Glory Destiny Online Pet Fusion Guide

Glory Destiny Online Pet Fusion Guide by 水果仔

Pet Fusion Rule 1

1. Pet has to be level 30(Higher level = More $$$ during fusion)
2. Pet has to be same state(0 star + 0 star .. etc)
3. Any Pet can be fuse, DOESN’T have to be BLUE + BLUE or GREEN + GREEN.
4. To save Cost, usually Blue Pet as Main, while Green as Sub.

Pet Output

Main          Sub         Output
Blue    +    Blue     =   Blue
Blue    +   Green   =   Blue
Green +     Blue    =  Green
Green +    Green   = Green
Output will ALWAYS follow the Main pet

Pet Fusion Rule 2

1. If Pet A has skill A+B+C when fused with Pet B has skill A+C, the result would NEVER be A+C+C as SAME skill won’t repeat.
2. All pet skill is randomly leveled or remain no change.
3. When pet fused, their resistance value if AVERAGE of both pets.
[Pet A has 50% Fire, Pet B has 2% Fire = 26% Fire after Fuse]

Pet Fusion Rule 3

If you wish to have a pet with skill A+B+C, but there’s no pet that has those skills.
What to do? FUSE it yourself
Try to find ANY 2 of the following Blue Pet
Skills : A+?+C/B+?+C/?+A+C.
As long it has 2 of the skill that we need, as we try not to touch on our 3rd skill.
We will use A+?+C for example here
The easiest is to find a pet with skill A+B.
Result :  A + ? + C + A + B = A + ?/B + C

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