Glory Destiny Online Buying KCoins Using MOL With KCard Guide

Glory Destiny Online Buying KCoins Using MOL With KCard Guide by 好人

I’ve seen some people having trouble buying KCoins. Here are what I’ve did. I separate this into three (3) sections so that you will understand the flow more.

Note that this works on Malaysia region, with MYR MOL value.
MOL is cross country, so to those that stay on the other side of earth you might as well try this but I won’t hold any responsibilites for any errors that you might get.

Some notes before you start:
i). There are several people reported that they’re having trouble with their account. I suspects these people are using social network account to login either forum, game or other koram sites. My advice is don’t, ever use social network to connect / integrating between your online accounts – including online game. In Artificial Intelligence/Expert System, there is an Engine/AI Bot that handles these, and these bots are not perfectly safe and it always happens to return errors. Those errors are hidden from users to avoid users leaving their service. Please directly login using your email not social integration.

ii). One more thing, if you happen to have Facebook account with Yahoo eMail and you login using THAT Facebook connection, you will get 1 account. Then when you login using THAT same Yahoo eMail account, you will eventually get another 1 account that different from before. So, one email with two totally different accounts that don’t share anything between them. Guess where is the trouble. All your purchasing now might be held in AI engine/AI bot, not in email.

iii). If any Koram management see this, please forward what I said in ii) and look up. Nothing to lose if it is proven false but you will lose more customers if it is true, and fix it. My suggestion is connect those two account with same email properly only with one account. That is how “Connect with Facebook” should be like.

MOL (Buying KCard)
1. Purchase MOL point using your nearest MOL point seller outlets

2. Go to MOL Website ( and Login with your MOL account.

3. Browse to game section:

4. You will see something like this.
i. It is in G section
ii. There should be Glory Destiny (MY) on 2nd page

Click on that GDO (MY)

5. You should be seeing something like this now

Ignore the Chinese description. This is supposedly for Chinese MY server but we here just want to buy the KCoin card – in easier and safer way.

6. Pick your value to buy.
At the end you will get the history payment receipt with Serial and PIN. KEEP THAT and don’t lose it. That is your KCard, NOT KCoin

Koram – Part I (Buying KCoin)
Login to Make sure it is the same way/method you login with your IN-GAME account.

1. Visit this page
i. … =100〈=my_en
Select BUY KCoin

2. And then select payment method. There should be several options there, DON’T pick MOL. Pick pay with KCoin Card.

3. You should then see this form. It is supposed to ask your MOL PIN not any other kind of password.

4. Make sure you will get status verified/submitted or something, that confirm your puschase. Any errors please report to GDO support team.

Koram Part II – (Exchange KCoins for Mall Coins)
At this point you should already have the KCoins in your account.

1. Exchange the KCoin
i. By directly go here;=386
ii. Go to
and click KCoin Exchange

2. You will be redirect to here.
Select S1 Glory Destiny server

3. Select your KCoin Value to exchange

If you have follow the 2nd part above, you should have your KCoin here. Put how many KCoin you want to exchange into your Mall Coin.
Press Okay after you’ve done.

The Mall Coins should be updated in your game right now. For me, I already in-game at the time I did this, and the update is instantly into my account.

Good Luck

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