Crystal Saga Guild Management Guide

Crystal Saga Guild Management Guide by NightNight


before I start I would like to state that I wrote this guide on my Wii console, for the reason that my last guide has been a great success.
So here I go.

How to create a guild!
Any player that is level 20 and up can visit the Guild Management Officer in Starglade to create a guild. This will cost 5Gold 0Silver 0Copper.

Guild levels
A guild has multiple levels as explained bellow:
→Level 1: Max of 20 Members.
→Level 2: Max of 40 Members
→Level 3: Max of 60 Members
→Level 4: Max of 80 Members
→Level 5: Max of 100 Members

Recruiting Guild Members
The ways of adding members to your guild are simple and easy;
Click on a player’s avatar or name and selecting “Add to Guild”. The player will then receive a message saying “[YOUR USERNAME] has invited you to join the guild [YOUR GUILD NAME].
[Accept] [Decline]”

Guild Positions and their permissions
There is many positions in a guild. Here is a list;

Recruit: New guild member, no permissions.

Member: A member of the guild, no permissions

Veteran: Experienced guild members, no permissions.

Class Head: Assistant officers, can add new members to the guild.

Officer: Just under Assistant Guild Master, can add new members and edit announcements.

Assistant Guild Master: Your most trustworthy member. Can add new members, edit titles, announcements and manifesto.

Guild Master: Yourself. You can do anything. I will detail your functions now;
Can disband the guild.
Can edit titles, manifesto, announcements and guild positions
Can kick from guild
Can promote and demote members.

Announcement, Manifesto, Title and Position editing
You can add an announcement and a manifesto by clicking on “Announcement” or “Manifesto” in the guild interface. You then type in your Announcement or Manifesto. There is a 200 character limit.

You can edit guild positions by clicking on “Positions” in the Guild interface. Click on a position and type a new position name.

You can change your member’s title by clicking on their name in the guild interface, then select “Guild Title”. Then type in a new title.

Contribution is like EXP, the more your guild has, the higher level it is. You may also exchange your contribution for guild skills and gifts. Note: Guild Skills work for only yourself and not the who Guild. You can get gifts from the Guild Management Officer in Starglade. Click on “Guild Benefits”.

Please let me know of any mistakes. I’m pretty sure I forgot a guild position and that I have grammar errors.

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    well when i was playing with my own guild of lvl1 i brought it to 300 progress ( for bringing it to lvl 2) but it didint lvl up. why?

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