Forsakia Emei In Depth Guide

Forsakia Emei In Depth Guide by Gengii

The purpose of this guide is to clear up some confusion thats been written and inspire more Emei’s into the world. At lvl 40 I have already killed hundreds of bosses, and am usually asked to join a party to kill more.
Emei is the only Guild who have what it takes to be the best boss killers of the game.

I’ve broke up information into 3 sections:
Skills – Stats – Conclusion


Skill Name
} Sub Skill Name [MP Cost]
(Skill Details)
:Additional description
– Personal notes.

Ploy of Guanyin
(Passive Arcane increase)
:Arcane increases magic OFFENSE and DEFENSE
– Currently there are none magic using monsters, The magical damage from dragons and rats are fixed damage, just like an Emei’s skills.
– Magic defense is of little PvP use, magic offense is of NO USE to an Emei.

Will of Emei
(Passive Damage increase)
:Damage is used for stronger physical attacks
– Each level increases Damage by 4.
You will use normal attacks 99% of the time because your MP is valuable, And your skills are honestly not very good against normal monsters.
– Killing monsters with 1 blow will allow you to gain experience quickly. This skill will help you on your way to do that.

Bodhi Curse
} Mortal Poison [50 MP]
(Requires lvl 10 skill, Each round reduces the current target by 10% of the current HP)
– The skill cannot be dodged.
– Increasing the skill extends the spell length.
NOTE: Only one poison skill can be active on a monster. Ancient Tomb’s poison attack can overwrite this skill. The person who casts their poison spell 2nd will overwrite the 1st spell.

Bodhi Curse
} Celestial Light [150 MP]
(Requires lvl 20 skill, Can revive the dead and restore HP(skill lvl*50))
– Healing formula is not accurate since lvl 20*50 would be 1000HP. The actual formula is (skill lvl*2)
– Full attack type of characters can die easily. This skill is very usefull in groups.
– You can only revive your friends during combat.

Ninefold Lunar Sutra
} Ninefold Lunar Bone Claw [50 MP per target]
(Requires lvl 10 skill, attacks multiple targets (skill lvl/15+1) but no more then 3. Deals INVARIABLE damage (skill lvl*4+50))
– At skill level 15 you attack 2 targets[100 MP total].
– At skill level 30 you attack 3 targets[150 MP total].
– It will not hit any target more then once.
– This skill will never miss, making it great against high evasion monsters.
– The damage of this skill is fixed, not divided, each target is hit for the same ammount.
– The damage is incredibly poor. you would have to level it up ALOT to do 300~ damage. Damage is ONLY increased by skill level.
– You are better off leveling up passive damage increase and using your normal attack.

Sword of Wind
} Blessing of Terra [50 MP]
(Requires lvl 15 skill, heals a single target for multiple turns (skill lvl/15+1) for (skill lvl*5) HP)
– The healing happens at the start of the NEXT round. If you defeat all of the monsters in 1 round, you will not be healed.
– Most grinding parties kill everything in 1-2 rounds making the skill only usefull to heal during a boss or robbers fight.
– As one of the only healing spells in the game it should be taken, A single MP potion can heal you several times over, where a single HP potion will heal only once.

Sword Bearer
(Passive Defense increase)
:Defense reduces Physical damage
– Each skill upgrade raises defense by 4.
– You can only raise your friends from death. This skill is usefull to not get yourself killed.

Avatar Pace
(Passive Evasion increase)
:Evasion increases your chance to dodge an attack
} Flying Snow [10 HP/MP 10]
(teleports you back to the Emei guild)
– The skill is usefull to quickly reach Bamboo Sea, or teleport back to town.
– You cannot use this skill in a party, even if you are in the party by yourself.


So what is an Emei good for stats wise? What build would make you a better Emei? Truthfully you can do whatever you want!!! almost…

Emei is very slow, other Guilds gain a passive increase to Speed. Speed determines who acts first in a fight. meaning you will almost always attack last. Monsters will ALWAYS attack after the players, so raising your Agi is not an issue unless you want a high evasion.

Emei is a skill based Guild. Your stats have no effect over your skills.
Your skills however can passively increase your Damage, Defense, Arcane, and Evasion. With that in mind I would imagine 3 types of Emei, Offensive , Defensive, and Neither.

Con 1 – Per 2 – Sta 2
You will have decent HP and MP. By level 40 the 500 MP potions cannot fill you completely. In a party you are the support with healing and raise dead. Unless you somehow die, your party can live on forever.

Atk 3 – Sta 2
Atk 4 – Sta 1 + High Sword Bearer SKill
You have the strength to drop most monsters with a single attack, You can destory a boss monster faster then other Emei. Just make sure to enter battle at full HP!

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0
Save all your stat points. An Emei is powerful because of their skills. You will be able to survive well enough. The rumor is that you will later be able to join a 2nd Guild. So why not focus your stats on what you want to be later, and when we know more about what will come to Forsakia.


Emei is a skill based Guild. Your Stats do not increase your skills, You will have to level up your skills to increase your skills. Fortunately there are not many skills you have to have. And some skills are easily at their best ability with only a few points to access their spells. The world is not dangerous enough to require the maximum level of your MP using skills, meaning you can focus on passive attributes and the level of your character.

Emei are boss Killers, They are not designed for PvP in a 1 on 1 setting.

Emei’s skills are expensive in MP, (50,100,150). But you don’t need to use skills very often, and MP potions are easy to come by.

When you reach level 30 you will have access to the daily “Zodiac” quest. This quest will become your favorite source for experience. The quest is to defeat a boss monster at a random location. These bosses can have up to 100,000 HP. The Mortal Poison skill is Emei’s prize possesion. This is the boss killer. You can kill anything by yourself in a few minutes where a warrior of any other guild would take double the time to solo the easiest of bosses. It is even more satisfying when you start to see 9000HP come off a boss every round because of your Mortal Poison.

Here is an example Boss Fight against a Rainbow Sparrow(lvl 35 Map Boss) using an ordinary pet(not a baby tiger). And a Defensive build. with passive damage increase of level 44.

Round 1: Pet>596, Cast>Mortal Poison
Mortal Poison>2268
Round 2: Pet>614, Attack>490
Mortal Poison>2268
Round 3: Pet>miss, Attack>456
Mortal Poison>2268
Round 4: Pet>575, Attack>455
Mortal Poison>2268
Round 5: Pet>635, Attack>445
Mortal Poison>2268 – Poison wears off
Round 6: Pet>612, Cast>Mortal Poison
Mortal Poison>657
Round 7: Pet>645, Attack>482
Mortal Poison>657
Round 8: Pet>miss, Attack>427
Mortal Poison>657
Round 9: Attack>456, Pet>miss
Mortal Poison>657
Round 10: Attack>miss, Pet>646
Mortal Poison>657 – poison wears off
Round 11:Pet>626
Rainbow Sparrow>dead.

Go Boss Killer GO!

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