AVA Scenario Rewards List

AVA Scenario Rewards List by Glitch25

These boxes are used to gain items, euros, or weapons within the game, they can be picked up only in co-op modes, some other modes offer rewards by time and kills.

Death Vally
Battle Gears Begins

Prison Break: Survival
1- (10 euro)
2- (100 euro)
3- (500 euro)
4- (STG44 1 day)
5- (STG44 3 days)
6- (STG44 7 days)
7- (PPSH41 1 day)
8- (PPSH41 3 days)
9- (PPSH41 7 days)
10- (Walther 1 day)
11- (Walther 3 days)
12- (Walther 7 days)
13- (L2A3 1 day)
14- (L2A3 3 days)
15- (L2A3 7 days)
?- No Rewards

Prison Break: Escape
1- M67 Grenade (1 day)
1- 100 euros
2- 500 euros
3- PPSH41 (7 days)
3- STG44 (7 days)

Prison Break: Rescue
Viper Mask

Death Vally
Received randomly From boxes
El Raffe Kukri (Timed)
Magazine Upgrade A (Timed)
Magazine Upgrade B (Timed)
Euros (1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10)
Camo ST (Timed)
AH07 Helmet (Timed)
Ghostgear Supply Kit (Timed)
EP08 Protector (Timed)
EG08 Gloves (Timed)
EA08 Armor (Timed)
M67 Grenade (Timed)
MK3A2 Grenade (Timed)
-[color=blue]From Completing the mode on extreme[/color
Anaconda Kukri (Permanent, only from Extreme mode)
Panfilov Mask (Permanent, only from Extreme mode)

Received randomly From boxes
26- (DE 30 days, A1 Camo 1 Day, Joint protectors 1 day)
26- (Clan Mask 15 days, Deagle 15 days)
25- (15 Day Viper Mask)
25- (7/15 day DE)
25- (1,000 euros)
22- (Red Viper Mask 7 days) not confirmed
18- (Viper Mask 7 days)
18- (DE 1 day)
03- (EH08 armor 1 day)
?- Mag A, Mag B, 1k

Battle Gears Beginz
Received randomly From boxes
Pike Bomb (Timed)
Beretta Barbatos (Timed)
Zonda Bat (Timed)
Pike Bomb (Timed)
Beretta Barbatos (Timed)
Zonda Bat (Timed)
-[color=blue]From Completing the mode on extreme[/color]
Zonda Bat Permanant
Beretta Barbatos Permanant

Battle Gears Blood
Dual Beretta Barbatos (timed)
Mk23 Socom Tempest (timed)
Pike bomb (timed)

If anyone have anymore info on the box count and earnings please let me know.

Thanks for your help guys, Glitch25

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Add rewards list for BG Blood please?

  2. Awadinho says:

    i won panfilov mask yaaaaaa and 2 anacondas

  3. Anonymous says:

    Panfilov Mask? really? ive never seen someone talk about receiving one before. its mainly anaconda perm. where did you get that source from?

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