APB Reloaded Quick Start Guide

APB Reloaded Quick Start Guide by kazucat

I’ve been playing APB since early access in old APB, and I’ve seen a lot of new people that needs help, therefore I thought I would write this tutorial to help a couple of people out.

1: Getting Started.

First, you want to check out the tutorial which is super helpfull, there are a lot of tips there.

2: Social.

When you have completed the tutorial some people choose to go to the Social District. This is where you can use the awesome customization to make your character look how you want to.

-Changing clothing.

To change clothing you need to locate the clothing booths localized in Diamond Mall or the main Criminal or Enforcer buildings.

-Changing your character.

To change your hair, face, bodyshape, tattoos etc you need to localize the body customization booth localized under/by the Diamond Mall. The Diamond Mall is located beside the docks and close to the Criminal main bulding.

3: Combat.

When you’re happy with your looks you should head to your preffered action district, you are not locked into these and you can change instance when you want to (Not in missions though).

First, you should pledge to a contact, if you don’t then you won’t gain any standing which makes you progress. To pledge you hit J > progression and double click on the contact and hit pledge, you can also drive/walk to the contact and talk to them, but that’s more work.

By the start, if you don’t have a friend with you, you will be alone. You will begin with a Star and a snubnose pistol, many people like the Star, it is a quite good primary weapon so I suggest you stick with it for a while. As for the snubnose, most people want to change that as soon as they can. Star can compete with most weapons. If you want to buy new weapons you must speak to a contact and click buy and find what you want.

First you should figure out all the key bindings etc, then ready up and go in your first mission. From there you play more and more pledging to different contacts as you progress.

If you get bored of playing alone you should invite friends to play, search for a group or you could try to join a clan. Not all clans want new people but some do, so don’t expect to be in the best clan at once, though I recommend you to try to get into the best clan possible to get help.

Hopefully this guide will give a you a little easier start. Good luck in San Paro and welcome.

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