APB Reloaded Game Terms Guide

APB Reloaded Game Terms Guide by Applaud

General Game Terms

QQ = To cry; whine or complain. Ex. ‘Omg ltl noob’ ‘Quit QQing over LTL’

LTL = Less Than Lethal, which is basically stun weapons like IRL a tazer, enforcers use this to put criminals in a temporary stunned period where they can go behind them and press the action button to arrest them, though if shot too many times after player is stunned can cause death with some LTLs.

GTA = Grand Theft Auto, it is a wildly popular open world third person crime shooter that has multiple games such as GTA 1, GTA 2, GTA 3, GTA IV, GTA San Andreas, GTA Libery Stories, GTA Vice City and such.

PvP = Player Versus Player, it is pretty much any type of combat interaction between 2 players such as shooting, grenades, ramming with cars and etc.

APB = All Points Bulletin, it is the name of the game, I believe it is an actual police term, but do not quote one on that since I’m not sure on it, but you can look into it with google.

PvE = Player Versus Environment, any type of interaction between the player and anything in the game that isn’t an actual person, such as a player running over a stop sign, killing a civilian, stealing a car and such.

NPC = Non=Playable Character, any type of person in=game that isn’t being controlled by a user such as civilians and the faction characters that gave you missions and such.

Booster = Term used for players who exploit in order to level up something faster or generally gain reward, examples are having friends give you free arrests in a mission so you get vigilante up or win league reward

5 Stars/5th Prestige/5th Notoriety = A player whom has obtained the status of Prestige/Noteriety 5, becomes a star on the map that everyone can see (On radar, its only within range, but on the map it can be seen by anyone), player is able to be killed by ANYBODY

Slot(s) = a term an APB that means a slot for weapons, vehicles, and characters. Everyone has the ability to obtain various slotted weapons, vehicles, and new slots for their characters. You will hear this term loosely used like: 3slot Cicso or 3slot HVR. Typpically used to described for items that have changable slots, not default reward weapons with locked slots.

Critical = all vehicles will warn you when they reach critical, the point when you SHOULD jump out, instead of either using it as a suicide ram, or trying to make it the gas station for repair.

Griefer = players who are outside of mission using dumptrucks or random vehicles to ram you or chase you around and push you around, or crush you when you are spawning a car.

Gas Station = Where you go to either respawn your vehicle, resupply ammo, or repair your vehicle by staying in the area of gas station and not taking damage.

Joker = Vending machine where you go to resupply ammo
*NOTE: Joker can also be the short burst pistol, depends on context of sentence such as.
“I just died by the joker” means pistol.
“Stop at a joker” means the vending machine.

Contact = NPC that gives you missions, also where you buy weapons, preset clothing, equipment and other stuff.

Stamina = Health for less then lethal weapons, goes down when you jump off something, get hit by LTL weapon and other ways as well that generally would make you tired.

Hit/tagged = Usually said by a sniper when they snipe somebody so you can finish them off.

Stunned = State you will go into when hit enough times by a Less Than Lethal weapon (also called stun guns by some). In this state you cannot move, shoot or perform any action for a set period of time, in which time an Enforcer can come and arrest you.Lit = Low on health

Heavy = Heavy Carry items that cause you to move extremely slow. The higher contacts usually have items like safes, computers, Radioactive Barrels.

Medium = carry items like boxes, you move a bit slower, require one or two hands. Usually cardboard boxes, breifcases and video cameras

Light = small items like cellphones/pda’s, necklaces.

Ram Raid = You can drive a vehicle into a a building’s windows, they will smash and items will drop. These are open world items. This also occurs if you do an open world mugging (see below) These items can be stored on your character, and you can turn them into any contact for money, Organization standing.

Open World Mugging = You can walk up to (non disturbed) NPCS (random AI players) and mug them. Once the mugging process is complete, some will drop items like cell phones/PDA’s, Necklaces. These items can be stored on your character, and you can turn them into any contact for money, Organization standing.

Wheelman Grinding(also known as stealing cars) = The process in which you steal open world cars from NPC’s and drive them to a turn in point. You gain money and standing from this, and there are 15 levels of wheelman. As you grind the levels, you obtain unlocks (parts for vehicles, clothing etc), as well as Organization standing depending on the faction you are pledged to. FYI.. wheelman(Car Thief) grade 15 is 5000 cars.

Burnt = calling out to your teamates a point is burnt.

Letter points = When in missions, mid to high level contacts have multiple points on the map with various *quests*. breaking/burning/holds. They are labelled by letters. For Criminal contacts Arlon Benjamin and Michael Simone, these can go clear into letter h, i, j, k, l etc. These missions will sometimes require your team to split up and try to get multiple points at once. If opposed, you opponent will usually (if smart) try to hold the point with the best defencive position.

HOLD = Hold missions require you to pick and hold an item for a specified amount of time. Your opposition will attempt to kill you and capture that item. You can Drop this item and protect it, as long as your team was the last one to touch it at end of mission, its your win. Smart teams will know where to drop an item in an innaccessable or hard to reach spot, then protect it.

PUSH= Term for missions that have a push bar. The push bar pushes either side depending on who has more kills at the end of a mission. Whichever team has the most on the bar wins.

Kills= At the end of a mission, this term is used for the last stage that involves 3=15 kills. Whichever team reaches the number first wins.

Burn = Missions that require a gas can to burn an item ie cars/crates/building windows and pallets.

Cooking a nade = Grenades all have a timer. Skilled players can do what is called Cooking it, meaning you hold it for a couple of seconds then toss it into the opposition. Highly skilled players can time this perfectly, usually resulting in one or more kills. They will call this before , so as to let you know and to get the hell out of dodge if your in the middle of the opposition.


JG = Pump action shotgun, usually 2 hit kill.

N-TEC = Assault rifle, comparable to AK 47

HVR = Long range bolt sniper rifle. There are various preset names like Clocktower/rooftop/hilltop/grassy knoll

DMR= supposed to be an antivehicle long range weapon, but it sucks

OCA = is the mp5 style sub machine gun. Also has several preset names as well, like Undertaker/pierre point/mortician

Colby RSA= High power similar to a .357/.44 dirty harry handgun

Colby = snub nosed .38

Shaw= Machine gun, has various preset names as well, Lion/wolf etc

CCG = another enforcer Primary LTL weapon, similar to OCA

Star = also known as a 556, Single shot semi auto rifle. Beginner weapon. Also has various preset names like army ant, mantis etc

OSMAW= Rocket Launcher

OPGL=90 or OPGL = Grenade launcher.

Joker = Vending machine where you go to resupply ammo
*NOTE: Joker can also be the short burst pistol, depends on context of sentence such as.
“I just died by the joker” means pistol.
“Stop at a joker” means the vending machine.

Concussion Nade/conc = Grenade that does high damage, 4 second counter

Percussion nade/perc = Grenade that does low damage, but explodes on contact

Frag grenade = High damage but less then conc, bigger range then conc nade

Stun grenade = These nades can stun you and drop your stamina so you cant move. This give the enforcers the ability to arrest you.

Weapon Mods

Sav 1,2,3, = Savage modification for weapons, increases Damage done by Bullets

Spray and Pray = SnP like it says, spray and pray makes weapon shoot faster

Bandolier = Extra ammo per clip can be carried with this upgrade.

Short Sighted = Better accuracy in Marksmanship mode

Eagle Eyes = Better Accuracy outside of Marksmanship mode.

3 Point Sling = Ability to switch to weapon faster, useful mainly for HVR

Quick Fingers = Faster reload

NOL = Single Slot Weapons, has one upgradable/interchangable slot

Adeen = 2 Slot weapons, have two upgradable/interchangable slots

Dvah = 3 Slot Weapons, has 3 upgradable/interchangable slots. Vendor price is 1,000,000 with no mods added

NFCP = Name for certain weapons. NFCP 1,2,3 indicate number of slots, associated with OCA, Obir. (am I correct?


Shada/Bish/Bishada 8800GX = Fastest car in=game, criminal faction only

Jericho/Jeri = Fastest enforcer car in=game, enforcer faction only

Nulander Pioneer/pioneer = 4 door truck similar to an armored van used by SWAT, enforcer only

Seiyo Epacio = 4 door van, criminal only

T=25 = 4 door pickup truck

MIKRO/MICRO A minicooper style vehicle for criminals only

Cisco = A middle performance vehicle, good handling, drifting vehicle

PACKER CESARO = General van, similar to A-Team van

Vaquero = Enforcer only mini Jeep with the fastest acceleration in the game yet is very easily destroyed. Full name is Packer Vaquero.

Vehicle Upgrades

Steel Plating = An vehicle upgrade that enhanced vehicle strength against collisions/bullets

Blast Radius = increased Vehicles Explosion radius when it reaches that point past critical.

Ramming Plate = Increased Damage to objects hit with vehicle.

Mobile Supply Unit (MSU) = Upgrade for Vehicle that allows you and your team to reload at the trunk of your car.

NITRO = Boost, additional Accelerationa and top speed added to your vehicle for limited time

Character Upgrades

MONO 1, 2, 3 = Monolith 3, is a character upgrade, increases the amount of health you have.

Field Supply = Upgrade that allows you to drop ammo in the middle of a battle. You can supply your teamated and youself. This is on a timed delay as well, you can only drop every so many minutes

Savage = Less damage done by bullets

Fast Regeneration = increases how quickly you regerenerate health.

Energizer = Increases your stamina

Happy Landings = decreases damage done from falling.

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