The Settlers Online Efficient Building Placement Guide

The Settlers Online Efficient Building Placement Guide by Sagesmurf

Hey there.

I recently started spending some time on the settlers online. At the start of the game I was wondering how to place my buildings. I tried to look up tutorials on youtube or the forums, but apparently these tutorials did not exist.

This made me go into theorycraft mode and I’ve decided to make my own tutorial.

What I’ve seen a lot of people do is just randomly place their buildings. Which can be devastating to your daily production.

I will be doing a couple of tutorials. Here are the first 2 videos: (they should be quite self explanatory)

The 2nd and 3th video should be the most interesting to most of the players.

Tutorial 1: Production Time Calculation

This video will show how the production time of workshops is calculated. It’s pretty basic and a lot of people will allready have found this out by themselves. I’d advise these people to skip to the 2nd video.


Tutorial 2: Efficient Building Placement

This video will show how to efficiently place buildings on the map in general. And give examples that everyone can use as soon as they have acces to a storehouse. Which should be possible within a day if I’m correct. It also includes some other general tips.


Update: (New Video)

Tutorial 3: Production Chaining, Where to Place Which Building

This video will show you where to place which building from the production chains. Follow this guide and you’ll never suffer from over or underproduction of by themselves useless goods like grain, wood logs or ores.


Tutorial 4: Resource Collector Production Time

This explains the three categories of Resource Collectors. It is probably very unentertaining, but it’s a necessary step to have a full understanding of how to make an efficient production chain that involves resource collection. Good news it’s only 2 minutes. :P


Please tell me if you found it helpfull or if you found it not helpfull also feel free to say so. I’m all open to discussions. I see this more as a way to start a discussion on how to place buildings.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Also if you want to know when new tutorials are released, it’s probably the easiest to subscribe to the youtube channel. I will only post Settlers Online Tutorials on this channel.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really nice guides, but i could use some photos of optimal building setup or just the movementpoint matrix ^^

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