War of Thrones Gear Upgrades Guide

War of Thrones Gear Upgrades Guide by Spectra

note: NEVER upgrade any gear which u are not going to use for long (waste of money and materials)

White gears

well for white gears these are mainly junk since u can get green or blue gears from instances easily. so just sell these for some cash

Green gears
These gears are worth to be used for short term if u cant get ur hands on some blue/orange/purple gears. Only upgrade ur green weapon and not the armor and accesories as high level armors are easier to get compared to weapons.

Blue gears
Ok so blue gears are rare gears but if u are doing instances….its actually quite common~ these gears are worth upgrading to rank 10 if they are high levels since they are about the best gears u can get if u do not have artifact shards to change for orange gears.

orange/epic gears

it is highly adviced that you should only upgrade level 30 legendary armors to rank 10 as these armor will last u for long and can be upgraded to higher level epic armors or to the vindicator set(purple armor).
upgrade ur lvl30 epic armor to rank10 before upgrading it to lvl40 epic armor(ur lvl40 epic armor would also be rank 10) since lower level materials are easier to get and more common.
The level 50 epic armor can also be upgraded to level60 legendary armor

Purple/legendary gear
these gears are the best in the game but also the most expensive to use. U need 150 artifact shards just to get ONE part of the 3 part set(lvl30 gear). AND if u do not use gold it is going to be hard to upgrade it to its full potential since u need inscriptions scrolls or enhancement materials bag (gold) to upgrade the stats bar. Besides, a rank 10 level 40 legendary armor is better then a newly gotten level 30 epic armor, and it is cheaper to get compared to a level 30 epic armor.
A lvl60 legendary gear costs 350 artifact shards or can be exchanged with a lvl 60 epic gear with no extra cost.

The best pets mounts, relics can only be gotten using gold so basically there really isn’t much to talk about here. anyways they are pretty easy to upgrade. Easiest way is to get lots of tokens and exchange them for pet/mount training guides or identification scrolls(relics). These are used to upgrade pet/mount rank and relic rank respectively. When a pet/mount reaches rank 20 u can upgrade it to tier 2 using evolution stones (obtainable thru sideline quest ‘king of beasts’ – 5 stones a day). When a relic reaches rank 10 u can upgrade it to tier 2 using essence stones (obtainable thru sideline quest ‘relic identification’ – 5 stones a day)

Exchange rates
1 artifact shards : 5 tokens
1 token :3 pet/mount training guide , 3 identification scroll
50 artifact shard : 1 level 30 legendary armor
150 artifact shards : 1 level 30 epic armor

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