APB Reloaded Getting Rich With Criminals Guide

APB Reloaded Getting Rich With Criminals Guide by SENTON

Useful Tips before getting started.

  • Buy a pick-up car like Patriot T-25 or a van because of it’s load capacity. Bigger vehicle bigger load space.
  • Try to find an ”empty” server, there where are NOT many Enforcers.
  • Always watch your ‘tail’, if you are followed by Enforcers while RAM stores, they can interact and take all your loads you worked for, so be careful. In case you see something suspect, just stop the car and wait until he leaves.

The Job

Before you get started, try to have a 4 stars threat level as you will need a 1.5 money multiplier. Just drive into pedestrians with your car. No big deal.

Get your truck/van (it’s safer if it’s your own spawned vehicle -as no one can touch it.) and start RAM all the stores you see in front of you.

Now when you crossed the store window and items were dropped, take ONLY the small items. Ex. Jewelry, cell phones, small boxes etc. .

Try to get like 50 small packages and then take some big packages, preferable: Vault, computers, TVs more electronics like.

Now that you are full loaded with items, you will need to find a ”Fence” .
A fence is actually a NPC like Javez or Grayson Fell Grey which will turn your items in ‘dirty’ money.

After you turned in your loads to the contact NPC, you will need to find a Money Laundry. They will be displayed on your map (M) with a grey color and some paper currency, the same with the Fence, it’s displayed with a grey suitcase on the map.

Remember that I told you to have a 4 stars threat level, that’s why: Well as the 4 starts threat gives you a max multiplier of 1.5, logically that you will get more money when you turn in your loads. For example if you got 5000$ x 1.5 = 7500$. The multiplier is displayed with red on your top right corner of your screen, there where you can also find your threat level and temporary money you have.

[UPDATE] If you get Notoriety 5 this will double up your dirty money. Which means 2.0 x money.
Credits: EnZepteR

MAP Fence
Posted Image

[UPDATE 14-07-2011] Mugging Pedestrians

For faster cash you can also mug pedestrians on the streets. But there is of course certain pedestrians which gives you more packages. Well, if you find that woman with black sun glasses and suite on the street be sure you don’t miss her, she will drop like 3-5 packages. Also the Security Van driver is rich, he will also drop more then 3 packages. When I find more kinds I will update again.

Guide Details:

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10-15 minutes. (Depends from player to player.)
Required Items: Vehicle with big load capacity.

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