Galaxy Life Defensive Structures Guide

Galaxy Life Defensive Structures Guide by DeathStalker

All of these ideas are all of my opinion so, don’t depend on it all the way in…

Okay, so we want a better defense about our bases. Here are some information about:

1.Defensive towers
A) Cannons

The Cannon tower has a great splash damage, enabling it to kill massive amount of targets within a couple of blasts. I recommend to put it beside a Sniper tower because as the Cannon tower do the splash damage, the Sniper tower finishes them off. Beware, Cannon towers doesn’t hit air units.

B) Snipers

The sniper tower has a great damage but it has no splash effect. It is not effective againts a group or packs of units. It is the partner of the Cannon tower.


Lazers tower has a great damage, Fast fire rate, and a wide range. It is very useful tower. It is not effective againts tough units such as Starlinators, etc.

D) Missile Launchers

Very effective against air units. It should be protected by other towers due to land attacks. I suggest to put Mortars near to this tower to protect from land attacks

Very effective against land units but it cannot attack air units. It is good if it is placed near the missile launcher to prevent aerial attacks.

2. Bunkers

Bunkers have a special role in defense of your base. They are capable of releasing units to fight against enemy units.

What to put in the bunkers?
I suggest the following units:
Flamethrowers- have high health, enough damage to fight other units.
Bazookas- have ranged attacks, high damage. Great in bunkers with Flamethrowers.
Kamikazes- Instantly kills ground units. Great against tough units.
Starlinators- Have high health, high damage which is very useful during defense situations.
Beetle tanks- great if placed in the bunker with high numbers.
Collosus- Just like the Starlinators but it could hit aerial units.
Falcon- have high health could also hit aerial units.
Zeppelin- Have very high health but it could not hit other aerial units.

3. Walls

Walls protect buildings such as towers. I suggest to put walls in your towers and not in the houses and mines. Also, leave a one block space between the tower and the walls because units have ranged attack.

4. Traps

I suggest to put your traps beside the towers to prevent enemy units from destroying it.

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