Galaxy Life New Player’s Tips

Galaxy Life New Player’s Tips by Moonleaf

Though Galaxy Life (GL) is very user-friendly, I found some details that would save me some time and resources if I knew them when I started playing. So here are some tips:

– If you press the arrow button ‘Tools’ you can find the button ‘Upgrade’. That is the only way to upgrade your Compact Houses and Mines in order to have better income and a larger capacity so that you don’t have to log in every hour.

This is also the way to upgrade Warp Gates for larger capacity, Laboratory to allow better upgrades, Barracks etc to allow faster training

– When doing the quest battling Sparragon for the first time, there is no reason to use your marines to destroy the towers. If you deploy your marines as far away from the towers as you can, they can destroy the resource buildings for you to complete the quest.

There is another quest later that asks to use Flamethrowers, that are more effective against towers, to destroy the enemy towers

– Against Cannon Blasts (the tower with the short fat barrel) you should deploy your units spread out around it since its attack has a splash effect and damages all units close to the initial target.

Against Sniper Towers (the tower with the long thin barrel) you don’t need to do that so you should deploy them fast and close together.

– You can deploy units further away from the enemy’s buildings and watch them move closer. You can even deploy units outside the building area of your target. You can use that for a coordinated attack, eg deploying Bazookas away and just before the Bazookas approach the tower deploy Flamethrowers close to it.

– Once you are attacked and a big part of your colony is destroyed, a ‘shield’ prevents new attacks for a duration, eg 12 hours. If you attack someone, then you lose the shield. A prompt will warn you and ask for confirmation.

– Destroying your opponents’ Warp Gates offers you no resources, but your opponent loses all the units he had in it. That is the reason why you should not train units and then exit the game, you are likely to lose them all when you return. If you there is war between you then go ahead. If you are only after his resources with no grudge in between, it’s considered un-sportsmanship to make him lose all the gold he spent for the units.

– Make sure you visit your friends’ bases and offer 5 assists on each every day. You get lots of goodies through that

– Gold is more important than Mineral. Gold is your first priority. Minerals have four uses: 1) Researching new units 2) Upgrading towers 3) Upgrading units in Laboratory 4) Instant Upgrades. The first one is rare and expensive, the second one is very cheap, so don’t hesitate in using the third one. It is far better to spend your resources in upgrading buildings faster instead of missing a bigger production and faster planet growth (especially if you go to bed after starting an upgrade)

– If you log in and you see a friend’s help prompt, first OK that and then gather your Gold and Mineral. This way you’ll get a bonus to the gold and mineral already inside your houses and mines! If you gather first and OK later, you will get extra from then on. If you just press OK at friend help and exit the game, you never get any help. This help seems to last about half an hour

– While you upgrade a resource building it won’t produce resources. Furthermore, if you start upgrading a House or Mine and log off, you won’t have the building produce its resource until you log in again. That means that if you upgrade a house that lasts 30 minutes, then go to sleep for 8 hours, you will miss the production of 7,5 hours.

– Likewise, when you upgrade a tower and go to bed, it won’t attack your enemies once complete. So the best buildings to upgrade before going to bed are Banks, Silos and army-related buildings

– When Banks, Silos and your Star Base are attacked, you lose resources you previously collected. They are your first priority in defending. When Houses and Mines are destroyed, they stop producing more resources, but you can collect everything they had produced thus far when you repair them.

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