Forsakia Gear Refining and Tampering Guide

Forsakia Gear Refining and Tampering Guide by DarkDika

I wanna try to explain about gear refining/tampering :

The items u need to Refine are :
for Lvl 1 – 3 refining/tampering : Anima Stone
for Lvl 3 – 6 refining/tampering : Ignish Stone
for Lvl 6 – 8 refining/tampering : Magi Stone

Be-careful because refining/tampering could be failed, there were Special Item that protect your gear when refining lvl 3 – 8 even if u fail refining process it is Furnace Stone.

How To Get The Items :
Anima Stone : Dropped by disruptives Unicorn Rabbit (caution : Anima Dropped by this rabbit only if u are under lvl 20 :geek: ) if u are 20+ Anima wont be dropped :twisted:. Daily quest like Pirate, Zodiac, Guild quest sometimes drop Anima also.
Ignish Stone : Dropped by Disruptives Monster or Daily quest
Magi Stone : From Decoratives gift box or zodiac quest :lol:

Refining/Tampering Result :

Necklace : +9 Arc and so on
Weapon : +16 Hit, +12 Dmg, + 9Arc and so on
Ring : +12 Dmg and so on
Protector : +8 Eva, +9 Def and so on
Head Cap : + 20 Mp, +9 Def and so on
Chain/belt : +20 Hp, +9 Def (+15Hp, +5Def for next lvl)
Cloth : +9 Def (+5Def for next lvl)
Pant : +9 Def (+5Def for next lvl)
Shoe : +9 Def, +9Spd (+5Def , +3Spd for Next Lvl)

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