Eligium Increase Training Ratings Guide

Eligium Increase Training Ratings Guide by Seigheart

Having an increased Training Rating is easily the most effective way of super powering your character. Training Rating actually raises ALL your stats by an enourmous amount. It increases your Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Vitality. But that’s not all! It also increases your Max HP/MP, Hit and Dodge!As of right now, you can increase your Training Rating in four ways;

1. Do daily dungeons, dungeons like kill the Camp Officer, taken from the NPC Mel under the Event category.
2. Do solo dungeons by yourself, each monster you kill you get training EXP.
3. Do Legendary City Defense, which is located at Sanctia, the Swordman Alexander NPC.
4. Challenge the Colleseum in the Elven City by talking to the Colleseum Manager.

In order to be competent, you HAVE to increase your training Ratings. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be, because in order to wear [Elite] Gear, one of the requirements are high Training Ratings.

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