APB Reloaded Enforcer Missions Guide

APB Reloaded Enforcer Missions Guide by guren

Okay, I just want to help my enforcer buddies save themselves from being stressed, so i’ll post my bigbadlist of missions you should abandon to save yourself the headache.

Remember, its up to you to make the deciding factor. If you want a less stressed mind, follow these important steps.

First. Some of you may not know it. In fact, A LOT of RTW vets i play with don’t know it. F10 and F11 are two VERY IMPORTANT KEYS. F10 brings up the command list with such things as >accept group invite< and >abandon mission< All you have to do is click one to activate the slash command. After you activate the slash command, simply press your Enter (return) key to verify it.

Okay now that you know that, I’ll give you my list of enforcer missions you may want to abandon, as well as some reasons why.

1. Defusing the Situation– This mission ends in a criminal escape stage. What this means is at the very last stage of the mission, Criminals are given a set amount of lives to escape for 5 minutes. Sounds pretty easy BUT with the current spawn system (spawning friends closer to friends) and the lengthened respawn timer (15 seconds) it almost nearly makes a stage like this impossible unless you have a Rocket Launcher, Heavy Machine Gun, AS WELL AS complete knowledge of the map. The frustrating thing about criminal escapes is usually when you kill 1 person (after actually spending countless minutes just to catch him) he spawns well over 200+ meters away, on a sidewalk, in clear view of several cars to his choosing.

2. The Fast and the Incarcerated– This one, i HIGHLY SUGGEST abandoning if you do not own a Rocket Launcher, or Heavy Machine Gun, as well as a well-coordinated team. The first 2 stages you enforcers will have to steal (as in break in to) 6 cars total, as well as deliver them to a drop off. The 3rd, and final stage, your criminal opposition, has to steal and deliver 2 cars. These cars will always be the Cisco (AWD Sports Car) or Vegas (Classic Muscle Car) depending on the district you load into. Once they actually are stolen, criminals need to just drive them into a circle to win the match.
**I’d like to say, for this mission in particular, I do group with well coordinated people. We communicate very well with each other and NEVER ABANDON THIS MISSION. Yes we use ALIGs and OSMAWs and block the drop offs with dumptrucks and Pioneers. =] **

3. Fire and Brimstone– Sorry, I don’t quite remember how this ends. Will do a trial and error edit later if someone would so kindly tell me which contact assigns this mission.

4. Painting the Apocalypse– Final Stage is criminal escape.

5. Tonight’s Top Story– Okay, i cannot stress this enough. For the love of God, save yourself some trouble. In case you forgot and dont feel like re-reading the top part of the screen, I’ll tell you again
F10 –> abandonmission –> Enter Key.
This mission is so ungodly broken its not even funny. Enforcers, you will have to scan a part of a cement area for clues. It may seem easy enough but it’s very broken. If you want to do this mission, God help you, you’ve got some balls on you, or you just want to lose… Let me offer a small suggestion for the scans: Face the opposite direction from the scan and stand about 5 meters away. Your character should turn around, walk to the scan, and the progression circle will appear.

6. Legal Fees– Okay, first part of this mission is to pick up a ransom. Every stage after that you have to investigate and the Kidnapper keeps moving the ransom location, so you have to constantly bring the breifcase with you everywhere you go as well as drop it off a few times. The last stage ends in criminal escape (see 1. Defusing the Situation if you forgot what that is)

7. CEO Showdown– This mission gives you 2 minute time extensions every point. I wouldn’t recommend it.

8. Manilla Vice– Last stage is to deliver 3 Computers (Heavy Item).

Okay, now for some justifiably good free wins for us enforcers.
“Spare Wheels” and “The Nandego(?) 520”- 5 stages, 1st and 3rd stage are to steal a car, 2nd and 4th stage are to deliver that stolen car. Last stage is to investigate 2 more cars to win. These are considered free wins because the 2 investigates are too far spread apart for criminals to defend each one. So, basically one is a freebie and the other one is heavily guarded.
“the inside man” – the last stage of this mission enforcers just have to deliver an item.

If I left anything out, feel free to post the name of the mission and which contact gives it (some missions are contact specific) so I can run some trial and error tests to edit this later.

Happy Hunting!,

~”Guren” Joker NA East

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