Digimon Masters Online Partner Eggs Guide

Digimon Masters Online Partner Eggs Guide by 13ulbasaur


Ever been running around, doing quests, and find that you got an egg from a quest? Or those times where you ask to buy an egg, but you’re not sure if you are getting scammed or not for an egg that is not the one you want? What if you’re not sure how many chips you need for this egg? Or even what kinds of chips it needs?

I know some people have problems telling what egg is what, judging by some posts I see about ‘What’s this egg’ or sometimes even ‘how many chips I need to hatch this egg’. So I thought I’d compile a quick guide just to help out, because I didn’t see any guides of the sort. This would be my first guide on something not related to graphics and drawings so don’t bash me up.


Alright, first off, you got an egg. But oh! What is it? Could it be… A Biyomon? Or maybe a Hawkmon? How can I tell? Omigod nooo I don’t know I’ll go ask someone. D:

But why go through that hassle when all you need is a quick look to tell what is what? Just to make this guide really easy, here’s a single picture with how to tell what egg is what and also a few other things you might want to know.

Have trouble reading the text? If you do, here is what it says divided into it’s pretty colour sections.

This is the name of the Digimon that resides in this egg.

This shows that this egg is a cash egg and is a confirmed 3/5.
Quests and normal digieggs show this instead.

This image shows whether your Digimon is a bird, reptile, insect etc. egg and what chips it would need because of that.
Cash eggs have either a yellow, orange or red background. Yellow backgrounds means its a 3/5 egg. Orange means it’s a 4/5 and red means it’s a 5/5.

This shows how much money you can earn by selling this egg to the egg NPC.

This shows how much money you need to scan this egg.

This shows that you need 5 Data Chips for one try to fill up 1/5 of your bar with this egg. If you are not sure what Data Chip you need, look at the egg image.

Anyway! I can tell that the egg in question is a Hawkmon egg! How? Because by looking at the names between the names of the two bird Digimon, Hawkmon and Biyomon, I can tell. There are, however, easier ways to tell differences with Digimon that have a chip cost unique to their category. Like how Salamon needs 8 beast chips. I don’t see any other beast digimon that needs 8. So it’s a quick and easy answer. :U

Don’t know the names of the Digimon in Korean or how many chips a certain Digimon needs? Have a scroll down to the bottom.

Oh, cash eggs. Don’t we all love them? There are two available cash eggs, a 2,800 one which gives you a random digimon with a confirmed 3/5 but can go higher, or a 9,800 one with a specific digimon with either 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5.
Some people get 3/5 2,800 eggs and 3/5 9,800 eggs mixed up, so here are some easy images to tell what’s what.

Unscanned 2,800 cash eggs look like this –
Unscanned 9,800 cash eggs look like this –

When scanned, should you get a 3/5 9,800 egg, it’s hard to tell the difference between that and a scanned 2,800 egg. So therefore, what you do is that you look at the name or at the description.

This is the one for a scanned 3/5 9,800 egg

And the one for a scanned 2,800 egg

So basically, for unscanned eggs you can have a look at the image and for scanned you can look at the name and description stuffs. :3

Oh! But what if I don’t know what egg uses x number of chips? Or what kind of chips are needed for this? What Digimon can hatch from this egg? Well here’s more to add in.

Here’s a quick table on what Digieggs there are, what kind of chips that goes with it and what Digimons are in that egg category.

I give credits to Lepper for all the Digieggs and Data Chips images EXCLUDING the Water ones, which I extracted from the game myself. :T


And finally, here’s a list of all the hatchable Digimon Korean names and also how many chips they need for a go at filling up the bar. It was a pain to collect all these, but here ya go! This is for people who’d want to refer to names or amounts of data chips.

HAWKMON – 호크몬 (5 Bird Chips)
SALAMON – 플롯트몬 (8 Beast Chips)
HAGURUMON – 톱니몬 (3 Rock Chips)
TENTOMON – 텐타몬 (5 Bug Chips)
TERRIERMON – 테리어몬 (5 Beast Chips)
KIWIMON – 키위몬 (2 Beast Chips)
DEPUTYMON/REVOLMON – 카우보이몬 (2 Rock Chips)
WORMMON- 추추몬 (5 Bug Chips)
STARMON – 스타몬 (2 Rock Chips)
GOMAMON – 쉬라몬 (5 Water Chips)
BETAMON – 베타몬 (5 Water Chips)
DRIMOGEMON – 두리몬 (1 Beast Chip)
TOGEMON – 니드몬 (3 Plant Chips)
GUILMON – 길몬 (10 Reptile Chips)
RENAMON – 레나몬 (10 Beast Chips)
IMPMON – 임프몬 (10 Dark Chips)
GABUMON – 파피몬 (5 Beast Chips)
AGUMON – 아구몬 (5 Reptile Chips)
VEEMON – 브이몬 (10 Reptile Chips)
ELECMON – 에렉몬 (5 Beast Chips)
BIYOMON – 피요몬 (5 Bird Chips)
WOODMON – 우드몬 (1 Plant Chip)
GOTSUMON – 울퉁몬 (2 Rock Chips)
DEMIDEVIMON – 피코데블몬 (3 Dark Chips)
DEMIMERAMON – 페티메라몬 (1 Fire Chip)
DOGMON – 도그몬 (2 Beast Chips)
DOBERMON – 도베르몬 (2 Beast Chips)
KUNEMON – 쿠네몬 (1 Bug Chip)

Oh, as a note, do remember that Digimon names ALWAYS ends with ‘몬’. So if you are ever unsure ifyou are actually looking at a Digimon name or something else, just make sure that ‘몬’ is at the end of the word. <3

Yay! First guide complete. This is basically to help people out with Digieggs, Digitamas or whatever you call them as well as some other random facts. Do please tell me if I missed out anything or made a mistake. Feel free to ask questions too. I hope this guide helps people from being scammed. It’s so sad seeing a Drimogemon named Renamon. :C

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