Eden Eternal Making Gold Guide

Eden Eternal Making Gold Guide by yuanshuai

Hey there, Eternal Guardians. This is my first guide, so don’t judge too quickly on it. I wanted to help the community so I decided to write this ^^. This guide is to help you make/save up gold so you can buy your desired item(s) or skills, or whatever you want. It’s intended for newbies, but may also help veterans as well.

Alpaca Tokens – A currency used in trading for Mystery Capsules. Please check GMHyorin’s guide (link provided in Section III and VI)
Arena – a place where Eternal Guardians put their skills (and gear) to the test! Battle it out deathmatch style.
Aven – The holy city. It is a central hub where people of all type gathers for various activities. It can be found on the central continent.
Eden Glen – A type of Guild Town. It is a forest terrain.
Eden Peak – A type of Guild Town. It is a mountain terrain.
EXP – Experience Points. This is required for your character and class to level up.
Guild Town – A settlement and an area for a Guild. May be acquired once Guild has reached level 3.
Mobs – Monsters. They roam around the Eden Eternal world searching for prey, but are ultimately defeated by eternal guardians.
NPC – Non-Playable Character. They are built within the game and offer many services.
Prime Fashion – The highest tier of fashion items. Provides stats.
Silver/Gold – The in-game currency used in Eden Eternal. 1000 Silver = 1 Gold
Warp – A portal that takes you to an other portal you’ve unlocked (with the exception of Aven). It looks like a huge pink balloon.

I. Quests
1. Main Quests
2. Book Quests
3. Guild quests
4. (Guild) Dungeon quests
5. Daily dungeon quests

II. Do’s & Don’ts
III. Investments
IV. To sell or not to sell? That is the question.
V. Mining
VI. Free Stuff
1. The AP Alternative: Loyalty Shop!
2. Arena
3. Alpaca Tokens
2. Free Rewards

1. Main Quests

The first, and most obvious step is to do the main plot quests. They are indicated in yellow text and with a yellow

exclamation mark above the NPC’s head so it’s hard to not notice they are important. They also provide a huge

amount of EXP and good equips, so you’re getting 2 in 1.

2. Book Quests

These are written by famous writers all around the Eden Eternal world. General merchants sell them for a low price,

but the rewards are extravagant. Make sure to buy these before you start the main quest in an area, as they usually

require exterminating the same mobs.

P.S. Not all General Merchants are as hostile as this one. He just had his home invaded by monsters! Sad

You can also buy them from the Book Merchant in Aven, as he sells every single book quest. He looks so much

happier (only because he’s made so much gold selling books).

You can locate him here

In case you forgot to buy them at either, and can’t bother go back, there are also Traveling Merchants on the map

who also sells them.

3. Guild Quests

These are, in a way, similar to Book Quests, as they cost little, yet the payout is high. They can be completed

multiple times and rewards Guild Fame. You may buy these from Guild Quest Office Kaiser or Town Buletin Boards

in Guild Towns.

You can find him here

There are two types of Guild Towns: Eden Peak and Eden Glen

This is where the Town Buletin Boards look like and are located:

4. (Guild) Dungeon Quests

At the end of Main Quests, there will be a quest that requires you to kill the bosses in the dungeon. At the entrance

to the dungeon (with the exception of Angor Quarry), there will be a Soul Guardian who sells Dungeon Quest

Scrolls. These work exactly the same way as Guild Quests, in which you may complete them multiple times and be

rewarded with gold and Guild Fame.

Note: check the Scroll for the level requirement. If you are below or above the required levels you will

not be able to accept it. However, if you have already accepted the quest, defeated what is required, but are over

the level requirement, you may still turn it in.

5. Daily dungeon quests

(Correct me if I’m wrong) After completing the Main Quest for a dungeon, the Soul Guardian beside the dungeon

will start giving out a repeatable daily quest that requires killing the bosses within that dungeon. It provides decent

EXP and a ton of gold (the higher the dungeon level requirements, the more gold!!) Starting from Goss Mountains,

these provide Alpaca Coins (See Section III)

II. Do’s & Don’ts1. Do NOT repair equipment. Armor, especially weapons and heavy armor durability goes down quite fast, but even if they are about to break, do NOT spend your gold to repair them.
First, you should be blazing through main quests fast enough to replace your old equipment (unless you play all classes, but still..). Second, if you are using high level gear (ie. gold), the best thing to do is use Repair Hammers.

You can get untradeable ones quite easily from ingame activities and only repair your equipment when the durability is very low. Also check the next section on Orange equipment.

2. Do NOT upgrade every single skill that requires gold. Just get the ones that will be commonly used by your class/role (research first). After the 20’s, skills are very expensive, and upgrading all of them is a waste. What you can do, is get them to level 20, since it’s quite cheap, but after that, NO.

3. Do NOT buy fashion just to look cool. You can get free ones (explained in next section). If you really wish to buy fashion, buy ones with stats on them, and only the best stats (Prime). Prime fashion have blue text, and sell for a LOT of gold, so you should save up first.

You can just buy the cheapest primes(usually ones that look unappealing) and if you don’t like the look, you can just hide it (while still receiving the stats). You can hide it by unchecking the blue box in your Character window (C).

4. DO stick to only 1 or 2 class roles. It’s better, and much easier to level up all classes when your character level is at the cap. It also saves money on skills and equips. Why buy the skills if you’re not even gonna play that class?

5. On that note, DO sell unneeded gear. If you’re sticking to 1 or 2 class roles, you don’t need a weapon of every type in your inventory. You could always get better, higher leveled equips later on, instead of hording equips that will probably be outdated pretty quickly. This way, you also save space for more stuff, which you could possibly sell, which means MORE gold.

Note: When running dungeons, “Need” only if it is advantageous to your CURRENT class, and “Greed” if you want it for a secondary class/to sell. Don’t “need” on a Greatsword, when your current class is Magician, OH but you also play your warrior, NO. Also don’t switch between different roles in the middle of the dungeon unless you have to, eg. switching to a support to revive everyone.

III. Investments

So you’ve probably made a bit of gold by following this guide, or maybe you already had some gold. This section teaches you worthy investments that you should actually spend your gold on.

1.Orange Gear. Yes, you’ve read right. I want you to CRAFT some orange gear. Why? Because, for those of you who haven’t noticed, orange gear has NO durability. None. Why is this important? It saves you gold on repairing, and wasting your repair hammers on low level, green/blue equips, and saves them for later usage on GOLD gear. To all starters, I recommend the level 23 orange set. It’s super CHEAP and provides basic stats to get you a long way. In my experience, crafting a 23 set (the ENTIRE SET) only cost around 16G. Yes, 16G! On my server (Emerald), ONE piece of the set costs more than that. Heck, you could even sell that gear and make more gold. Always think about your options.

You actually get achievements for crafting the head and body parts of the set. I took the liberty of crafting every set

Orange Gear part 2

So you know about crafting orange gear.. And you’ve probably attempted to craft a level 33 or higher set, and noticed.. that the success rate is lower! Well, I’l give you some good news. Thanks to information from Belceb, you can get higher level orange gear without fearing the deadly success rates. Have you ever noticed a Zone Alert message during one of your quests? And you’ve seen some skull icons? Or perhaps you noticed that some NPC’s were missing and there was a red crystal within the proximity? The answer to all these questions is called “Monster Invasion”. Basically, groups of “Legion Elites” will (all) spawn at the same time, but random respawn times, and attack the blue/red crystals in the map. After killing the Legion Elite, you will receive a reward box via the in-game Mail system. Here is a link to all the rewards (except Wetlands?)

2. Farming dungeon quests. So you’ve crafted some orange gear and you’re feeling like a boss, eh? Well, time to put those feelings to the test! Go buy a couple of (Goss Mountain+) dungeon quest scrolls (remember the level requirement) and turn them in for Alpaca coins. Alpaca coins can be traded for Mystery capsules, which provide some really good items, including FASHION! Very Happy Check GMHyorin’s guide on Alpaca Tokens here:
Eden Eternal Alpaca Tokens and Mystery Capsule Machines Guide

3. Level 10 Mage. When Magicians reach level 10, they receive a skill called Spatial Conversion. This teleports all party members to your current soul guide checkpoint. It’s where you’ve “linked” your soul with a Soul Guardian. While travelling isn’t very expensive, just in case right?

One thing I can mention is if you are close to passing the level requirement for a dungeon quest, since you have orange gear which has NO durability, you can continuously die and reset your EXP, and keep doing dungeon quests with no repairing consequences.

IV. To sell or not to sell? That is the question.Along your travels, you may stumble upon these items. It’s your decision that will either net you gold directly, or in the long run.Asbee Crystals

You’ve probably collected a few and wonder what they are? They can be turned in for trophies that replace your “combat pet” (Razorfang Tiger, Mecha Jinn, etc.) when summoned with the trophy equipped. Why do these matter? Well, I thought I should add this because people want to collect the final trophy (which can only be made with all 5 trophies) that will summon a Violet Flame Dragon, and it’s pretty easy to find Asbee Crystals and sell to players for easy profit. Or you could keep them and try your luck.
Personally I use these and try to go for the trophies as my main role is RDPS. They don’t sell for that much anyway and I already have other ways to gain gold.

Monster Essence

Terrified Thought Monsters lvl 30-37
Foolish Thought Monsters lvl 38-42
Greedy Thought Monsters lvl 43-47
Angry Thought Monsters lvl 48-52
Rebellious Intent Monsters lvl 53-57
Destructive Will Monsters lvl 58+
Other crafting materials from Monsters include Rancid Blood, Monster Remains, Infected Blood, Reanimating Blood and Demonic Remains.

They can be collected from high level mobs and bosses, or Monster Invasion rewards. They are used in crafting level 30+ orange gear. You can either keep them, and use later in crafting your own set of armor, or sell them to players.
Personally I keep these, because I want to get crafting achievements.

Eden Crystals
You’ve probably seen these on world chat, and you’re thinking, “Wow how can I sell these and make x amount of gold?” Well, first of all, they are used in Crystal Altar. It’s the 2nd icon on the right on the minimap. It’s a gamble though, like asbees.
Personally, I sell these, because chance items hate me lol

V. Mining

This is experimental for me, but I have seen results. In fact, I’m not even sure if I want to provide this part… > n>
Oh well, I guess I’m kind enough to reveal my secrets.
This technique is based on supply and demand. Because of this, prices may fluctuate depending on server.

Step 1. Get to level 30, seems simple enough. You may try these with the level 20 commissions but I don’t think you’ll get a lot.

Step 2. Go to this guy and buy 10 of these:

Step 3. Go to guild towns and find a guild that has a Miner (output produced +2) and tax less than 10% (to maximize profit as much as possible)

Step 4. Commission them.

Step 5. Sell them in Auction.

VI. Free Stuff

1. The AP Alternative: Loyalty Shop!
Didn’t really need to write a guide for this, as BigNakedBob32 already has one out:
Eden Eternal Loyalty Shop Guide

If you save up enough, you can get a(nother) free pet! Or Auric Jewel, fashion bags, and (currently) Eden Crystals.

2. Arena
Required Level: 30 or higher
You can turn in 36 honor stars for a Warrior Chest (this means 36 of your honor stars will be DEDUCTED). This is once per DAY, and you will get a buff that prevents you from claiming another one until the server resets. Honor stars are gained with each Arena match you participate it. You get 1 star for losing, and 3 stars for winning. You do NOT LOSE STARS BY LOSING! Here is a link to all the rewards (includes fashion and misc.)
Eden Eternal PvP Arena Rewards List

3. Alpaca Tokens
I’m sure I already put this already, but I’ll put it again for anyone who missed it or just skipped to the part with free stuffs (I don’t blame ya Razz). You can get free fashion and miscellaneous items. Here’s a guide on how to acquire them/rewards:
Eden Eternal Alpaca Tokens and Mystery Capsule Machines Guide

4. Free Rewards

Did you know… that you can get free stuff every hour? O:
Just go to this link and get a random prize: http://edeneternal.aeriagames.com/itemmall/free-rewards

Don’t whine because you didn’t get what you wanted. EVERYTHING has a purpose. You landed on a Loot Charm but it’s NT? Use it for yourself, run some dungeons and sell your loot. Landed on an EXP Charm but NT? Sad Well use it yourself to get to a higher level when you can sell higher level items for MORE gold. Guard Scroll? Upgrade your armor = take less damage = use less pots = SAVE GOLD.

Thanks to all who read this guide and hope I helped you in some way.

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