War of Thrones Pet EQ Guide

War of Thrones Pet EQ Guide by ric***m

About Pet EQ

One of the most beneficial items you can own, they come in a set of 6 pcs and you’ll need 2 set, one for your pet and one for your mount. They help improve your stats by giving you some base stats, such as damage, defense, block, sunder, etc and if you have a half a set or a full set, you also get some set bonuses.

Each piece gives you 4 inscription slot (48 inscription in total)
You can’t gem your pet EQ
Upgrade them as a set and not 1 pcs at a time, if you upgrade just 1pcs only you’ll lose out the set bonus.

Where to get them

Savage Forest (low chance)
Simon (lvl60 boss) in the Fierce Counter Attack Event (good chance with medium difficulty)
Field of Thrones (good chance but you need to go on legend mode for them, heroics mode hardly drops pet armor)

How to upgrade them

Visit the Pet Trainer in any town and select the upgrade Pet Equipment option. Slot in the pet item and prepare to spam lots of Smelted Pure Iron.

From the basic Steel set to a Beast set requires 2 Smelted iron a try with a 1% chance, you’ll need to spam alot to increase the success rate. Same goes for the Beast set to an Aura set, but it’ll require 5 Smelted Iron.

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