FFXIV Hullbreaker Isle Guide

FFXIV Hullbreaker Isle Guide by XII_Odin

I know figuring this out is half the fun but for those struggling with it, i made this. Also please excuse the grammar errors. This will only consist of the bosses and a few mobs. The first boss “Sasquatch” is very simple but slightly unforgiving if you make a mistake. First of all, you’ll want a ranged dps or healer(If comfortable) to Feed. Periodically throughout the fight you’ll see a message stating that the Sasquatch is hungry. He’ll then proceed to sit down and deal a party wide AOE that will give a stacking vulnerability up debuff, to subside this you’ll have the designated person run to one of the banana trees and interact with it, dropping a banana, be careful though there will spawn smaller monkey adds that will attempt to steal the banana before the Sasquatch can sit down and eat it.

Now for the slightly unforgiving part, banana trees don’t respawn bananas after used and once eaten it gives the Sasquatch a permanent damage increase. After the first round of this he’ll follow a pattern that consists of him throwing his poo, yes..he throws his poo, marking a single player and charging after them after which there will be a small delay and the monkeys will spawn Kill them asap because soon after they spawn the Sasquatch will need to be fed again. Rinse wash and repeat and congratulations you’ve cleared the first boss!

After the first boss, you’ll come across what i call the indiana jones area! This one is pretty easy, this entire area and second boss is a breeze, you’ll need to collect stone tablets that are within mimic chests, if you’d like to cut through the trouble of finding the right one i’ll list it here.

Chest under walkway-First slab First chest to the left-Second slab second chest on the left-Third and final slab

Every other chest can be skipped and from my experience so far only holds potions or another mimic.

Now onto the second boss which is a dead repeat and easier version of the worm from Cutter’s Cry. He has only three moves to worry about all which are avoidable and telegraphed. First thing you’ll notice upon starting the boss fight is that periodically bubbles will spawn around the arena. Don’t jump into them right away because they give you a stacking damage over time debuff and trap you inside temporarily that you’ll need later. Be careful though because they will pop regardless over time. The first thing it’ll do is a multi circle aoe that will appear in random spots on the map, easy to dodge and very typical of the game so far. The second, it will dive under ground and dash towards a corner of the room and re-emerge dealing a small aoe and giving a stack of “Dropsy” the stacking damage over time debuff i mentioned earlier, the second move he’ll do is another dive. He’ll go under the ground once again and a large pulsing blue telegraph will indicate an in-coming aoe. This is the time you’ll need to hop into the bubbles to avoid damage. Don’t worry though, even if you do mess up as long as you hop out of the center as it re-emerges the damage is more or less negligible and easily healed through -but- if you do get hit in the middle when he reemerges it might one hit you after this, his first dive where he moves to one corner of the screen will be doubled and he’ll move twice before comming out then going in again for the room wide aoe. That’s all you’d need to know about this boss.

Now, for the final one can be a pain if unorganized but overall easy and very anticlimactic… You’ll be faced with four platforms and an arm at each one. Make sure as a group to stick together to keep DPS and healing at it’s best. Even though there only appears to be one arm, another will appear as soon as it’s down making it actually two arms per platform. Stick together and down them both, i prefer to move in a clockwise rotation to make this next section easier. During the fight the kraken will mark one player with a green indicator above their heads. Have that player move counter clockwise to a previous platform and wait until a water cyclone is emitted. If left to the party this cyclone will damage anyone it hits and tick every few seconds for a platform wide aoe. To move from platform to platform you need to ride water spouts placed on the edges of each platform though, riding them will give you a debuff that decreases your maximum HP and increase damage taken. be careful not to move too much and if you do, don’t be afraid to wait back on a safe platform for the timer to drop. once you down about 4 arms a tentacle will spawn, you can deal with it then or after you clear out all the arms for easier movement. The tentacle will randomly pick up a player and throw it to another platform from time to time but it’s nothing to worry about, just remember to stick together. The arms and tentacle do a sweeping move that you need to watch out for that will hit everyone within range unless you’re hugged up close to it so be careful for it’s cast bar. The last ability the kraken has is spitting ink, it’ll inflict a poison and slow to whomever it hits but it can be cleansed(Leeches or Esuna) and then that’s it! You’re done and you’ve cleared hullbreaker isle!

I figured this would help alot of people who haven’t cleared it yet and would like to know the mechanics. if i missed anything, please let me know and if you guys would like it i also know the mechanics for stone vigil HM and Tam-tara. :)

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