APB Reloaded Gun Strategies Guide

APB Reloaded Gun Strategies Guide by Warrant

Purpose: The purpose of this thread is to give newer players a better look at different weapon strategies and how to use different weapons to their full potential.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are all-around great weapons. They are able to be used at Close, Medium, and even Long ranges. With high rates of fire and damage, they are deadly if used correctly. They are best used in 3-4 shot bursts as they will suffer from accuracy degradation. I would recommend using Assault Rifles at a ‘Medium’ range to give you the upper-hand over CQC guns so you can effectively out-range them. If needed to be used at long range, your firing technique should consist of single shots or 1-2 shot bursts to remain accurate. Up close, they can be fired fully automatic, but be weary of SMGs or Shotguns hiding around a corner.

My preference of Assault Rifle: N-Tec
Preference of Mods: Hunting Sight, Heavy Barrel

SMGs are highly effective weapons in CQC. They excel in flanking and guarding closed in areas. While using an SMG, try not to leave yourself out in the open to be sniped or gun downed from across the street. My best advice for SMG users is to KEEP MOVING. Your best bet is using a flank tactic. This is because Assault Rifles and Snipers will be able to out-range you. Trying to use a SMG while not in the effective range is worthless, and will only get you killed. Hip-firing is preferred with SMGs as once you get used to it, they can be deadly when sprayed.

My preference of SMG: OCA
Preference of Mods: Reflex Sight, Cooling Jacket, Extended Mags


Shotguns are one of my favorites and have a very similar play style as SMGs. When using a shotgun, you will be easily out-ranged by other rifles and snipers. They are best used in CQC and closed-in areas. While using a shotgun, you will always want to KEEP MOVING. A great tactic to use while using a shotgun is to stay around a corner next to an entrance of an area you are guarding, when you see someone coming, pop out and get a shot or two off and then run back in cover. If you are in a fire fight with someone, keep moving in different directions or circles to confuse your opponent and make it difficult to aim. Remember, shotguns have a big spread of pellets.

My preference of Shotgun: Colby


Snipers are great support weapons but lack at CQC and solo missions. When using a Sniper, positioning is everything. Your goal is going to be to find a spot with cover, and a good view of where you are trying to defend / assault. My preference of snipers is the HVR. This is because HVRs do somewhere around 95% damage to someone, and if one of your teammates shoots the person you shot, they will be dead in 1-2 bullets. This forces your opponents into cover and can suppress a opposed team when used correctly.

My preference of Sniper: HVR

Semi-Automatics: Written by NickVeres

The semi-autos are all about accuracy and damage through manually controlled rate of fire. They have a learning curve more suited to the more experienced players. Being able to adjust the rate of fire to the situation makes them quite versatile.
The Joker: The mid range king. Note that just because you CAN fire this superfast doesn’t mean you should. It is affected by recoil just like an assault rifle, and it is much more effective when fired slower. Learn the rate of fire that is optimal for the range.
How to mod: Hunting sight improves the long range game, while reflex sight improves close range. Buy both and switch as needed. Much faster than switching guns and you’re not renting three guns.
The Obeya: The long range king. It has a slower max fire rate and REALLY bad accuracy on the move, so you cannot use this in CQC. Crouch and zoom to win.
The OBIR: This is the gun that beats the stock HVR. You can fire 3 shots before the HVR gets off 2. Crouch, zoom, and aim low. If you aim too high or they have kevlar, don’t try to get another shot in – MOVE! This gun is less good at mid range and useless in CQC.

I welcome any feedback and hope this thread gave some insight into how to effectively use different types of weapons. I’ll be updating this thread with more information along the way.

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