Crystal Saga Keeping Your Account Safe Guide

Crystal Saga Keeping Your Account Safe Guide by Estset

A month ago, I arrived home from being out all day long. When I come to see that my character had been deleted, which really sucked… I have been inspired to write a guide to not only stress, but to keep others to stay safe, and not go through what I have.

Table of Contents
1. Ground Rules
2. Character Locks
3. Practical Scenarios
i) Scenario 1
ii) Scenario 2

Ground Rules

1. Do not share your account with anyone.
2. Use at least 8 characters when choosing your password. In addition, I believe you should also add not only characters, but numbers as well within your password. It will further enchance the security of your account.
3. Change your password regularly.
4. Complete your personal information. This will help us if you ever lose your account. Incase you ever lose your account information, I would
advise you use your personal information as it will be a lot easier for R2 to recognize you.
5. R2Games will never ask you for your password.
6. All official R2Games promotions will be posted here and only here. Do not trust any alternative sites.
This can be found by visiting,

Character Locks
As some of you may have noticed, when you log into your character there is an option below your character defined as “Set Character Lock”. I cannot stress how useful this feature is and the more security within your account the better right? Here are a few pictures to illustrate how to set a character lock.

As you can see a character security lock is basically another security feature to protect the actual character on the account itself. You can basically think of it as a 2nd password.

Practical Scenarios
I would like to present, and illustrate to you scenarios which you may end up in, and the results of each scenario.

Scenario 1

If we refer back up to the first part of my guide in the Ground Rules section. The first rule indicates that we must? Do not share your account with anyone. No matter what the cost or gain is never give your information to anyone.

Scenario 2

As you can see above in the illustrations, the potential hacker opened up by asking for your email, and password. Again, if we refer to the 1st step in the Ground Rules section. Do not share your account with anyone. In addition, to this there are one of three ways to go about the situation. If you take a look at the 2nd picture, you can see that you can view the character. By doing so, you can see if it was actually your friend that is asking for your password. Although, even if it was its recommended to not give them your password regardless. As you can see the potential hacker is a level 1 character, and not only that it does not compare to my friends character within the last picture, no gear, wings etc. Thus goes to show, that he’s just looking out to devour of whom he can by hacking your character. The second way you can go about the situation is by using the newly added report feature. This will inform R2 that someone is either abusing bugs, whether the person is a potential hacker, and so on. So that R2 can permanently get rid of the person, and prevent anyone from potentially being hacked by the person. And the third way you can go about the sitation is to completly ignore the person as you can see the option is there.


I would like to give a shoutout to Demonicloser from Zensho Island for helping me develop the scenarios. And I would also like to give a shoutout to Mavis. Also, from Zensho Island for helping me with images. Please feel free to comment, give me your ideas, and input if any. Thank you!

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