War of Thrones Improve Purple Equipment Guide

War of Thrones Improve Purple Equipment Guide by ric***m

Purple Equipment(Epic) are the best in the game, they offer you better stats than the average armor, set bonus and growth.

There’s 2 ways to improve your purple equipment, one by using magic spars which you can get from the Legendary Upgrade Kit and by using inscriptions.

*Legendary Upgrade Kit can be bought in the mall or from Ancient Arena and Tower of Babel
*Inscriptions can made at the Inscription NPC

First you’ll need to put your Equipment in your inventory and Left click on the equipment to open the upgrade window.

Then slot in the item which you want to use (magic spars/inscriptions)

Click ok and hope you’ll succeed.

Magic Spars Success Rate are all 100%
Low-grade enhancement crystals adds 1 point to your armor (hp by 3 points)
Mid-grade enhancement crystals adds 2 point to your armor (hp by 6 points)
High-grade enhancement crystals adds 3 point to your armor (hp by 9 points)
Superior-grade enhancement crystals adds 5 point to your armor (hp by 15 points)
Ancient-grade enhancement crystals adds 10 point to your armor (hp by 30 points)

Inscriptions Growth of 1-3
Level 5 15% Success
Level 10 23% Success
Level 20 31% Success
Level 30 40% Success
Level 40 55% Success
Level 50 70% Success
Level 60 85% Success

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