Full str, level 30 bow, just normal items.

If you like math, then here is a damage calculator for magic:
Title says magic, but I am sure that it also works for external, but people say it does not so that why it says magic in title.

att = int or ext attack
att skill = attack skill (from skill stat)
def = int or ext def
def skill = defense skill (from agi)
DMG = damage (on mob). So you number you see above the mobs head. (low def mobs only)


Tested this one Bloody Fox Kit (assuming that def+1/2defskill = 120)
Error = +or- 2 DMG (on foxes)


For beginners:
If you are external (Saber/Pole)
100% str, Full damage chance to miss
80% str, 20% skill, still a lot of damage and less chance to miss.
80% skill, 20% str, full crits, but skill also increase base attack.
20% str, 80% phys, tank stats

If you are external (Bow/Sword)
80%skill, 20% str, if you like crits
100% str, if you don’t like crits.

As internal:
100% spirit, full (non crit) damage, also a chance to miss.
80% spirit, 20% skill, almost full damage, less chance to miss.
80% skill, 20% spirit, full crit and also nice damage,.
20% spirit, 80% Qi, full healer.

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