AVA AK-47 Guide

AVA AK-47 Guide by ExSniPa207

Ok. I played many fps games, such as sf, ca, cf, sa, and others. I picked up some hints from these games about the infamous Ak47 Rifle. Ak is one of the best gun in most fps games. Usually, its a 3 hit kill in most cases. But one thing about this gun is, RECOIL!!! OMG RECOIL IS REALLY BAD WITH THIS GUN!!! So, in this guide, I will show you how to control your recoil, improve your accuracy, and other lil tips and tricks.

The Basic Stats

Developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the term ‘Assault Rifle’ originated from monstrous AK47. This piece is the most widely produced rifle worldwide and is recognized as the simplest and the most powerful rifle of all. Due to its easy production, 3rd world countries illegally manufacture it. Nowadays, symbols of both ‘Freedom’ and ‘Suppression’ are all manifested through this rifle all around the world.

The Stats are:
Damage: 43
Range: 45
Accuracy: 72
Stability: 30
Mobility: 45
Rate of Fire: 40
Ammo: 30
Yeah… Damage is a whopping 43, resulting in a 3 shot kill. Accuracy is really high, so long shots are no problem. The problem is the rate of fire, which is pretty low compared to other ARs like the m4 and famas. Um, I guess Stability is recoil, and thats pretty low too. (Ak is infamous for its crappy recoil… Atleast its not the worst, cuz some people screwed up famas and made recoil butt high =)

Bursting is a technique to lower your recoil. Hopefully everyone knows it here, because it’s pretty simple technique for most fps games. Just in case you don’t know how to burst, its simple. First, you get a gun. Then, you hold your mouse for about 2-3 bullets. Finally, you let go. EASY, RIGHT? It’s simple and effective, my favorite 2 words =) (not really…) If you have good accuracy, most bursts will kill someone. I have no hand eye, so I need atleast 2 =( This technique is most effective in mid range and some cases of long range. In short range, you can do it, but a better technique is….

Close Range
SPRAYYYINNNNGGG!!! No… I don’t mean the thing that an average newb does, which is get a machine gun and go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean about 6-7 bullets, because of two reasons. 1st: It’s enough to kill them and 2nd: If they don’t die and you keep spraying, the crosshair will get bigger than Moby ****… So, 6-7 spray, then if it doesn’t work, stop for like half a nanosecond, and keep SPRAYYYYYINGGG!!!! and repeat.

Medium Range
In Medium range, you never spray, because only about 1/30 bullets hit the enemy, and they own you, and you get sad. You burst, which works the best in med. range. About 1-2 bursts will kill them. That’s about all for medium range.

Long Range
There’s two ways to kill enemies for long range. But first, check to see if they are a sniper. If they are, and they’re Korean, as soon as you check BOOM!!! U dead… But if you happen to run across a noob who learned how to play the game 1 minute ago, try these two tactics. 1 is if they are a rifle or pointman that has no cover, burst. It works well. But if they do have cover and they are a sniper, you get cover and single shot them to death. Single shot is just clicking your mouse once to get only one shot. I wonder why its called single shot… It is really accurate with an Ak because of its accuracy, and you have a better chance to kill your enemy with a single shot than a burst.

K Walking
One really effective tip is to k walk. K walking is a technique that means to walk silently. You just press shift and walk. This gives you two advantages. First, it makes you silent, so they can’t hear when you are coming. This helps alot in maps like Black Scent and Hammer Blow. Second, it increases accuracy. Ak is already a very accurate gun, but with this lil bonus, WOW! When you hold shift, the crosshair will get much smaller and it gets much more accurate.

RADAR RADAR RADAR!!! I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! RADAR CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!! Sudden attack motto is “Your last bullet can save your life” or something like that. My motto is “UR RADAR CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!” (Ok.. maybe its not but I’m about to make it my motto now…) Radar can help you see where your enemy is. Let someone go ahead of you first. Then, if there is a X where they were before, someone killed them. Get your trusty ak out and BOOM BOOM you got a kill! This method works best in team matches like Black Scent. Team Death Matches are always in chaos, so it’s not as important, but still pretty important. This technique is good with any guns, not just ak.

Sound can save your life. When you hear those footsteps, check if there is an ally next to you. If not, it’s an enemy. Since you know they’re near you, get your trusty ak out and BOOM BOOM you got a kill! (that sounds awfully familiar…) Also, it can help to see where the enemy is. If they attack you and you do not die, turn to where ever you heard the sound and start attacking. If you don’t hear, you will have to turn around… And look for them… And it will take forever… And you get screwed… And thats about it…. There is more sound techniques like hearing to see how many enemies are there, and what kind of gun they are using, but I’m bored… Let’s move on =)

Don’t worry… Just cuz you retreat doesn’t mean you are a coward. Knowing when to retreat is very important. It can save your life, and more importantly it can get you more kills =) Let’s play a game. I tell you a situation. You tell me the answer. Question 1. What do you do when you see a sniper far away trying to snipe you? A. Shoot at them like crazy!!! B. Retreat to a safe place to get cover. If you chose A, go get help. If you chose B, good for you. Question 2. What do you do when you see 50 enemies coming to kill you? A. Run away like heck. B. SPRAY!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!! If you chose B, go play in traffic or something. (No, I’m just kidding!) If you chose A, good job! Pat yourself on the back! Question 3. What do you do when a pointman comes medium range to you? A. Throw a gernade at him. B. Run like crazy. If you chose A, jump out of a window. If you chose B, go jump out of a window. IT WAS A TRICK QUESTION!! HAHA!! =) You would kill them. You should retreat when there is a sniper long range, lots of people (more than 2-3), or if you have low health. You should not retreat when there is a rifler or a pointman because they are in the same situation as you.

Well, I’m getting really bored writing this guide. I’ll edit it some more later on or something. Remember, in close range, 6-7 spray. In medium range, 2-3 burst. In long range, 2-3 burst or 1 single shot. Keep practicing and if you have any questions, just pm me. Ask your local pros for more tips and wait for other weapon guides from me! For now, good bye!

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