Final Fantasy XIV King Moogle Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy XIV King Moogle Strategy Guide by DoctorMog

First order of business;

You need to know the names and jobs of the 6 moogles.

BLM: Pomburner (AOE magic damage centered on himself)
WHM Kipp (Cure)
ARC Kogi (Moogle Eye Shot, 2,000 – 2,500 single target damage)
BRD Shaggysong (Makes other moogles “larger” which removes their abilities and makes them move more slowly, but they melee for 1,000 regardless)
THF Tailturner (AOE MP siphon)
MRD Kapa (AOE whirlwind)
GLD Koop (Lifesteal on melee hit)

Now that you have memorized their names and jobs, you are ready!

The setup we use is:


Phase 1: DPS Check

The fight starts with the GLD moogle front and center. Burn Him down. (Tip: Mages do more damage to the GLD and MRD moogles, take advantage of this)

Burn down every Moogle that spawns.

They all need to die before his 2hr.

This is your DPS check. If you can’t kill all of the moogles (before 2hr) with the above setup, you are not geared enough or coordinated well enough to do this fight. (Come back later!)

If all moogles die before the king is summoned, the damage from his 2hr is GREATLY reduced. (You take 100 or so damage with sentinel if all moogles are dead @ 2hr)

Phase 2: King gets summoned

After the last (6th moogle) is killed, we gather at the south of the room for rebuffs and heals.

A lot of things need to go on at once here:

BEFORE he is summoned:

All Archers need to buff with Barrage, and use Sacred Prism but hold off on the cure. (Barrage buff lasts 60 seconds, its ok to use it early so that its up again quickly)
Con’s Need to heal everyone to full.

Immediately AFTER King is summoned:

(This all happens at once)

GLD needs to Flash all of the mobs, Rampart, then begin kiting.
All Archers need to Sacred Prism a Cure to top everyone off from his AOE 2hr dmg. (if any moogles were left alive) if not, just second wind yourself.
Archers then need to burn the mobs in the following order:

(WHY this order?: Because BLM will f your s#eet up, WHM heals, ARC will fuck your s#eet up, THF and BRD are interchangable imo, but the BRD is actually HELPING you by “buffing” moogles. When they are large, as long as you can stay the hell away from them, they are basically crowd controlled FOR you.) GLD last because he has a stupidly large HP regen and you DONT want him healed by king. It sucks) The MRD does nothing but spin and AOE, just stay away from him. The THF steals MP, he isn’t much of an issue either.

The Archers should have buffed barrage before kings 2hr, it should burn the BLM down VERY fast, and should be up again very shortly to be used again for the BLM or the WHM.

Here is where all hell breaks loose:

Phase 3: GTFO

This phase is also called “Stay the f away from the MRD, King, “Large Buffed Moogles” and GLD
Everyone needs to know where each of these mobs are at all times! Getting hit by any of the above is going to f your s#^$ up. This is why you need to know the names and jobs of the moogles.

Archers need to shadowbind the MRD, Buffed Moogles GLD or King as often as possible.

If you have aggro, run the fuck away. Everyone in this phase is kiting. Staying alive is more important than any DPS you can put out.

With some practice, and everyone paying attention to where the above “stay the fuck away from” list mobs are at, you will get the group down from 7 moogles to 4 or 5 pretty fast.

From here on out its cake:

Burn down the last few moogles, leave the GLD alive till AFTER the king dies.

Shadowbind Moogles! No seriously. Freekin’ do it. (hint, Keen Flurry)


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