APB Reloaded Making Money With Enforcers Guide

APB Reloaded Making Money With Enforcers Guide by Earthfield

Hello fellow players, I’ve hear/read a lot of people saying that Criminals have it easy when it comes to make money; and while I agree, the difference is not that big, and I’ll show you through this humble guide, that in Fact, while Crims make more money, Enforcers have it easier to make 80% of the Crim earning with no risk of engagement at all.


A Populated Server:

Criminals are mostly forced to make solo crime in less populated instances, to diminish the chances of engaging Enforcers. Enforcers works better the other way around; a populated server gives you more chances to earn cash, based on the following statement:

·Where there’s a mission, there are stolen cars:

This is self explanatory, where you see bunch of crims and Enforcers exchanging bullets; you’ll likely to find stolen cars, so grab them and deliver them; unlike Criminals, most of the time you can’t be picky with which vehicle to take, if the only stolen vehicle is a cheap one, go for it, this guide will prioritize time over quality, and I assure you, it really works.

·Don’t follow criminals hoping to get their cars when they get down:

Even if no one’s around, it’s better to keep looking for a stolen car you can get than to follow one that might never be available. Follow the gunfire sounds, look at spawning points, in populated instances, I barely had any problem finding them; most criminals would rather steal a car than spawning their own if they’re on a mission with the clock ticking.

·Stick to one delivery point, or two at max:

The game will show you the nearest available delivery point, but it’s not always the fastest way; I haven’t fully counted, but the cooldown to deliver a vehicle is about two minutes, so, if you took more than a minute to get a car, it’s better to go to the nearest one, even if it’s not available, stay in the car while the game says you cannot deliver it, and in a couple of seconds, you’ll have the vehicle delivered; it’ll be way faster than traveling to the next point. like I said, I go for time over quality.

·Rank up to notoriety 3:

That’s fairly optional, but delivering cars with notoriety 2 is no fun, barely profitable, it’ll be faster to play a couple of missions to rank up to 3 and then start delivering vehicles; this is where the Enforcers have the advantage; Crims on notoriety 3 and up might have problems for being witnessed; to them, it’s like walking with a bulls-eye on their back, while Enforcers can go up to Notoriety 5 without Worrying of any kind of engagement, and enjoy the bonuses for the multiplier higher notoriety gives. Alright, Crims get a x2.0 in Notoriety 5, but see if they can make it that far solo without being interrupted, while we Enforcers get a x1.8, that’s really handy because you can turn the evidence the moment you get 5, with barely any bother on you.

·Mess with Crims going solo:

Another thing to earn some cash, while little, it does counts, and with no risks, it’s to mess with Crims soloing for some cash as well; like I said before, don’t bother following, but if you happen to see one mugging or ramming stores, see if their ride is stolen, and take it with you, or if you can pick up items while they do the same, something you’ll always get, but I know it’s pocket money, it’s fairly easy to do and fun as well.

·Avoid engagements:

If you’re nearby a criminal with notoriety five, it’s better to avoid it than to engage, no matter how much you trust your abilities, a little misstep of bad luck and you’ll drop everything you earned to far, making your effort pointless. Try to go around them if possible, and engage if you cannot avoid it; I.E. they’re following you and they’re a group, or you are cornered and have no where else to go but to engage.

·Avoid spawning your car:

This might sounds like a cheap advice, but believe me it makes a difference, if you have a car that’s not the default one, you’ll spend 25~100$ every single time you spawn it, except for Balkan Revan, Balkan Varzuga and Han Veo (thanks tango7esp), and remember that you’ll get about 105$ for a cheap car, so it make part of your earning pointless. I recommend to switch to the default car to grind this job, or simply taking pedestrians cars to move around faster.

·Avoid delivering items when you’re about to get Notoriety 5:

If you’re almost at the top, focus on delivering cars, leave items aside, because having to run to the return items before turning the evidence, you have to run with a bulls-eye on your head, and get every criminal nearby who wants to mess around on you right away; remember you’re on a populated instance, so expect lot of them.

·Ask for support (optional)

It’s good to have a friend with time on his hands ready to aid you if you have to travel with a contract on your head, it also helps if you need to stay away from Notoriety 5 criminals, or better, they can help you fight them. The downside, they might bored of it easily, or be in the middle of a mission to aid you in any way, and having them on your back for nothing will get old really fast. Still, if someone is available, it’s always a good choice to at least ask if they can aid.

With these steps, I made about 18000 in two hours, without any kind of engagement at all, and I’m sure that it varies depending on certain circumstances, I’m sure prem players will make a lot more and if you have prem items, it might be better to use those two hours in missions, if you win them all, you’re likely to make much more, but like I said, the method I’m suggesting requires no engagement until the moment you got Notoriety 5, enough to turn in the evidence and earn your cash.

If someone has any other tip for Enforcers to make cash, post them here, and we’ll discuss them to make a better guide, I hope this humble guide be of any use to you.

See you in San Paro.

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  1. there is an easy way just make up money whit criminals and send it to enforcers (if you wanna send you must put a simple auction like ankle socks and medium t and go whit your criminal(it must be a crim or enforcer on another account)and buy the auction and again switch to your enforcer and it will send the cash by email to you)(remamber it has 5 percent less). my name is seyed6635 in apb if it works pls add me(i maked a money of 30000$ on this kind

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