Digimon Masters Online Tamer Stats Quick Guide

Digimon Masters Online Tamer Stats Quick Guide by N1cotina

1.- What you can raise?

You can raise the Tamer’s HP, DS, AP, DF, speed (speed doesn’t appears in the tamer windows) and Affinity.

  • HP: The Tamer’s HP will be you resistance to fatigue in wilds areas. It give HP to the digi too, which is affected by the Afinnity.
  • DS: The Tamer’s DS is (maybe) the most important thing here. It will help you to digi-evolve your digimon. Your digimon get DS too from it.
  • AP: The Tamer’s AP is the attack of our tamer. Right now it just help to the digi, give him a percentage of our attack.
  • DF: The Tamer’s DF is our defense. Same as the AP it just affect to our digi by an amount depending of our Affinity with the digi.
  • Speed (MS): The speed is a factor that will not see in numbers, but that will see in window. It just affect out Tamer. Basically it help us to run faster.
  • Afinnity: You don’t take care of your digi?, then think it again. The Affinity is a percentage that will affect out Tamer’s stats to give them to our digi. Example: If I have 10 Affinity points that means that my digi will receive 10% of my Tamer’s stats; I have 400 HP, my digi will get 40 HP from me. The affinity cap right now is 55, which can be get by a Mega digi and a clothes from the cash shop. We’ll see more about it later.

2.- How I can raise them?

There’s two ways:

Tamer’s lvl: The more high, the more stats you’ll have.

Clothes: Wearing gloves will not just help you to be cutest. If you merge your clothes with attributes items you’ll have a real boost of yours stats.

  • Gloves: You can merge it with AP attribute.
  • T-shirt: You can merge it with HP attribute.
  • Pants: You can merge it with DF attribute.
  • Shoes: You can merge it with speed attribute.
  • Glasses: You can merge it with DS atribute.

3.- And… Where do I get those items?

First of all you must know how they looks like when they’re drooped.

  • Clothes: You can get them from scanned eggs. Green aura eggs will give it to you, but!! not 125B eggs, those just give you DATA, every one else will give you clothes if your lucky (and if you’re not too). I don’t remember which eggs give you which clothes, but I know something that you’ll actually love. If you want glasses go to Togemon and farm some green eggs aura. Those items can give you a space to raise your Tamer’s DS… you’ll love it.
  • Attributes: When they’re dropped they looks like mini-eggs of colours. Orange; HP, Blue; DS, Yellow; AP, Silver; DF, MS; Green.
    When you get one of those you must analyzed first. Go to Dorphin at Yokohoma Village, analyze them, then merge it with your clothes.

4.- Affinity?

As we talk before the affinity is the percentage that our digi will get from our tamer’s stats. It will go up if we kill wilds digimon and digievolve. It will go down if our digi go below 15% HP or if we die in combat. A clothe item from the cash shop can raise your Affinity 20 points, in the OBT some of us have seen it works.

  • Rookie: 0 – 15
  • Champion: 10 – 20
  • Ultimate: 15 – 25
  • Mega: 20 – 35
  • Maximum affinity: 55 with a cash clothe.

Above us there is a list with the affinity for ours digis, but… It doesn’t means that our digi can get 35 of affinity just if we’re in Mega form. It means that if our digi reach the mega form we’ll have the affinity in rookie, champion or any state of the digi.

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