War of Thrones Upgrading Your Gears Guide

War of Thrones Upgrading Your Gears Guide by Poke

This will be my guide for your best gears in the game with little gold spent(or if u are very active, u don’t need to spend any).

Many will think “to be the best in game, you will need to spend lots of gold!!”. but in fact, if u have time and patience ,you can be one of them. i will guide you step by step on all types of gears and upgrading process.

1.Grades Of Gears

since you start at level 1(duh!), your equips are all lvl 1 with little damage output. as you progress, you will need to go to instances for better gears. the first instance u will eventually need to go is ” Rockshore ” instance. Along the way, you may find some white gears dropped by monsters outside of every town. The range is 1 to 50.

There are 3 levels of white weapons which you will get:(not too sure, please help me double check!)
1.Level 1
2.Level 5
3.Level 10

2.GreenWhen you go to Rockshore instance, u will see that there are many green stuff as possible rewards. These are called green gears. These gears are far more powerful than your current gear(by that time you should be around level 15). You can do as many times as you want until you get a decent amount of green gears(don’t forget to choose your class before deciding to keep/sell those green gears!). You can get green gears from ALL instances except some( the level 45 instance Shrine of Rebirth). Each gears have in-built 1 Stat.(Varying from attk/def/resist/Element Dmg/etc)

Same as above. Each gears have in-built of 2 Stats.

OK, this may get tricky. There is NO way you can get it on any instances. Instead, u need to get “Artifact Shards”. The only way you can get this “Artifact Shard” without using gold is using Tokens to exchange for it.(Rates 5:1)
You may ask “where can i get tokens?”. There is a Daily event which occur every 2 hours starting on 12:30AM(in game time) which will give you 2 tokens per bag in all 42 cities on the map.(For convenience, go to event page and click “Participate”) There are a total of 7 parts for you to take except weapon(using 350 Artifact Shards). Each have in-built 3 stats which is very good for high levels. You can even upgrade them into higher tier orange gears(currently up to 50). You can get them on the Shop district in Somerset.

This is the Highest grade in the game, but unfortunately With 4 Empty Slots for you to inscribe. You will need a total of 450 Artifact Shards to get full set(Which is Shoulder,Head and Body). This will need lots of patience to FULLY utilize the potential of this set. This can be forged by “Legendary Set merchant” in shop district.

getting tired? We are still halfway through this guide!

Now let’s talk about the best part: upgrading your gears!

It is essential that you upgrade your gears to win other players in a pvp(or even boss fights). But this normally need lots of Ingots/Bars and Sublimation stones. This guide will tell u on how can u get your weapon to 10 stars with little gold or none.


You will need to buy the Trading skill in order to get the ores u really wanted. it is from the “support skill merchant” or get it free by a quest(i chose to buy it) in any city. You may ask “why do i need that skill?”. This is because u need to mine the precious ore out of the copper mines not the “Crushed ore” that are useless(except getting coins by selling it). Since you start at level 1 “Copper mining”, you will need to mine a lot to level up your mining skill. After you get around level 5 on copper mining, this makes your life easier by a lot. The best option to mine is to use the “Autoquest option”, be it 30 minutes or 12 hours. After you get enough Ores, u will need to refine at any forge in any city(Armor/Weapon forge). Note that theres a Fixed Failure rate(Example if you refine 10 Bronze ingot, u will get 9 back).

2.How to get Sublimation Stone

You can get sublimation stones on instances. There is a chance you will get some on every battle in the instance. There is also a chance u can get from the Award boxes and “online big giftpack”.

3.Upgrading the right gears

As you know, upgrading gears are important. but upgrading the right gears are much more important.

the Best use of your sublimation stones are using them on high level gears(level 40 and 50), since you will be using them for a long long time. You must only upgrade “Blue grade” weapons/armor or “orange grade” weapons/Armor once u get the right title(This is my suggestion). Green gears are ok, but it wont last you long.

so lets say you want to upgrade your level 40 blue weapon/armor yet you also want to upgrade lvl 50 blue weapon/armor. I would suggest of Upgrading your level 40 blue gears to Rank not higher than 3 stars(Since you will eventually reach level 50 which is the highest level right now). When you reach level 50, you can consider upgrading level 50 blue gears to higher stars. After u got your Orange gears from shop district(details read the above post), you can start to upgrade them to 10 stars before upgrading their tier to level 40/50.

that’s it!, hope u find my guide useful. see u in game and have fun!

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