APB Reloaded Field Supplier Guide

APB Reloaded Field Supplier Guide by Sakes

Mobile Resupply is the best character mod in the game, and a lot of new players never use it. It has no drawback or downside and gives you and your team huge tactical versitility. Byp ressing I you can change weapons in addition to just restocking them. You can even buy ammo by clicking on the square bullet symbol.

How often are you carrying a sniper rifle or an Obeya only to have the objective appear in the back streets of an ally? Or are packing a shotgun when its VIP and the enemy team is camping a roof? Do you just accept that you have a subpar weapon and just charge in with your secondary and hope for the best? Do you also try to hammer in nails with a screwdriver?

The Field supplier is your friend. Use it. Sure, it leaves you vulnerable, but its not hard to find a safe spot to use it. If you switch weapons and die while using it, you’ll still respawn with the weapon you changed to.

Another great strategy that goes unused is restocking grenades. How many times have you taken a point, but had to use both Grenades to do it, and now you have to guard that same point but have no grenades? Use your field supplier to get your grenades back. Why not? You just killed the enemy, so you have a few seconds. Does your teammate have a resupply too? Coordinate their usage, and suddenly in a team of 4, you now you 8 grenades each instead of 2. Grenades are an extremely powerful weapon in skilled hands. You can easily win an engagement, and by extension an entire mission, due to having grenades thanks to a resupply unit when you normally wouldn’t.

Is their an enemy sniper pinning down your team? Swap to a sniper rifle yourself to pin HIM down, or flank him, take him out with an OCA/Shotgun/Colby then swap to a sniper rifle yourself and proceed to turn the tables.

Does the enemy have to deliver a vechicle? Camp the point with a couple of LMGs and watch the pretty explosions.

Defending a building with tight chokes and doorways? Its shotgun time.

Vechicle mobile resupply mods are also amazing because they have no cooldown. Trying to get into a tight area thats defended? Drive your resupply car up and proceed to carpet bomb the area with grenades. You can also switch out weapons on the fly very easily to surprise the enemy. Is a VIP camping a roof? Have both you and a teammate switch to a sniper rifle, take him out with a coordinated snipe before he even knows whats happened, then switch back to an OCA and run him down when he respawns.

Winning in APB is often more about engaging from the correct distance using the correct weapon. Sometimes you can change your distance to match your weapon, but other times you must change your weapon to match the distance. Resupply allows you to do that.

Don’t underestimate it.

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