Galaxy Life Base Defense Tips and Strategy Guide

Galaxy Life Base Defense Tips and Strategy Guide by ninesky

Some defense tips for new comers. Hopefully your base will get wasted less after you read this. I’ll go through the strategy and usage for each of the base defense components. The main components in base defense are:
– Base Placement
– Turrets and Bunkers
– Walls & Obstacles
– Trap Placement
– Hiding resources

Base Placement
Where you build your base will affect your overall defense strategy. The favorite spots of many are towards the left of upper left boundary, and towards the left of lower right boundary. These two locations feature narrow outbound land, which makes enemy troops deployment option very limited on at least 1 side of your base. Placing your important buildings like starbase, banks, and compact houses near the narrow boundary will make them relatively safe as enemy troops may need to be deployed very close to your building, reducing the options of using long range units like rocket launchers to take out your building from outside of your tower range; or somewhere else and make their way to your starbases, banks, and houses (which are mostly the main targets of an invasion), subjecting to your other defensive measures along the way.

Turrets & Bunkers

Turrets and bunkers make up the main fire power of your base defense. For turrets, place them as close to each other as possible while covering your base’s important buildings. Therefore if you can place 4 cannons and 4 snipers close together, you’ll likely own any invading troops that get caught within the killzone. But in practical, you must first ensure that all your important buildings are protected by the turrets. It’s pointless to have unbeatable defense in front of your base when the enemy can drop their troops behind you.

Bunkers are great. Load them up with Beetle Tanks and you’ll know what I mean. They however have 2 main weaknesses: 1st is, they only have 10k HP when they are built, which 25 rocket launchers will destroy it in 1 volley of fire; 2nd is the units contains within them can be killed, rendering the bunker nothing more than a base decoration. Therefore to effectively use bunkers, they must be protected, which can be done by surrounding them with walls or buildings. While the enemy troops are busy destroying your buildings, your defensive forces from the bunker will have a clear shot on them. You can also protect your bunkers by placing them close to your towers.

Walls & Obstacles

You can form a perimeter using walls and other insignificant buildings (mineral mines, barracks, factories… etc). When done right, the enemy troops will have to break through your perimeters 1st before they can deal with your other defenses. While they are working hard on tearing down those useless buildings, your towers and bunkers can pick them out without a sweat. Please note that your walls and other internal building should not be more than 2 tiles apart or your opponent will just drop his troops inside your walls.

Another walling strategy is Area Denial. Instead of forming a solid parameter, you place each of your walls 1 or 2 tiles apart to cover a large area. This will effectively block your opponent from dropping his troops next to your base, forcing him to deploy the troops further away and face the terror of long range snipers and traps.

Trap Placement

Placing traps is all about mind games. When the enemy least expected it… Kaboom!!! Traps should be place near your buildings, preferably directly next to it. The reason is to avoid mine sweeping tactics. As your opponent cannot deploy troops on the tile directly next to your building, it is less likely that your trap will goes off on the 1st marine your opponent drop. Since no one will have the patience to wait for 1 marine to poke until your building collapse, your opponent will likely deploy more troops at once. When the building is finally destroyed and the troops storm towards your juicy, delicious starbase… Kaboom!!!

Besides, integrating traps into your area denial strategy can be effective as well. Scattering traps in between your wall tiles is a where your opponent is likely to attack (you may even purposely create an apparent weakness in your defense as bait, but mind the mine sweeping tactics). Since in area denial your opponent have to drop his troops far away, the long way they have to walk means they have a high risk in stumbling into a trap and… Kaboom!!!

Hiding Resources
Well, you have the money, but you don’t wanna spend it all, and you don’t want to give it away to your attackers, what to do? Never fear, there’s a little trick that can help you to protect some of your coins from your attackers. First, fill up your warp gates with your cheapest units. After the warp gate is filled, queue up the most expensive units in your training facilities until all the queues are full, or you are out of coins. Then you can happily log off to sleep. Your queue will still be there even if your training facilities are destroyed. You just have to fix the training facilities, and cancel all the units in queue to get back your money. Depending on your technology level and/or number of colonies, this trick is able to hide millions of coins. A great way to save up coins if you don’t wanna buy a colony shield.

There goes my two cents on base defense. Enjoy!

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