Dekaron TB Hybrid Summoner Guide

Dekaron TB Hybrid Summoner Guide by blackfox321

For many people that know me, I’ve already made an extensive TB-Hybrid Summoner Guide before, and this is the updated and completed version of it. For most of you who don’t know me, I’m DDRexpert321 and I’ve been a High Level in Trieste for a while in the DIE Guild. I’ve pretty much done everything this game has to offer, and with all the knowledge I have about Summoners I feel like giving back all that information to the community so that it will help others where I had problems.

TB-Hybrid Summoners are Summoners who use their current, or a High Level Twin Blade, and a low level Staff that meets their Twin-Blade’s Spr requirements for some Staff Cosmos and Staff Skills for more AOEs/Attacks. I hope the following Guide, though long, will answer almost any TB-Hybrid Summoner question you may have, if any q
uestions or comments feel free to post a reply.

For people to lazy to read most of this, here is a Summary Section for those that just want some quick facts/information: Ctrl+F SUMMARY SECTION

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Table of Contents:

01 – Pros and Cons of Summoners
02 – Level List and Where to Level
03 – Skill Data
04 – Skill-Build Information
05 – Information on Fishing
06 – How to Control Summons
07 – Pet Information
08 – Information on the “Great Skill”
09 – Comparison Between Libido & Beast
10 – Information on Muspel and Agares
11 – Types of Stat Builds
12 – Using a Balanced Stat Build
13 – Information on Armor
14 – Information on Legendary Armor
15 – Information on Resistance Armor
16 – Recommended Resistance Armor Parts
17 – Information on Weapons for TB Hybirds
18 – Information on Argating Weapons
19 – Information on Gems to use for Armor
20 – Information on Gems to use for Weapons
21 – Information on Earrings
22 – Information on Rings/Necklaces
23 – Damage Rings and Poison Damage Rings
24 – Dungeons and Summoners
25 – Dead Fronts and Summoners
26 – Expedition and Summoners
27 – Siege and Summoners
28 – Summary Section
——–1sum – Pros and Cons of Summoners
——–2sum – Level Lists and Where to Level
——–3sum – Skill-Build Information
——–4sum – Information On Fishing
——–5sum – Pet Information BOTH Libido and Beast
——–6sum – Types of Stat Builds
——–7sum – Recommended Resistance Armor Parts
——–8sum – Information on Gems to use for Weapons
——–9sum – Information on Earrings

1 – Pros and Cons of Summoners:

When deciding on which class you want to play in 2moons, you have to consider all the Pros, and Cons of each class before deciding on whether this is the class for you to play or not. So this section is just to list some of the Pros, Cons of making a TB Hybrid Summoner (in other words I might leave off Pros/Cons of Staff Summoners).

Pros of a TB Hybrid Summoner:

-Naturally able to Lure Up to 6 Mobs
-Have the ability to Lure Up to 12-15+ Mobs
-Cosmos are some of the Coolest Skills in Game
-Able to Summon a Summon to Assist in Grinding
-Able to use some Range and Close-Combat Skills
-Pretty Cool Armor in the Higher Levels
-Pretty Cool Skulls for Wings at Level 102
-Have some of the Fastest Attacks
-Great for Soloing/Farming
-Fast Levering in the Lower Levels
-Wanted Sometimes for more Lure in Parties
-Can be DDs (sortof) and Tank (sortof) at times
-Can Lose IP Fast
-Can Give people IP without dying (pets get PKed)

Cons of a TB Hybrid Summoner:

-Don’t have Great Defense
-Decent at PvPs (we lose and win some)
-Passive Stats from Mastery only works when holding Weapon
-Most Have Average Damage (Not to Low or High)
-Generally Hated by Other Classes
-Summons can be Very Annoying in Parties
-No Great KS Skills at Lower Levels
-Not wanted for Dead Front Parties in Lower Levels
-Generally Not Wanted for Parties (besides Luring)
-Only have One Buff (Defense)
-Neither considered a DD or Tanking Class by Others

2 – Level Lists and Where to Level:

A Major Event in 2moons that will Help you Level Up ALOT Faster is Dead Front. Dead Fronts are Recommended for ALL Levels where you can Participate.

Level 1-10 = Loa Castle/Brakin Castle and North Morte/North Areas
Level 10-16 = Denebe
Level 16-34 = Heiharp
Level 34-55 = 34 Dungeon and/or Norak/Castor 2nd Floor
Level 55-60 = Crespo 88/55 or Other Spots
Level 60-70 = Crespo C/B Fast Runs
Level 70-80 = Draco (70 CQ) and/or Crespo B Fast Runs
Level 80-85 = Python FE/FW and/or Crespo A Fast Runs
Level 85-90 = Python FE/FW and/or Avalon Mobs and/or Crespo A Fast Runs
Level 90-98 = Python 90 DP B Runs and/or Avalon Mobs and/or Python
Level 98-105 = Python 90 DP B/A Runs and/or Avalon Mobs and/or Oread Mobs
Level 105-111 = Maze and/or Python 90 DP A Runs (Really Just Get Earls for DF)
Level 111-115 = Maze and Duke DFs
Level 115-130 = 115 DP Abyss, Maze, Aqua, and Duke DFs
Level 130-140 = Aqua, Ruins (Entrance/Res Mobs/Bottom Left), Space (Entrance) and Arc DFs
Level 140-150 = Aqua, Ruins (Bottom Left/Top Left), Space (Entrance/Spirits), and Ark DFs
Level 150-160 = Ruins (Bottom Left/Top Left), Space (Entrance/Spirits/Top Left), and Ark DFs
Level 160-170 = Ruins (Top Left), Space (Spirits/Top Left), but Mostly Ark DFs

3 – Skill Data:

The following Credit, Pictures and Skill Simulator I used can be found by going to this Link: Summoner Skill Simulator

Red = Twin Blade/Staff Skills
Green = Twin Blade Skills
Purple = Staff Skills
Yellow = Summons
Gray = Old Skills
Brown = Updated/New Skills

Cross Hack (Level 1):

Twin Mastery (Level 5):

Vicious Mastery (Level 5):

Blade Spin (Level 7):

Evolt Shot (Level 7):

Spirit Dagger (Level 12):

Vicious Thorn (Level 12):

Libido Mastery (Level 15):

Beast Mastery (Level 15):

Tarantula (Level 15):

Grewpain (Level 15):

Blood Bats (Level 21):

Skin of the Foreign Realm (Level 30):

Devils Swing (Level 32):

Venom Light (Level 32):

Aldebaran (Level 36):

Regulus (Level 36):

Blade Dance (Level 41):

Increase Poison (Level 41):

Poison Sword (Level 52):

Summon Ghost (Level 52):

Tentator (Level 58):

Selaime (Level 58):

Shadow Revenge (Level 74):

Infected Earth (Level 74):

Anathema (Level 83):

Bregon (Level 83):

Vicious Mirror (Level 87):

Hell Burst (Level 87):

Dark Avatar (Level 97):

Palpus (Level 97):

Muspel (Level 108):

Agares (Level 108):

4 – Skill-Build Information:

This Guide is Based on TB Hybird, so Staff People can really just ignore this. I’m just going to Post what Skills you Should HAVE at least and what what levels as well as information explaining why I choose to have these Skills at this Level, what to pump between the posted skills so you remember WHAT to focus on leveling up, and also what other alternatives you can do besides exactly following my Skill Build if you wish to do so.

[*NOTE*] People complained in the last Guide that there were to many Re-Skills. WELL I never intended on anyone to reskill that often, it would just make leveling faster. SO to correct this there is only *2* RE-SKILLS in this Guide and they are at Level 977 and Level 108. If you can’t reskill more than the free one the game offers, I would FOLLOW the posted Level 107 Skill Build and then reskill at Level 108

Level 15: FIRST PET!


Pretty Much the Basic Setup for when you start out and what to Pump as you level to get your first summon. Pretty much the reasoning behind this is clear. Pump Twin Mastery as soon as you can to do the most damage you can at your level. Don’t level Blade Spin/Cross Hack, because they have a low out put damage, even at max not really great for TBs and you need to save the Skill Points for later.

I also said to get Tarantual because its easier to level with him. He does poison damage which not only is ranged, but it poisons the monster, making them die faster. And in General Libido is better than Beast.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 15 and Level 41, pretty much get Aldebaran, and get Blade Dance and get and Level Up Blood Bats. Level Up Skin of Forgein Relm, Spirit Dagger, Devil Swing and Twin Mastery. Also its recommended to learn the Vicious Mastery and learn Evolt Shot/Vicious Thorns, and Venom Light.


You can also learn the staff skills earlier, but at a lower level, I don’t think you’d need them to kill as much and the Spr Requirements at those levels would make you go Pure Hybrid Build meaning you’d really be low on HP if you end up dumping all your Stat Points in Spr and Str.

Level 41: First Real AOE and Check Up


You don’t want to put points in Tarantula because you will need the skill points for later unless you want to reskill more often. Clearly you want to learn the Skin of Forgein Relm because its a useful and our only Buff we have. Also continue to pump the TB Skills because that are useful for killing things of course, and Blade Dance at this stage in the game is a useful aoe. I recommend learning the Staff skills now here because you soon will learn Summon Ghost and if you ever want kite and attack mobs you have a few staff skills to do that. I’d level Blood Bats only to Level 5 because you need the skill points later, but the HP from this attack always makes it useful.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 41 and Level 60, Pump Aldebaran to Level 3 only, and get Tentator, Summon Ghost, and Poison Sword. Continue to Pump Skin, Blade Dance, Dagger, Devil Swing, and Poison Sword and Max Twin Mastery.


There isn’t much of an alternative, except unless you have another plan for you skills and need more skill Point then Keep Aldebaran at Level 1. Possible places to put those points are in Blood Bats if you want.

Level 60: For Crespo Dungeon


This is the early stage where you start to go down the TB Hybrid Summoner Build because by now you have 3 main AOEs, and one being a Staff Skill and the other two are TB Skills. For Crespo Dungeon, AOEs are very important because it helps the party kill mobs faster. The More AOEs you have, then the better off you are. With this Build you have Blood Bats (also good for HP), Blade Dance, Poison Sword, Summon Ghost, and Tentator for AOEs. The Rest of the Skills are pretty obvious why you level them up.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 52 and Level 74, continue Pumping Tentator, Skin, Blade Dance, Dagger, Devil Swing, and Poison Sword.


An Alternative for this would be to use the points from Aldebaran into Blood Bats or put those points instead into Summon Ghost if you want for More Damage (but I don’t think it would be much).

Level 74: New AOEs


At this point you get your final AOEs (under the Staff and Twin Mastery Tree). Its pretty obvious the skills that get pumped and why they do. If you wonder why Infected Earth was the skill you put a Skill Point in instead of Increase Poison is because unless Increase Poison is Level 10 its not as useful, and Infected Earth at least Poisons the Monster and hits harder.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 74 and 83 continue to Pump Skin of Foreign Relm, Tentator, Blade Dance, Poison Sword, and Shadow Revenge.


Instead of getting Infected Earth you can get Increase Poison for fun if you want, if not you can put the point(s) into Summon Ghost because it hits more than once, but more than one range attack seems like a good idea, especially one that Poisons a Monster so I would get Infected Earth.

Level 83: NEW PETS!


Congratz. You know have hit level 83 and you now have your new 83 Pets, unfortunately they kinda suck. Now at 83 you only really need Anathema for now based on the amount of Skill Points you have so you sparingly. When it comes down to PvE Anathema is better than Bregon which is why I’d suggest getting it, and Anathema is also useful later on in the 90 DPs. Anathema has a linear AOE, and lowers all Res of the Monster by a certain %, and unlike Tentator it isn’t as big so sometimes people don’t mind if u use this pet for that Dungeon.

If you wonder why Tentator is Level 5, its because he is more useful in Oread and Python compared to Anathema, and the mobs hit hard in Oread, having Tentator Level 5 isn’t great but it beats level 4. Besides that the rest of the Skills seem obvious. Also I recommend getting the Fishing Skill by this point in the game because you can fish at Avalon (more information why to fish will be in another section).

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 83 and 87, continue to Pump Blade Dance, Poison Sword, Shadow Revenge, and Skin of Foreign Relm.


You don’t need to get the fishing Skill if you don’t want too, but I would get it, if not you can put those points (and others if you were saving them) to get the Beast Tree to get Bregon, and maybe the Level 83 AOEs or you can Pump Blood Bats, or Pump Vicious Mastery (though with Staff Skills Level 1 it won’t do much but the Poison Res is nice).



WOOT! Your First Set of Cosmos. With these it makes Grinding and getting parties a little easier than before. Skills are pretty obvious why you have them, and once you hit 90 DPs you should be able to successfully chain combo skills one after another so that you don’t have any time when you aren’t able to use skills.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 87 and 96, continue to pump Dagger, Poison Sword, Shadow Revenge, and Vicious Mirror and Hell Burst. The Next Picture explain this though exactly.


If you didn’t get the Fishing Skill again you can get Bregon and if you don’t have Blood Bats Level 5 or 1 you can use those points to Level Bregon if you want.

Level 96: What to Pump for the 90 DP


Before you reskill this is the build that you want from Level 1!!! The reason this is the build you want by Level 96 is because Blade Dance, Poison Sword, and Shadow Revenge are clearly useful Skills, but more importantly you can use the Cosmos and if you ever need more AOEs the Staff Skills for AOEs in the 90 DPs or when you grind. On top of that having low defense in general and not gear +7 or high armor at lower levels, attacking from a Range in DFs though weaker, can be useful and save you depending on the situation. And you don’t need to waste points in Anathema really at this level.

[*NOTE*] If you only want too or can only reskill once look at the Build for Level 107 bellow.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

You Reskill at Level 97 so there is nothing to increase skill wise.


Now THIS is the ideal build that you want to aim for from Level 1, BUT if there are some things you don’t agree with (like Blood Bats, Fishing or Aldebaran) you can put those points in Blood Bats, Summon Ghost/Infected Earth, or get Bregon and Level Bregon or Anathema.



FINALLY! You reached Level 97 and got yourself some Kick Ass Cosmos. I recommend using this Skill build at Level 97 when you reskill because you get your Second Set of Cosmos. The reason you end up losing the staff skills is because you need the skill points, and the skills are unfortunately weak. Now you may wonder why you don’t have Bregon or any Beast Pets yet, the main reason is you have now 4 Cosmos Skills that are low in Skill Level and not only that, but you have other skills to level up and its because of this reason that you need to focus on and need the Skill Points for, as well as Vicious Mastery which takes up 9 skill points to make Hell Burst and Palpus useful.

With all these powerful AOEs and Blood Bats at least at Level 1 for some small HP help, this makes DFs, 90 DPs, and grinding in Python, Oread or even in Maze easier until you get to Level 108 and is why you need these skills for this level range specifically (as you know by now High Levels tend to level slower so you will be in this level range for some time longer than previous ones).

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 97 and 107, you want to pump Shadow Revenge, Vicious Mirror, Hell Burst, Dark Avatar, Palpus, Skin, and Anathema.


If you don’t want the Blood Bats and the Fishing Skill you can get Bregon, or you can get Level 5 Blood Bats.



You have made it all the way to Level 107, and are one Level from the FINAL Summoner Pets, but before you get to Level 108 and have your FINAL Reskill I would HIGHLY recommend this is the Build you have. The reason behind this build is that you can use Anathema for grinding in Oread or Maze (though not a whole ton useful) and other situations where Anathema is useful. In addition to that with this build you can clearly Max the Important skills you need as a Summoner and get a Level 1 Blood Bats and Fishing.

[*NOTE2*] IF you can ONLY Reskill just once I would DEFINITELY follow this Skill Build because its what you will need before Level 108 and you Reskill, if not you can do whatever you feel I guess, but definitely follow the Level 108 Build.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

There is no Need for this since I posted the Picture for the Level 108 Build.


The only thing really to change about this would be again to get a High Level Blood Bats if you don’t want the Fishing Skill, OR to use the Blood Bats and Fishing Skill to get Bregon for fun.



CONGRATZ!! For the Content 2moons is up too you have finally gotten the LAST and FINAL Summoner Skills and Pets. Its been a long road but its worth the long run to finally say that you have all the Summoner Skills and are on your way to become considered a High Level Summoner. When you hit 108 this is the Build you want to reskill too. The reason you have this build is pretty simple. You need the Vicious Mastery for the Staff Cosmos, and the other TB Skills are pretty self explanatory…..BUT unfortunately you can’t get Blood Bats even though you have 1 skill left over because its needed for later levels to have enough Skill Points.

If you wonder why Hell Burst is Level 1 is because it takes up too many skill points and generally is a useless skill especially once you get a lot higher level….and the debuff from Bregon and Anathema are both very useful depending on the situation.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 108 and 132, Pump Mirror, DA, Palpus, Shadow Revenge, Skin, Agares, and Muspel.


Now here is where it comes down to what you really want, by now you should know, the options you have to change this would be if you DON’T want the Fishing Skill and Bregon you can put those points in Hell Burst or in Blood Bats if you want or what ever other skills you may want. I highly recommend Bregon though because he does have his uses besides just PvP, but again most of this part is personal preference. Some people also think that the Vicious mastery isn’t needed, BUT level 10 does help for staff skills, AND if u are running/kiting the DF Boss or other bosses with the Staff out it helps because of the Poison Res you get.

Level 132: Maxing Pets


Its clear by now at least that you need both Summons, and by Level 132 you should have enough skill points to be able to learn both Pet’s AOEs and have both Agares and Muspel at Level 5. Rest of the Skills again its obvious why they are the way they are.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

Between Level 132 and 142, continue to Pump Palpus, Vicious Mirror, and Dark Avatar.


Not much of an alternative, I would highly recommend you Get both Pets to Level 5. In addition to that you may use extra skill points you want while you Level Up and Max 3/4 Cosmos Skills and put those extra skill points in whatever skills you want (ie. Blood Bats or Hell Burst maybe).



From here on you are pretty much set. Skills are up to you as by now you have the most important Skills Needed for higher Levels. From here on I’d recommend getting Blood Bats because if you ever solo and want to save pots, or just if you ever wanna A-Mode Blood Bats its always nice to have. I’d also would get Thorns because Kiting is fun at times too, but really at this point you can do what ever you want with the skill points you have extra and those you get from Leveling up.

What to Pump in Between Posted Skills:

No Further Posted Skills SO do w/e you want. You can Follow my Build but I recommend you do whats best for what you like.


I’d recommend at least learning the Fishing Mastery at least by now if you haven’t already, but again all up to you. If you want you can by Level 142 have no Fishing Skill and use those 4 Skill Points + the 5 extra ones and Max Hell Burst also if you want all the cosmos Maxed, BUT if so I would still recommend you get the fishing Skill afterwards as you level up, AND Blood Bats later on also, because people who want Hell Burst most likely are more oriented to go more towards PvE Builds in which case they don’t really need the other skills as much.

Level 152: MY BUILD


Incase anyone wanted to know, this is the Skill Build I use for my Summoner (though there is only a small minor but not major mistake that personally I’d probably change). In general I wouldn’t copy my Build unless you know what you are doing and if you do then you would already know the reasons behind my build, and in addition to that you probably by now should be able to come up with your own style for your Summoner build once you get past Level 142 and have extra Skill Points to use.

5 – Information On Fishing:

Fishing is a very important and really needed skill at higher levels, especially if u have a cash amu for auto fishing. Now just cause its auto fishing doesn’t mean u can afk fish. BUT with this, you can watch tv, or a movie, or actually study/do homework etc. while auto fishing (just as long as u can reply to a GM/Mod if they ask u to, ur not really afking and u can do w/e while u fish).

Fishing is important for a few reasons, especially at higher levels. One thing thats important, if u want u can use some of the fish, or just sell it and if u sell most of the fish and random necklaces/rings to the npc u can get full bags worth about 200-300k+ Gold from just selling fish (full bags and even more if u have more cash bags for inventory).

Even a better idea would be to SELL the GOOD FISH to people. Fish are always on Demand, whether its for Dead Front, DF PvPs, Bosses, Dungeons, Expeditions, and most importantly Seige. Personally I’ve been a MAJOR Supplier for Fish to a VARIETY of people ranging from Low Levels to High Levels, and from Guilds/Friends to KOS. End of the day its Dil you gotta earn. Personally I’ve recently mostly sold fish exclusively to my DIE Guild for Seiges, and personally from ALL of my Past 2moons Playing Period from ALL the Fish I’ve sold to Guilds/DIE/Friends/Enemies, I’ve made probably at least 800-850+ Mil in Dil AT LEAST from just selling Fish.

Although with the recent Update we are giving both 2400 and 3200 HP/MP Pots, Fish are still in demand for a very important reason: Cool Down. Unlike the bigger HP/MP Pots fish have Cool Downs of 2 Seconds (except 2) meaning you can Spam them faster to survive longer, and some even give u better HP/MP than pots and Buffs.

The New Fish You can Fish in Avalon Island Are:

Chromes = Recovers 1500 MP and Gives a Fast-Recover of 1500 MP over 10 Seconds (2 Seconds Cool Down)
Lamis = Recovers 1500 HP and Gives a Fast-Recovery of 1500 HP over 10 Seconds (2 Seconds Cool Down)
Naples = Recovers 1600 HP/MP Instantly (2 Second Cool Down)
Shads = Recovers 1500 HP and Gives 20% More Defense for 3 Seconds (5 Second Cool Down)
Parrots = Recovers 1800 HP and Gives 20% All Magical Res and 20% Physical Res for 3 Seconds (5 Second Cool Down)
Kamins = Recovers 2842 HP Instantly (2 Second Cool Down)
Malakites = Recovers 25% HP/MP and Gives a Fast-Recover of 1500 HP/MP over 10 Seconds (2 Seconds Cool Down)

Now Based on the Fish Information, I never use Pots as I find places to use all these fishes. For example:

-I don’t use Chromes because Summoners don’t have a lot MP so I usually NPC them for Dil, BUT sometimes if I use my Howlight Ring I will use Chromes for MP.
-In general I use Naples/Lamis all the time for both HP and Naples also for MP since TB-Hybrid Summoners have low MP.
-I use Shads at times in DF on the Boss when I’m using Res Gear (less Def) AND I see the Boss about to use the Physical Attack OR in Aqua/Ruins/Space if I’m in a Party.
-I use Parrots when I’m in DF/Bosses and have a Seg for +HP and when I grind on Res Mobs for HP sometimes instead of Lamis/Naples.
-Most Importantly I use Kamins and Malakites for PK/Wars and Seige, and DF and Bosses/Dungeons or any Emergencies where I need to SPAM Fish and Stay Alive.

[*NOTE*] IF you Don’t have a 20% or 50% EXP Amulet and don’t get long time 20% ones I WOULDN’T get the Fishing Skill only because its really annoying manually Fishing and in this case just get free fish from a friend or buy the certain fish you need. In addition to that if you do become a Fisher I would highly recommend getting the Crespo Obsidian GOLD Fishing Rod and to BUY more Storage Inventory Bags if you haven’t already.

6 – How to Control Summons:

Being a Summoner Means that unlike other Classes we have Additional Controls we can use because of our Summons. When you have a Summon Out along your side you are given a few Control Options for what you can do with them.

Controls for Summons:

[Shift + Q] = Set Target for Summon (Decide what your Summon Attacks –Cursor Changes to Green to Select)
[Shift + W] = Puts Summon on Free Mode (will Attack what ever you Attack or Get Hit By)
[Shift + E] = Puts Summon on Follow (Summon will only Follow You and will NOT Attack)
[Shift + R] = Puts Summon in a Locked Spot (Summon Can’t Move from Spot)
[Shift + A] = De-Summons Summon (wait for Cool Down to Re-Summon)

Usage for Summon Controls:

[Shift + A] = At times you may want to De-Summon a Pet if you don’t want more Lure/Agro On You
[Shift + Q] = After your Target is Dead your Pet goes into FREE Mode so this is useful for Bosses mostly
[Shift + W] = Once you are done Luring a Mob Switch to this Mode, makes it easier for the Pet to Tank Agro
[Shift + E] = When Soloing and in Parties its Best to Be on FOLLOW Mode to lure the Mobs until you Stop to Attack (else your Summon will slow down the Luring Process)
[Shift + R] = Sometimes Locking a Pet In Place helps if you have him Tanking a Mob/Boss and you need to wait and get HP/Pot First

7 – Pet Information BOTH Libido and Beast:

Libido Summons:

Name: Tarantula
Type: Libido
Level Req: 15
Attack: Range
Extra: Has Poison Res %, Has Poison Damage De-Buff (-HP)
Good: It is good for PvE because he can poison them and make them lose HP to help kill them
Bad: He has low HP/DEF compared to high level pets (will need to resummon)
Max: NO – Unless you can Reskill a lot of times, you don’t have Skill Points to spare to level him

Name: Alderbaran
Type: Libido
Level Req: 36
Attack: Physical
Extra: Has Physical Res %, Can Stun Enemy
Good: For Staff Very Useful the Stun for Kiting, or IN GENRAL Stun is very using against Bosses
Bad: At high levels His Stun is only useful, and Attack Power is alot less/next to nothing and he dies fast.
Max: NO – After the Nerf they did Aldebaran’s Stun has become useless compared to the past

Name: Tentator
Type: Libido
Level Req: 58
Attack: Range
Extra: Has Poison Res %, Poison Damage De-Buff (-HP), -% Poison Restistance
Good: Excellent for PvE and PvP and a GREAT Pet to Have
Bad: It is very Big and sometimes is annoying when trying to target enemies (can cause problems if in a Party)
Max: YES – For TB its Essential, Staffs can use Tentator in PVPs also, but Aldebaran is more perferable probably. Tent is a Good Pet to have Maxed and not a Mistake if you have it maxed towards the high end Levels when you need to Reskill and then you can bring him Back to Level 1.

Name: Anathema
Type: Libido
Level Req: 83
Attack: Range
AoE: YES (Linear/Splash)
AoE 2: YES (Sword Vigor – Linear AOE)
Extra: Has Curse Res %, can do De-Buff -% All Elemental Resistances
Good: Great HP/DEF and is useful to Tank, and At High Level Useful for Party PvPs and Bosses
Bad: Its AOE is Linear/Splash (straight line and splash hits once it hits something)
Max: YES At High Level Anathema’s -All Resistance is useful for Party PvPs (I will go into other details Later)

Name: Muspel
Type: Libido
Level Req: 108
Attack: Physical
AoE: YES (2/3 Attacks are AOE)
AoE 2: YES (Force Wave – A Pet Buff that Increases Def and Taunts Mobs for a Short Time)
Extra: Has Physical Res % and Curse Res %, and can -% Monster’s Def and can Stun (1/3 Attacks).
Good: An Excellent Tank especially with the Most HP and Def out of any of the Summons. Great for PvE as well with the Taunt AOE Skill and His AOE Stun on Mobs.
Bad: He is BIG so clicking may be a problem, and he Moves/Attacks Slower than Agares.
Max: YES – He is clearly one of the Last Summons and is Very Important to have for various Situations (I will go into other details Later)

Beast Summons:

Name: Grewpain
Type: Beast
Level Req: 15
Attack: Range
Extra: Has Ice Res %, and Ice De-Buff (Lowers Emenies Attack Speed by X%)
Good: It can Lower Ememy’s Attack Speed
Bad: Not Very Useful in general, and Tarantula is Better
Max: NO – IN GENERAL its not really useful at all compared to the rest of the pets, one of the few things most people agree on is don’t max.

Name: Regulus
Type: Beast
Level Req: 36
Attack: Phyisical
AoE: No
Extra: Has Lightning Res %, Does -X% of Enemy’s Attack and Move Speed
Good: Has a Similar Stun to Aldebaran’s
Bad: Though Similar, Aldebaran’s Bind Stun is alot better/useful
Max: NO – If you are Pure Beast I’ve seen a lot of people Max him, BUT if you are Hybird Pets, NO Don’t Max him as Aldebaran > Regulus.

Name: Selaime
Type: Beast
Level Req: 58
Attack: Range
Extra: Has Fire Res %, and Does Fire Damage De-Buff (-HP)
Good: It has higher attack than Tent, and is useful for Soloing PvE (sortof?)
Bad: Not Really Useful for PvPs or PvEs with Parties (Etc.)
Max: NO – Similar to Regulus, if you are Pure Beast YES, IF NOT NO Don’t max as Tentator is A LOT Better)

Name: Bregon
Type: Beast
Level Req: 83
Attack: Physical/Range (Small)
AoE: YES (Higher Level More Noticeable)
AoE 2: YES (Boomerang – Linear AOE)
Extra: Has Fire % Res, Does -X DEF and Low -X% Defence
Good: He has is Better Suited for PvPs > PvEs but his De-Buff is Great for other situations.
Bad: He Doesn’t have an amazing AOE, and has low Defense/HP and isn’t useful until Higher Levels
Max: YES – At High Level Bregon’s -Defense is useful for PvPs/PK and Bosses (I will go into other details Later)

Name: Agares
Type: Beast
Level Req: 108
Attack: Range
AoE: YES (3/3 Attacks are AOE)
AoE 2: YES (Meteor – Big Range AOE and Allows 3x Poison Damage to Monsters In Poisoned Gas)
Extra: Has Ice, Curse, and Poison % Res and can -% Monster’s Max HP.
Good: Excellent Damage, Attacks Fast, and Great for PvP and PvE.
Bad: Like Muspel he is BIG so clicking may be a problem, and he dies a lot faster and more often than Muspel for PvE/Bosses.
Max: YES – He is a High Level Summon and One of the Best Summons to Have Maxed because of his various Situations ((I will go into other details Later)

8 – Information on the “Great Skills”:

With the recent Addition of the BMR Patch, The Level 83 and Level 108 Summons were Given their “Great Skill”. Bregon’s Great Skill is Called “Boomerang”, Anathema’s is called “Sword Vigor”, Muspel’s is called “Force Wave”, and Agares’ is called “Meteor”. Now to use each Summons’ Great Skill, First you need to Learn the Skill which Requires One Point, but unlike other Skills these Great Skills cannot be Leveled. You Can’t Use the Great Skills when ever you want, but instead you have to Build Up a Bar first because it is required to use the Summons’s Great Skill. You can fill up the Bar by in two ways.

The Ways to Fill Up this Bar to 100% is by:

-Doing Damage To Monsters From Your Summoner
-Doing Damage To Monsters From Your Summon

In Order to have the Bar Filled Up fast I recommend Summoning the Summon that you want to use it on as soon as you can because it can take a while to Build up, but doing damage is especially the Best Way to quickly fill up the Bar. Unless this Bug was Fixed, or will be fixed, I have noticed at times the Great Skill Bar will stop at 99% and won’t go any further. If you experience this Bug is may take a while before it actually gets 100% so you can use the Skill, but usually when I come across this Bug and I know it I just Resummon my Summon. To use the Great Skill Attack you Need to have a Targeted Monster and Click the 0 Key (or Number Pad 0). Personally I use the Number Pad 0 because its easier to Hit. Once You have used the Great Skill the Bar Resets back to 0% and you need to Build it Back Up Again. SO you can either use the AOE Skill right away so you can build it up again and Re-Cast it as soon as you can, OR I’d recommend at least Timing it Correctly for when you use it (ex. in a 90 DP when the Numbers are Getting Really High and A LOT of Damage is Needed to Help Kill some monsters).

9 – Comparison Between Libido and Beast Summons:

In General the major Difference between Libido and Beast is that Libido Summons have more HP and Def but don’t do a lot of damage. Beast Summons on the other Hand have more Attack but have Less HP and Def.

Tarantula vs. Grewpain:

For the most part this is a pretty easy comparison. Most people find Tarantula better than Grewpain, and I think so as well. At Lower Levels the fact that Tarantula can not only Poison Monsters (making it easier to kill at lower Levels), but he can also survive a lot longer. Grewpain just generally sucks.

Aldebaran vs. Regulus:

Regulus may hit harder, but Aldebaran’s Stun is what makes him very important and useful. Though both Summons technically do slow down the monster or w/e in a sense, but when it comes to higher Level Bosses where you may still use these Summons (mainly refering to Crespo Boss) the damage between both Summons are both so Low it doesn’t even matter, but what does matter is the HP and Def. Because that will determine which Summon out of the 2 will last longer, and Aldebaran can tank alot longer than a Regulus can on a Crespo C Boss (as an example). I know Aldebaran has been Nerfed with recent Patches to kind of suck now, BUT either way if I were a high level bringing some noobs along for Free Crespo C or w/e idk I’d want them to have an Aldebaran over a Regulus.

Tentator vs. Selaime:

Selaime does hit harder than Tentator, but really isn’t an AOE no matter what people are going to say (even if people say o PVP AOE its still soo small and useless at higher levels it doesn’t matter). Selaime is alot smaller though and probably best for someone who wants to solo 1-2 monsters at a time slowly but effectively to gain exp. Tentator is a lot bigger than Selaime, which at times can cause problems in Parties. Tentator on the other hand is one of the best AOE Summons you can get. With it’s splash AOE attack, and good HP and Def it makes training a lot easier for summoners as well as tanking mobs at times if you need to catch your breathe. In general Tentator’s great AOE and the fact that it lowers Poison Res % makes it extremely useful for PvP and PvE because by using Poison % Damage Gems it means you do even more damage.

Anathema vs. Bregon:

At first I thought Bregon had some uses and was okay to use, but then I realized how more useful he is than just PvP. Although Bregon has a great De-Buff that takes off -130 Defense AND 21% of the Target’s Defense, unless Bregon is at Level 5 though he isn’t as much useful at all, BUT because of this De-Buff he is more valued than for just PvPs. Except for Bagis because of their ANTI-Debuff Skill, Bregon at Level 5 in the end game is an ideal bet for MOST if of all other Classes you PvP as a TB Hybrid (depending on situation of course). BUT Bregon’s De-Buff takes out so much Defense from it’s Target, it makes him really useful for Bosses as well as Anathema. BUT it depends on the situation. Yes you could use Muspel for tanking bosses and a good Defense De-Buff, BUT if another Summoner is in the party they can use Anathema or Muspel depending on the situation and you can use Bregon (it really depends on the classes in the party to determine what is the BEST Summon to Use for the situation). In general if the Party Has Bagis/AKs and Hunters, then use Bregon because the De-Buff on the boss helps everyone, if on the other hand its just all Hunters and you, then you use Muspel because the party needs someone to Tank the Boss. At times Bregon’s constant De-Buff on Bosses makes him more useful than waiting for Muspel to randomly use his AOE De-Buff/Stun attack where Bregon’s is constant and a high percentage chance to De-Buff. Bregon is useful mostly for only Bosses though and not really PvE at all, but for Party or even Soloing Bosses he is idea for a TB-Hybrid Summoner.

Anathema at least has an AOE attack, though bad, its an AOE which makes it more useful in PvE than Bregon, but not by a ton. Unlike Bregon, Anathema was more HP and Def. At Level 5 it is the only ideal pet really recommended to use for training in Doomed/Cursed Maze from Levels 105-108. Anathema at Level 5 has the ability to Lower a Monster’s Res by 11%. This makes it a lot easier for people in the part who use different elemental gems for their weapons, or especially for Mages (etc.) so that they can dish out more damage. This is why I recommend keeping Anathema in the higher Levels. I still use Anathema at times in Dead Fronts in Arc. It sounds weird, but with other Summoners using Muspel to Tank, one less won’t make a major difference, so I use Anathema for his De-Buff to help everyone out when I can. This same idea can be used for other Bosses, especially when it comes to Abyss Parties. Sometimes various types of damage is needed to kill Bosses in Abyss. Lowering the Elemental Res on certain High Res Bosses makes it easier for the Party to Kill (needed for some Bosses but not all).

10 – Information on Muspel and Agares:

Muspel is the Highest Level Summon for the Libido Tree. Agares is the Highest Level Summon for the Beast Tree. Both Summons have 3 Different Attacks and an AOE Skill. Whether you are a Die Hard Libido or Beast Fan I would Highly Recommend you have Both Pets when you get to Level 108. Both Pets have various uses depending on the situation at hand based on there differences in stats and attacks.


Muspel has a large amount of Def and HP making him great for tanking. One of the best uses for him is to tank major Bosses. This can be for Dead Fronts, Abyss, or just any other Bosses in game. Muspel has 3 types of attacks: One is a single hitting attack, and the other Two are AOE Attacks. Muspel’s single hit attacks is where he just smashes his Right Hammer into the Monster (fast and used often). The 2nd Attack Muspel has is when he slams both hammers into the ground (causing a cracked earth/ground looking effect) which is an AOE. Muspel’s 3rd and Most Powerful/Useful AOE is when he Jumps High into the Air and Slams both Hammers Down into the Ground causing Chunks of the Earth/Ground to Scatter. This is one of Muspel’s Most important and useful AOEs because it not only does the most damage, but it AOE Stuns the Monster(s) and Lowers the Monster(s) Def by -%. Now though Muspel only has 2 AOE Skills, in general he is very slow when he actually tries to perform these AOE attacks. Being slow as he attacks can be very bad at times because it means less damage on the Monsters, and if you are in Maze it means possibly being Knocked Back or Killed in Higher Level Maps.

Muspel also has a AOE Skill, or also known as Great Skill. Muspel’s Great Skill is called Force Wave. With the Recent Update of Action 4.5, Muspel’s AOE Skill now does Damage, and if its Crits in general the Skill Hits on Monsters pretty high especially if Muspel is Level 5. More importantly though it causes Muspel to go into Berserk Mode in which case his Def Increases a Good Amount and he “Taunts” the Monsters to attack him. This can mean if you are soloing and have a Mob of 6 Monsters on you, and if you Go into an Area with 3/4 Monsters with you Mob of 6, if you use his Skill it will cause the other 3/4 to be lured to Muspel as well, causing you mob to get even Bigger. The Only Problem with Muspel’s Force Wave is that it’s range is very small, and does not last very long.

Muspel’s Force Wave Skill makes him ideal for PvE for Summoners that Solo or those in a Party with one or two People. Muspel does use Physical Damage, so he would be good for PvP, BUT unfortunately people don’t realize that for Muspel to Stun and – Def % of the other Person you need to have a High Level Muspel, because if not his chance of using the AOE is very low, and just having a Monster that doesn’t hit pretty hard in a PvP isn’t idea. Unless Muspel is Level 5 he really is more ideal for Bosses and PvE, and even at Level 5, his chances of using the AOE Stun skill is not likely, and it is slow so it may even miss the other person. Because of this Bregon’s range attack and higher chance to constant De-Buff makes up for Muspel’s lack of Constant Stun/De-buff in a terms of PvP.


Agares has a High Attack and can Dish out a lot of Damage making him great for KSing, or Dungeons. Agares, unlike Muspel, has attacks that does a lot of damage making him the idea Pet for High Level Dead Fronts. Agares may hit hard, making it easier to kill mobs, but unless you have a Larger Party, Agares will get hit a good amount and may die pretty fast. Agares isn’t ideal for High Level Maps if you intend on Soloing, but rather Larger Parties. Agares has 3 Attacks and all are AOEs. The First Attack is a Poison Ball type attack. The AOE of this attack is very similar to Anathema’s Attack being a Range and then Slash Attack on 2 Monsters usually. The Second Attack is the Green Spear. This attack is an AOE as it hits the monsters, and has a chance of De-Buffing the Monsters which causes them to lower their Max HP by a -%. The Third and Most Powerful AOE Attack is the Mini-Summon Ghost attack which is an AOE and hits 2-3 times and does a lot of Damage. Though all the Attacks are AOE, the range for them is pretty small.

Agares has an AOE Skill called Meteor. Meteor is a Very Powerful and useful skill with correct combination of other Summoner Skills. Meteor is a AOE Skill that does a lot of damage to the monsters it hits. The Range its fairly ok for the size of the AOE, and the monsters that are hit get poisoned (need to confirm). But what makes Meteor so important and useful is the fact that any monster within the Green Smoky Gases of the Attack will take 3x Poison Damage. So Timed Correctly with a Palpus + Posion Sword + Meteor + 15% Poison Damage = ALOT of Damage being done to the Monster(s). This skill can also make PvPing a lot easier to win, but unfortunately you need to being up the Skill Bar before being able to use the Great Skill.

Agares’s Meteor and High Damage Attacks makes him ideal for Large Parties, Dead Fronts, and Dungeons Runs where Lots of Damage is needed. He isn’t exactly Great for Bosses unless there are lots of Tankers, but even so he can die pretty fast in a Boss Fight. Agares isn’t recomended for Summoners who Solo at High Level Maps as after a few Mobs Agares usually dies, meaning you need to Resummon. Instead Agares is best in Large Parties so that most of the damage taken isn’t mostly all done to Agares. Because of Agares’ High Attack he is best suited for PvP rather than PvE, but as long as its a Large Party or a Party with Seg(s) that Hyper Heal, Agares can be very useful as long as he can stay alive, but in general he is not for Soloing PvE.

11 – Types of Stat Builds:

People are Always Wondering what Stats they should Pump on a Summoner. First thing that I will say and pretty much all Summoners can Agree with, is that you don’t NEED Dex, so Don’t waste Stat Points Pumping Dex. Now to get on more specifically what you can Pump.

Generally there are 3 Broad Types of Stat Builds to go with, which is a Heal Build, a Strength Build, and a Balanced Build.

Heal Build:

This is a Very Common and Considered Most Effective Build by many Summoners. This Build is very simple as it is simply Add the Minimum Required Strength and Spirit for your Next Twin Blade and Put the Rest of your Points into Heal. This Build consists of Mostly Def and HP so you Stay Alive Longer, and the Damage is fairly low or okay depending on your gear.

Strength Build:

This is not as Common as a Heal Build, but provides High Out Put of Damage, at the cost of Def and HP. Most Strength Builds Consist of Pumping Stats of a 4:1 or 3:2 Ratio meaning Each Level Pump 4 or 3 Strength and 1 or 2 Heal. Though you will be able to do a good amount of Damage, you risk Dying Very Fast at Higher Level Maps With this Build because of the Lack of Def and HP. Usually with Strength Builds you have a high chance of easily get Knocked Backed and Lose HP Fast resulting in dying. If anything this Build is only good for Low Levels where the Damage isn’t as bad, but I wouldn’t Recommend using this Build when you are at Higher Levels because though its fun, unless you have great Gear, a High Level Summoner, and you know how to play a Summoner Correctly, this build for the more common Summoners won’t be very effective.

Balanced Build:

This Build I will Later Go more into Detail on as I use this Build, and find it to be the most Effective Build. Balanced Build means you Have the Required Spirit for you next Twin Blades. But your Strength and Heal don’t Differ to much. Unlike the Last 2 Builds where either Heal is all you care about, or Strength is, in a Balanced Build you focus on the Situation you have at hand and determine how Much Heal or Strength you Feel is Fit to be Successful in Leveling. This doesn’t mean you need to put Directly the Equal Number of Stat Points in Strength as in Heal (though some people literally do this), but instead you Pump Both Stats fairly equally so they aren’t to far off. In the End it will almost look like a 2:3 Str:Heal Ratio.

12 – Using a Balanced Stat Build:

As previously Stated, when using this type of Build people tend to do what they want based on the Situation they have at hand to determine how much Heal or Strength they want. A major note that is important though, is that I would Recommend is that even with using this Build I would Cap your Strength at 200-220 Range by around Level 131. It may seem I go over that in the following Explanation, but sorry thats just cause I didn’t do the actual math out for what it will look like since I typed it just thinking logically. I recommend Capping your Strength around 200-220 because anything more than that isn’t really effective/useful as you do fairly good Damage up until Level 131 or so and I’ll explain more after that, but those extra points will not really help you with Def, but will significantly give you More HP which means you can take more hits. For people who want to know what I did, where is roughly about what I did and what I would Recommend.

Levels 1-34:

Mostly At these Levels you are going to want to pump a 3:2 and 4:1 Ratio of Strength:Heal for Stat Points, but occasionally throw in a few 2:3 Strengths:Heal if you want, especially around when you start to grind in Heiharp.

Levels 35-54:

From here you are mostly Going to switch Back and Forth between a 3:2 and a 2:3 Ratio Stat Build. I recommend 2:3 at first so you survive Longer in the 34 Dungeon to Gain more Levels, and then maybe start Pumping 3:2 Ratio.

Levels 55-64:

These Levels are when you first get into Crespo and the Monsters can hit Pretty Hard when you first go there. I mostly Recommend using a 2:3 Ratio Stat Build for this Area just until you fully get going and feel you are comfortable, but feel free to randomly throw in a 3:2 if you want.

Levels 65-79:

From here you can go back to Alternating Between 3:2 and 2:3 Ratio Stat Builds because Crespo Dungeons Should be getting easier for you, but if you want focus on 2:3 first if it helps, but Draco shouldn’t be to bad and some good damage is always nice.

Levels 80-95:

Here is where you first go into Python and Avalon when you get to 85. A lot of your Leveling will be done mostly in Python, Crespo A, or Avalon from the 80s to 90s. At this Level Range I would Recommend Alternating Pumping a 2:3 Ratio Stat Build and a 3:2 Ratio Stat Build. If you want more of the 3:2 Ratio Stat Builds around Levels 90-95s so that the extra Damage may help you in the 90 DPs but at the same time you shouldn’t die in them.

Levels 95-104:

At this Level Range most of your Leveling will be done in Avalon, Earl Dead Fronts, or 90 DPs. I recommend using a 3:2 Ratio Stat Build, but occasionally a 2:3 Ratio Stat Build if you feel you need some more Def and HP to survive. The Extra Damage will help in Killing Monsters in both the 90 DP faster as well as KSing in Dead Fronts.

Levels 105-114:

At This Point in the Game you are going to be training mostly in 90 DP As, and the Cursed/Doomed Maze. Maze Monsters Hit REALLY Hard Compared to any other Mobs you may have fought against, though the closest would be Monsters in Oread. These Monsters not only Hit Hard, but they Knock Back meaning it can be even Harder for you to Kill them if you get your Skills Interrupted. At this Level Range I recommend Using a 1:4 Ratio Stat Build and Occasionally a 2:3 Ratio Stat Build if you haven’t Capped you Strength at 200-220 yet. Maze and Duke Dead Fronts will Require a lot of Def and HP to stay alive. Trust me, dying in Maze without a Seg can suck because it Sucks having to run all the way back there.

Levels 115-130:

Once you finally get to 115, you are going to be in for a surprise as Aqua has monsters that can hit just as Hard as Maze Monsters, and some Even Harder. Hp and Def is Very Important at this Level Range. I mostly Recommend a Ratio Build of a 0:5 Ratio Stat Build in the Start because you will need all the help you can get, or occasionally a 1:4 if somehow by now you haven’t Capped your Strength at 200-220. Occasionally towards the later Levels in this Level Range you can alternate between the 1:4 and 0:5 Ratio Stat Build, and occasionally you can randomly throw in a few 2:3 Ratio Stat Build if you think you are Surviving and Leveling Fine and don’t think you need all that Def/HP.

Levels 131-140:

By Now You enter the Arc Dead Front, where honestly there the only place you will really be Leveling from now on. From this Range I would HIGHLY recommend using a 0:5 Ratio Stat Build and occasionally 4:1 if you want, but almost all the mobs in Ruins/Space will hurt even with a party as you lure (except maybe entrance Mobs to Space and Ruins) because you don’t even have ur 136 gear (I had full +7 11x Gear and it still hurt). In addition to that you will mostly not have a lot of people doing Arc DFs so your main goal is surviving Dead Fronts and getting good Exp.

Levels 140-151:

By now you will want to pump Ratios Ranging from 0:5 and 1:4 and 2:3 Stat Builds, though its mostly up to you and is based on the gear you have. I would recommend by Level 151 or so to have your Str Capped at around 265-285 at least, and have your Heal then should be around 365-385. Again its based on what yo u want, the type of Summoner you are, and the gears you have.

Levels 152-170:

Really all depends on your build, you can just go all Heal and do 0:5 Ratio, or mess around and do 3:2 or 4:1 Ratio for Damage. At this point just make sure you are comfortable with the gear/defense and health you have and if not focus more on Heal, and if you aren’t happy with your damage, then work more on Str. Hard to tell you where to be at for Level 170 as I’m not there yet, but at this point and on it won’t make a major difference until the new Level 145+ Map comes out and things change.

13 – Information on Armor:

For the most Part this Section is Pretty Simple. Use the Armor you can when you get to the Required Level to Wear the Armor. The Higher Level Armor, the more Def meaning you can survive Longer. For the Best Armor, get a Helm and Armor that are Fully Slotted with 4 Slots. Gems you use in them can help you Survive even more. When it comes to what Level Gear Should be +’ed thats really up to you. Personally around Level 6x Armor and Up you can Start to + a few of your Gears, but Nothing Past +3. For the Level 9x and the 10x Armor Set I really Recommend having At Least a +4 or Higher Armor Set. At the 115 Armor Set I would have at least a +5/6 if you can. Really I would Recommend a full +7 Set but that is pretty hard to get, SO at least a +6 if you can, because even with a +7 Set you are Still Going to Take A LOT of Damage From Higher Level Monsters (trust me I know). For the Level 130 Set I’d Recommend at least a +6 or +7 or Higher Set but out of all the +7s the Armor and Pants are the most important. If you are going to use a Balanced Build take into consideration both your Upgraded Armor and Weapons into the equation to help you figure out what you feel is best for your Stats (whether it maybe more Strength or more Heal).

14 – Information on Legendary Armor:

Each Class has 3 Sets of Armor that Each Piece Gives a good amount of Stat Bonuses. These sets are Known as Legendary Armor Sets. Legendary Armor unfortunately can’t be slotted for the Helm and Armor (unless that is changed in later patches). This being said the only major Legendary Armor that is useful is the Pants, Boots, and Gloves. I personally Never used L1 or L2 Armor because I never wanted to bother to find them or waste money Buying them. Instead the only Legendary Armor worth Getting is L3 Armor. Now out of the L3 Armor the L3 Pants, Gloves, and Boots are all Great to Have. Personally I Used +6 L3 Gloves and Pants. I still use my L3 Gloves as they really are End Game Gloved based on the Damage they Give. But with +6 L3 Pants I was able to keep and use them ALL the way to Level 114 until I got my 114 Pants (just so you know thats Almost 30 Levels with those Pants I think?). The Def of a L3 Pants isn’t that much less than the 100 Pants +6. Normally I would use L3 Boots as well, but I find that 102 Boots at +7 Give More Def than +7 L3 Boots. Yes they may have Less other Stats/Block Rate (this small change btw is kinda useless for Summoners) than L3 Boots at +7, but if you aren’t Buying +7 L3 Boots (expensive btw) its a lot cheaper to TRY to +7 your own 102 Boots than it is to +7 a L3 Boots, and if you fail at those you lose A LOT more money on those L3 Boots (possibly from buying at high price or ur possibility of selling them) than you would for 102 Boots. L3 Gloves really are End Game Gear Based on the Amount of Damage (amazing the large amount given to Summoners of all Classes) that they Give and out of any L3 that you really ever should really have is L3 Gloves.

15 – Information on Resistance Armor Sets:

When it comes to Elemental Resistances, they are all important at some point in the game, just deciding when and how they are used is important. Most of the Elemental Resistance Sets will be made using the Level 90 Armor/Helmet Pieces (so stock up on Full Slotted Level 9x Armors/Helms). To start you need to have Dark Eye. A KEY and important Necklace that gives 15% Elemental Resistance to all Elements (or even 17% if you get the upgrade). I recommend having +6 Pants at least at Higher Levels so thats 5% more right there. So for normal PvE you already have 20% Resistance in all Elements (even more if you have Magical/Noble/Divine Gear).

When it comes to Resistance Sets, if I recommend using a Level 92 Helmet, that would mean 4×9% being 36% and then that + the 20% and thats right there is just 56% Elemental Resistance for that one Element. The Max you can have is 75%. So just by using 2 Level 100 Res Necklace of the same Element, and you will have the 75% Resistance, if not 70-75% is still good range.

Curse Resistance Armor Set:

This is Probably the First Elemental Resistance Armor Set that you will make. Once you hit Level 90 you can do the Level 90 Crevice Dungeon. If you want to to even get in a Party you will need a Curse Resistance Set for Round 10. At Level 90 I wasn’t able to use the Helm/Armor parts from the Level 90 Armor Set. So what I did was use a Level 70 helm and just Put 9% Curse Res Gems in that Helm. Then at Level 91 I used a Curse Res Level 91 Armor Piece so I have the full 75% Curse Resistance. Then at Level 92 I would make a Helm with 36% Curse Res so I can use the Level 91 and 92 Armors for 90 DP for the Curse Res.

Poison Resistance Armor Set

This is probably the second Elemental Resistance Armor Set you are going to make. I made this using 9% Poison Resistance Gems in and a Level 92 Helmet. I used and made these Armors mostly for the Dead Front Boss and Abyss Bosses. Using this it Allowed me to Tank more, since its only Curse Attack is the one that Stops Skills (in which case I just run away and Heal till I can Attack Again).

Fire Resistance Armor Set:

This is the 3rd Armor Set I made for the Lava Mini-Boss in Dead Front. I would recommend only using a Level 91 Helmet and using 4×9% Fire Res Gems in the helm and use some Fire Res Necklaces, because you will also need Defense. This combination not only will be used for the Lava Mini-Boss, but for Fanvil when you fight him at Level 100 (or more than once if you farm him etc. and other Bosses).

Ice Resistance Armor Set:

This Armor Set is what I made next. Mostly for Abyss, but this is also important because it can be used for PvE. Once you get to Level 115 you should have a Ice Resistance Gear. I would use a Level 91 Armor with 4×9% Ice Res Gems. Once in Aqaurious you can use a Curse Helm+Ice Armor Res gear to EASILY Solo Grind on the first weak monsters as soon as you enter the Map.

The only Bosses that you Need Ice Res for though is Tritone and Illpia, but in both cases I would probably have just made a Level 92 Ice Res Helm for more Defense so I can use my normal Defense Armor, but if you can really only afford one, make an Armor. But if you can both an Ice Res Helmet and Armor are good to have.

Lightning Resistance Armor Set:

I would make this set Last, as it really isn’t as important as the other Armor Res Sets. You mostly need Lightning Res for the Abyss Dungeon Bosses. In addition you don’t want to waste your Defense from making a Res Armor because if you ever do a 140 Expedition you will need Light Res for the Main Sub-Boss. This is also good for Mages in PK/Wars if you want, and PvP but then again they will complain but its legal and fair since its in the game.

16 – Recommended Resistance Armor Parts:

At First I wasn’t going to make this Section BUT I feel that it is really needed BECAUSE not only is this section important, BUT it also applies to all other Classes (except mages and bagis maybe). I would highly recommend using these pieces for your res gear. As you get to the 140+ you really should consider using the 136 Armor and 138 Helms for Res gear, BUT since the helms can be expensive, if not the 13x Gear I REALLY would recommend using at least the 11x Gear for your Res Gear for more Defense.

Curse Resistance Armor Set:

I would make a ARMOR Piece for the Curse Res. The reason behind this is that later on when you get to Level 115, you can use the Curse Res with an Ice Helm to grind on the ghost mobs in the entrance to Aqua for easy Farming for Duke Vouchers. In Addition to that the Curse Armor can be used with a Poison Helm for the Dead Front/DF Boss and the 131+ CQ Boss. In Addition you use it later for the 140 Dungeon but I will go into that later.

Poison Resistance Armor Set

I would make a HELMET Piece for the Poison Res as it is good to combo with the Curse Armor for Dead Front/DF Bosses, and the 131+ CQ Boss. In addition to that this Helm is good for Res + Defense Armor combo for Abyss Bosses AND for the Ship part in the 131 Expedition. In Addition you use it later for the 140 Dungeon but I will go into that later.

Fire Resistance Armor Set:

I would make a HELMET Piece for the Fires Res because the Fire + Defense combo is great later on for Favnil Farming, Tyrant Rudne, and for the Dead Front Boss/Fire Mobs. In addition to that the Fire Helm + Ice Armor combo later comes in handy for some easy Arc Voucher Farming in Ruins and for some Abyss Bosses. In Addition you use it later for the 140 Dungeon but I will go into that later.

Ice Resistance Armor Set:

I would make a ARMOR Piece for the Ice Res, AND if you want a Ice Res Helm. I say make an Armor and Helm because an Ice Helm + Armor Defense combo is great for Illpia, Tritone and 131+ Expedition Mobs, and for Aqua Farming with am Ice Helm + Curse Armor combo makes farming Dukes easy. I also recommend having the Armor because you can combo the Ice Armor + Light Helm for Mage Res, or the Fire Helm + Ice Armor combo for farming in Ruins on Res Mobs. In Addition you use it later for the 140 Dungeon but I will go into that later.

Lightning Resistance Armor Set:

I would make a HELMET Piece for the Light Res because you will need the Light Helm + Armor Defense for the 140 Dungeon Sub-Boss as well as the Baz Boss/Baz Elemental Mobs in Ruins. The Light Helm and Ice Armor combo is also great for Mage Res. In Addition you use it later for the 140 Dungeon but I will go into that later.

17 – Information on Weapons for TB Hybrids :

Being a TB-Hybrid Summoner Build means you use a TB as your Main weapon, and a low Level Staff for other uses. For the Twin Blade Part of this section its pretty easy to explain. As soon as you Level Up and can use a new Twin Blade, USE IT. I would recommend getting one with slots and/or magic/noble if you can because more damage and good stats always helps, but if not at least try for a 3 Slot TB so you can add some gems in it for more damage.

Based on the Build I provided I recommend that you get a Level 12 Staff around Level 36 (1 more Spr required than current Level 36 TBs). I recommend around this level to get one because with Aldebaran and the Level 34 Dungeon, if you ever need to run and kite mobs to pot, the staff skills and Aldebaran combination for stun makes it a lot easier. By Level 54 make sure to get a Level 18 Staff because you want to do more Damage for Summon Ghost (and needs +2 more Spr than Level 54 TBs). As you Slowly Level Up and get New Twin Blades the Spr requirements increase and if it gets close enough to the next low Level Staff you can use then I would switch to a higher low Level Staff.

[*NOTE*] This is ASSUMING you Re-Skill 2x in 2moons, IF NOT then wait till Level 87 for a Level 24 Staff.

When it comes to Hybird Low Level Staffs, they are going to be weak, so lets face it. What you CAN do to help better your Situation is by Farming a Divine-Noble or a Noble Staff. You can Farm the Level 18 and 24 Staffs by Separate Weak Bosses in the Corners of Loa or Braiken. As for the Level 30 and 36 Staffs and up, I think only good Level 30 and 36 Weapons can only be dropped by Monsters around those Levels, or possibly the Parca Bosses (but very low chance). These are also LOW Level Staffs meaning you have a lot higher chances of upgrading them to magic, noble, or divine noble with Maverics compared to higher Level Gear if you want. Given that these are Low Level Staffs, with crappy gems the Success Rate is Pretty High and Cheap to Socket them which also makes it easier on us.

Now for people who just want some straight facts and information, the HIGHEST LOW LEVEL STAFF a TB Hybrid Summoner will use (for now until the Level 145 TBs) is a Level 42 Staff which requires +1 more Spr than a Level 130 TB.

If you wonder why I don’t use a Higher Level Staff or really Recommend it is because really Palpus though its the only gear Staff Skill you get, it doesn’t do a ton of damage compared some TB Skills, and its mostly used for the De-Buff. Now if you end up using a Level 130 TB and Staff though the Damage would be pretty good for either TB or Staff Skills, you’d lack so much Heal Stat Points that it would make you die really fast. Because of this TB Hybrids use a low level Staff, and I wouldn’t recommend using a High Level Staff (unless you know what your doing and have a plan).

18 – Information on Argating Weapons:

For the most part I’m sure we all know that the Higher the + the Weapon is, the Better because of more Damage. For Low Level Twin Blades all the way up to the Level 72/78 Twin Blades you really only Need to +3 them at Most if you want. For the Level 85 and 95 Twin Blades they really should be at least +4 or +5 if you can. As for the Level 105 Twin Blades try having at least a +6 Twin Blade. For Level 115 it would be nice to have a +7 Twin Blade (hell ino I coulda used one), but lets face it, its not as realistic to make a +7 Twin Blade like its nothing SO at least try to get a +6 Level 115 Twin Blade if you can’t get a +7 or Higher One. As for the Level 130 Twin Blade. Its your Last Twin Blade so the Higher the + the Better, but it will be hard of course but anything above a +7 Always Helps.

When it comes to TB Hybird Staffs, yes it would be nice to have a +9 Staff to do the most Magical Damage you could do, but thinking realistically that isn’t likely to happen, nor is a +7. To Save money really all you need is a +3 or +4 Staff. Anything Higher than that is wasting money if you are going to Risk Argating the Staff because those few extra Upgrades don’t significantly add more Magic Damage to those Low Level Staffs so its not so bad just with a +3 or +4 TB Hybird Staff if you want.

For the Most Part the Higher the Weapon is Upgraded the better, but try your luck, and if you are fine with w/e Upgraded Weapon you have you can just stick with it if you want. Really its up to the user to decide if they want to have a +7 Weapon or if they are just content with a +4 Weapon.

The Lower the Upgrade on a Weapon, the more Strength you might want to consider Putting in more Stat Points into Strength. If you remember I mentioned earlier how I capped my Strength around 200-220 and then later 265-285, this is what it was intended for. If you end up with a Low Upgraded Weapon you might want to consider being closer towards the 220/285 Strength to make up for it, and if you end up with a nice +7 or Higher Twin Blade focusing on Heal may be better since you have get some of the Damage Out-Put now from your Twin Blade. If you are going to use a Balanced Build take into consideration both your Upgraded Weapons and Armor into the equation to help you figure out what you feel is best for your Stats (whether it maybe more Strength or more Heal).

19 – Information on Gems to use for Armor:

For the most part, people are probably going to just say use Medials. BUT this isn’t always the Best Thing to Use. For Early Levels, for all Armor before the Level 4x Set I would actually Recommend Using +HP Gems (which are easier to get now form Arkis). At Low Levels if you have Slotted Armor Use +HP Gems because the small amount of +Def is really insignificant at Lower Levels, AND it won’t help at all against Magical Attacks, But with more HP you will at least be able to take more Hits from Monsters at Lower Levels.

For Levels 4x to about the 6x Set I would use +18 or +21 Def Medials, if you have Slotted Armor. For the 7x/8x Armor Set You Really Need to use +21 Def Medials, and or the 9x Armor Set you can use either +21 or +25 Def Medials (though preferably +25 but +21s aren’t that bad). For the Level 10x Set and the 115 Set you Really Should be Using +25 Def Medials (maybe some +29s if you want in the 115 Set, though selling probably is better idea). For the 130 Set its Clear either +29 Medial or +33 Medials if you can get them (preferably +29 Def Medials or Higher if you Have the Money for +33 Medials, but putting +25 Medials in this armor make it a lot harder to sell than having at least +29 Medials).

20 – Information on Gems to use for Weapons:

When it comes to Twin Blades the main Important Gems to use are Rhombuses and Poison % Damage Gems. At lower Levels Rhombuses are they way to go. At Lower Levels + Damage Rhombuses are better because you can use all the Damage you can get, and at Lower Levels the % Damage Gems are useless if you have Low Damage. I would Recommend Using + Damage Rhombuses for your Level 60 Twin Blades and for all Lower Twin Blades if you happen to get any of them Slotted. For all Higher Twin Blades you really want to start Using Poison % Damage Gems. For your Level 66, 72, and 78 Twin Blades I would use at least 3-4% Poison Damage Gems in those Twin Blades. For Level 85 Twin Blades and High you Really should be using 5% Poison Damage Gems (possibly 4% for those Level 85 Twin Blades but anything Higher should be 5%).

Now there are New 6% Poison Gems you can get, BUT I would highly recommend that if you get one to just sell it for Dil, BECAUSE unless you have a REALLY GOOD Divine Noble +8 130 TB or a 115/130 +9 TB, that are end game weapons, its useless to waste a 6% Poison Gem. Especially if you only have one in the Weapon, if you REALLY want to use 6% Poison Gems make sure you use at least 3 of them, but I wouldn’t recommend this because they are very expensive unless you have a really good End Game Weapon.

When it comes down to what Gems to use in your Hybird Staffs I would recommend using +52 Poison Damage Gems. Sometimes these can be harder to get hold of at lower Levels, SO if you want use +36/+40 Magic Damage Gems or other +X Poison Damage Gems. The Thing is our Magic Damage is already very weak, SO using x% Poison Gems on them won’t increase the damage much, BUT using +52 Poison Gems give more Poison Damage to our Staff Skills (all Poison Damage btw) and +52 Poison Gems give more Poison/Magic Damage than +40/+44 Magic Damage Gems.

21 – Information on Earrings:

Earrings were recently introduced into 2moons with Action 4. Earrings are pretty useful, BUT depending on what Stat Build you use determines what you need.

Heal Build:

If you are a Heal Build Summoner in General you use Un-Pure Str Earrings because although they have a -Con so you lose some HP/Defense, as a Heal Build Summoner you have plenty of Heal Points to spare so that you can get more Damage to make up for all the HP/Defense you have. Of course you can use Pure Str Earrings if you want, but generally they don’t mind using Un-Pure Str Earrings.

Some Heal Build Summoners use Pure Con Earrings for more HP/Defense but thats a matter of personal preference.

Strength Build:

If you are a Strength Build Summoner in General you use Pure Con Earrings because with all the damage you have you need to make up for your lack of HP/Defense with more Heal Stats.

Some Strength Build Summoners use Pure Str Earrings also because they want to maximize their damage out-put, BUT I highly wouldn’t recommend any Strength Build Summoners to use Un-Pure Earrings because they can’t afford the loss of more HP/Defense for a little more Damage.

Balanced Build:

If you are a Balanced Build Summoner in General you use Pure Str Earrings because with a good Cap off of Str and Heal Points, you can then use Str Earrings to give you more damage without losing HP/Defense. With Pure Str Earrings it then almost makes your Str and Heal Point wise almost the same (though it maybe off some), which in the end results in showing more of a Balanced Build Summoner (can’t tank a lot but you don’t die asap, and not a major DD yet you damage at least and aren’t useless in parties).

As a Balanced Build Summoner, depending on where you decided to Cap off your Str and Heal Points can determine what you want to use, either combinations of 2xPure Str Earrings, or 2xPure Con Earrings or 1 Pure Str and 1 Pure Con Earrings if you want. I wouldn’t recommend using Un-Pure Earrings as the small damage you get from them isn’t worth the sacrifice of Heal Points you’d lose as a Balanced Build.

22 – Information on Rings/Necklaces:

For the most Part The major Question is what do I use as a Summoner? Damage Rings or Def Rings? There is a lot of options when it comes to accessories like rings or necklaces but here is what I would recommend using. At Lower Levels use w/e you can get from Arkis, preferably Necklaces that add +HP or Rings that do +Damage. By the time you get to Level 36 and get Aldebaran, I would recommend killing the Final Spider Boss at the end of the Level 34 Dungeon and getting the Ring she Drops. The Ring Adds Poison Damage (useful for Summoners), HP, and MP. Towards around Level 50 and up you are going to want to use Defense Necklaces, and either keep that Level 34 Dungeon Ring, or use another Personal Item from Arkis (I don’t recommend using 4 Def Necklaces because its kinda useless that one extra necklace, and its good to get use to using 1 Personal Item and then 3 Def Necklaces).

Once you get Level 85 you get a Quest that gives you ONE OF THE BEST Necklaces you can get in game being Dark Eye. Unless you bought this at a Lower Level (though its not as important then), you should be able to get this Amazing Item from a Level 85 Quest. Dark Eye adds 15% to all Elemental Resistance, but not Physical (or even 17% if u upgrade using a Crespo Traded upgrade Item). Dark Eye really is an end game Necklace I highly would use till the End of the Game unless you really find something better, but for Summoners and most other Classes Dark Eye is very useful and important.Besides using Dark Eye I would highly recommend using the 3 Current Level Defense Necklace if you can find or buy them.

Some People may want to use Ring of the Black Dragon, but if anything this is a Ring that should be worn at Lower Levels as it really isn’t as useful at higher Levels. Anything about Level 85 should use a Dark Eye Necklace and not the Ring of the Black Dragon. If you can afford to buy a BDR at a low level its pretty useful then, but thats only when its useful (after I got mine I sold it for wing money).

23 – Damage Rings and Poison Damage Rings:

For the most part this is a question that is commonly asked. TB Summoners use both Physical and Poison Damage Attacks (mainly Poison Sword + Poison % Damage Gems). Now depending on the Situation at hand, sometimes Damage Rings are Needed, and sometimes Poison Damage Gems are Needed. At Level 150+ I have both 3 Level 130 Poison Damage Rings and Damage Rings, because I do need and use both of them for different situations.

Damage Rings:

Damage Rings add the Actually Damage +# to your Damage. This is very useful at times when you are given a Situation where the Boss or Monster May have High Poison Resistance. For the most part I use Damage Rings when I PvP Mages and Segnales. Mages already have a Resistance Buff, and against a Segnale or Mage, Magic/Curse damage could care less if you have Defense Necklaces. All they do is give about 1-2k more Sheild, when instead you could get some good Damage Out-Put from Damage Rings instead.

If the Monsters for the Most Part don’t hit to hard that you don’t NEED to really use the Def Necklaces, feel free to use the Damage Rings. One Example of this is when I’m in Python just helping a friend or messing around killing monsters. To kill them Faster I use Damage Rings, and I know they has Poison Resistance so using Damage Rings makes more sense. Or if you are Farming/Grinding on monsters your using Resistance Gear for and you don’t need Defense Necklaces you can use Damage Rings so you can kill them faster.

For the most part if u come across a similar situation where you find you don’t know if the Monster has Poison Resistance or not, just go with Damage Gems to be safe as long as you don’t NEED to use Def Necklaces.

Poison Damage Rings:

At times Poison Damage Rings can be more useful than using Damage Rings. This is very useful at times when you are given a Situation where the Boss or Monster May have High Defense but not Much Resistance. In general I would use these Rings against Hunters and AKs if they weren’t using Dark Eye and I knew that their weapon wasn’t that great so I could do more damage and not worry a lot about the lack of Defense/Shield from Defense Necklaces.

When it comes to Monsters and Bosses, there are some Monsters or Bosses that just have Defense and thats it. Damage Rings would be ok if you wanted, but I have personally Tested and the Poison Damage Gems do more Damage Rings. A few Monsters I tested this on was in Avalon, it was the Pirates and those Red Apes in the elevated/middle part of the Island. I was in the 100-110 Stage Farming Earls, and this is when I noticed the difference in Damages, as at these Levels I didn’t really need those Def Necklaces as much.

Another Resistance that comes up as you get to Higher Level Monsters is Physical Resistance. Many monsters in Aqua, Ruins, and Space have Physical Resistance. Once Higher Level and just farming for Dukes for Arc Maps I started using Poison Damage Gems for Physical Resistance Mobs in Aqua. Unless you are a Heal Build Summoner and can tank a lot and not get Knocked Back as much by Ruins/Space Mobs, I wouldn’t use any Poison Damage Gems for the Physical Res Monsters unless I was in a Party with a Seg (Def Buff + FH) or unless I was in a good Party.

24 – Dungeons and Summoners:

Dungeons are a Major Part or 2moons and for Leveling. To start I don’t intend on talking about the Newbie Dungeon at all, because its not Needed, nor that much better than Grinding on Weak Monsters at Lower Levels. The Major Dungeons though are the Level 34 Nunvice Dungeon, the Level 60 Crespo Dungeon, the Level 90 Crevice Dungeon, the Level 115 Crevice Abyss Dungeon, and the Level 130 Siege Ritual Dungeon.

Level 34 Nunvice Dungeon

For the most Part this is Actually where Summoners shine. Unlike other Classes we can Lure 6 Monsters meaning towards the Higher Level Range you can finished this Dungeon Faster. On top of that, what makes Summoners Special is that we have Summons. For the most part Summoners can finish the Level 34 Dungeon the Easiest. We may not have the greatest AOEs yet, but with Summons we can Effectively use them and Tank Monsters to help Keep us Alive, and Blood Bats also helps. On top of Summons as TB Summoners we kill things pretty fast anyways. Unlike other Classes once you get Aldebaran at Level 36 we can Kill the Spider Queen Boss mostly by using Aldebaran to tank her.

[*NOTE*] IF you can’t Re-Skill more than once in 2moons and are following the Level 107 Build, then just ignore all of the Staff Skills I mention for the Crespo/Crevice Dungeon because its useless.

Level 60 Crespo Dungeon C, B, and A:

When it comes to Crespo Dungeons, it used to such because no one really wanted Summoners. Mages and Hunters are DDs; Segnales Heal; and AKs and Bagis are the Tankers that Lure at the Coffins. So this leave Summoners with the ablility to Lure 6 Mobs, but thats useless here unfortunately. But with the release of Action 4.5 by the time you hit Crespo Dungeons as a TB Hybrid Summoner you should have 5 AOEs (sortof), meaning we aren’t as useless as in the past (well aren’t you guys lucky I never got Partied back then for Crespo >.<).

If you get into B/A Parties Don’t Screw up and Give Summoners Bad Names. Here are some Tips you can use for some of the Crespo Dungeons. First important Rule to remember, Don’t use Tent or any Summon really, they are big and get in the away at times which can upset Party Members, unless its just you and 1 or 2 other people alive.

Crespo C Dungeon:

This Section I’m most going to talk about Tips for when you are doing Solo C runs, or when you are doing C Runs as a Lower Level with High Levels.

If you are a Lower Level make sure you use Aldebaran or Tentator on the Crespo Boss. IF there are at least 2 other Summoners, and there is a High Level Summoner, use Tentator (but thats not a likely situation). Beside that just try not to die. If you are Level 74+ just use Infected Earth, Blood Bats, Summon Ghost, Spirit Dagger, Poison Sword and Shadow Revenge. If you are under Level 74 just use Spirit Dagger, Blood Bats and Summon Ghost and try not to die. Make sure you Re-Summon Aldebaran/Tentaor as soon as he dies. If Egos are Spawned they shouldn’t kill you right away so if you can with other people try to kill Egos.

If you are a Higher Level at least Over Level 87, you should be able to Solo Crespo C. I don’t really have much Tips for you guys, but Use Defense Gear/Necklaces against the Boss. He has only One Curse Attack Really so Curse Res Gear isn’t all that useful (I’ve tested only helps on that one attack). If you want you can use Curse Res Necklaces but I’d stick with Defense Still. As for Summons Use Tentator as -14% Poison Res Helps. If you are Level 108+ use Muspel in hopes for his AOE Stun/De-Buff, or if you are a Higher Level with a Level 5 Bregon use him for his De-Buff.

Crespo B Dungeon:

You are going to be doing Crespo B Fast Runs from Levels 60 – 78. When Under Level 74, you really only have Blood Bats, Summon Ghost, Spirit Dagger, Blade Dance and Poison Sword for AOEs. When it comes to Pulling Levers just Start with a Summon Ghost so by the time it hits the Mobs and they React to Start Attacking you, you should have switched to Twin Blades and then Cast Blade Dance, then Poison Sword, then Dagger. By now with your Party’s Help they should be dead, if not use a Blood Bats for HP if you want. For Coffin Parts Start by either Breaking the Coffins for your Party with Blood Bats so you have some HP help, if not just Start with Poison Sword for the Buff, then Follow up with a Summon Ghost. Then use Blade Dance because by now a CF should be up from your Seg or if not your Team Should be KBing the Monsters. If you are over Level 74 its pretty simple and I don’t think I need to explain it since you should be doing ok.

Crespo A Dungeon:

You probably shouldn’t be Starting Crespo A Fast Runs until Level 78-80 Range and you can Keep doing Crespo A Fast Runs about around Level 85/86 the Exp. isn’t that great. For the Most Part Keep the Strategy for Levers the same as the above from Crespo B, BUT instead of using Blood Bats use Poison Sword First, and then TB AOE Skills and then Staff AOEs if you are on CDs for your TB AOE Skills. Same thing applies to Coffins so you help, but don’t get jumped and DIE right away and when the Mob is being KBed you can use AOEs to help kill fast.

Level 90 Crevice Dungeon C, B, and A:

Skill Line-Up for Crevice Dungeons:

Under Level 97 the AOEs you have: Spirit Dagger, Blade Dance, Summon Ghost, Poison Sword, Infected Earth, Shadow Revenge, Hell Burst, and Vicious Mirror

I recommend: Poison Sword, Vicious Mirror, Spirit Dagger, Blade Dance, Shadow Revenge, Poison Sword, Infected Earth, Hell Burst, Blade Dance (repeat). (for the Most Part if you need to use Summon Ghost if somehow timing its off if you run outta AOEs based on Cool Down or Blood Bats for HP to save you if you need too)
[*NOTE*] Same Combo just you won’t have Infected Earth if you are using the Level 107 Build.

Once you are Level 97 the AOEs you have: Spirit Dagger, Blade Dance, Poison Sword, Shadow Revenge, Hell Burst, Vicious Mirror, Palpus, Dark Avatar

I recommend: Poison Sword, Blade Dance, Vicious Mirror, Poison Sword, Blade Dance, Dark Avatar, Poison Sword, Blade Dance, Palpus (repeat). (or the Most Part if you need to use Hell Burst if somehow timing its off if you run outta AOEs based on Cool Down)

Crevice C Dungeon:

Okay, really who the hell does C Runs? I’m not even going to waste my time/space trying to talk about a useless Dungeon that no one does.

Crevice B Dungeon:

For the most part, From Level 90-102 you are going to be doing B Dungeon Runs. Crevice Dungeons aren’t like Crespo Dungeons. Here is just High Damage and don’t get killed.

Here is how B Dungeons work:

Round 1: Segnale will CF the Yellow Spawn or the Middle Statue
Round 2: Everyone will go on Blue Spawn and Kill there
Round 3: Party Splits into 3 and 3, One Set on the Red Spawn, and One on the White
Round 4: Same Party Splits
Round 5: Same Party Splits
Round 6: All Merge on Red Spawn
Round 7: All Stay on Red Spawn
Round 8: All Stay on Red Spawn
Round 9: All Stay on Red Spawn
Round 10: All Stay on Red Spawn but use Curse Res Set

Now for the most part I would recommend going to the White Spawn as a TB Hybird Summoner as they have mostly Magic Res so Mages/Staff Summoners are better for Red Spawn. Most likely a Seg will be on White as well which is nice. DON’T Use Tent, he is nice, but REAL BIG and can be annoying. Anathema is ok, but keep him at the back, if you can’t do this well don’t use a Summon unless some1 DCs on your side. For the most part Avoid Red Spawn if you can because those Range Monsters KB like hell and with our Weak Defense we aren’t much help if we keep getting KBed.

Crevice A Dungeon:

For the most part its similar to B, but a lot faster. You don’t NEED 2 Segs btw, its nice, but you can meet in the middle every other round and Buff up then.

Here is how A Dungeons work:

Round 1: Segnale will CF the Yellow Spawn or the Middle Statue
Round 2: Everyone will go on Blue Spawn and Kill there
Round 3: Party Splits into 3 and 3, One Set on the Red Spawn, and One on the White
Round 4: Same Party Splits
Round 5: Same Party Splits
Round 6: Same Party Splits
Round 7: Same Party Splits
Round 8: Same Party Splits
Round 9: Same Party Splits
Round 10: Same Party Splits but use Curse Res Set if you are on White Spawn

Now A Runs are faster and Damage is really needed. By now you have those Kick Ass Level 97 Cosmos so it should be easier on you now (trust me I got them when I was Level 110 or so, so I didn’t get major use outta them as you guys can). Again like B I don’t recommend being on Red, thats mostly for Staff Summoners and Mages. I like White anyways cause there is a Seg, and its Easy. Towards the Higher Levels and you are still doing A Runs if you have good gear, you can use Damage Rings to help Kill Even Faster (trust me I did this and it does help). If you want you can use Anathema mostly on Round 10 because it has Curse Res and can help (BUT CONTROL YOUR PET, don’t let it get in the way of others). Once you get Agares (yes he is big but w/e), use him and keep him in the back, because with him you can pretty much just do you and a Segnale on White if you want because he RAPES.

Level 115 Abyss Dungeon:

The Abyss Dungeon is Similar to the other Crevice Dungeons with 10 Rounds, but instead each Round you Need To Kill a Boss. Once a Boss is Spawned you about about 5 minutes to kill it, if you don’t you fail the round, and while you still are killing that one Boss, the Next Boss Spawns. All Abyss have 9 Boss Rounds which are Random/Follow a Pattern, and then end in the Red Fire/Favnil Dragon for the Round 10 Boss.

First I HIGHLY Recommend going to this Link and looking it over, and USE it when you do Abyss Runs if someone else isn’t or if you didn’t Memorize it:

Now Abyss Dungeons Deals A LOT with Defense Gear and Res Gear. Make sure you follow that Guide and you have the Correct Res Gear or Def Gear if needed for the Boss. As a TB Hybrid Summoner most people say we aren’t as good as Staff Summoners, but I think BOTH Staff and TB Summoners both are okay for Abyss. Some Bosses have High Magic Res and some have High Def Res, SO at times both are needed and aren’t bad.

When it comes to fighting Bosses where Res Sets are needed, as long as you have 75% Res, or at least 65/70%+ Res you can pretty much tank those Bosses, especially with an AK with Bounce Defender, so don’t worry about it. When it comes to Defense Monsters, some are ok where they don’t hurt as much and you can Tank them, some you might die fast, so just pay attention the first few times so you know what to do.

Just so you know, I HATE THE OREAD BOSS in Abyss. He is ANNOYING AS HELL. Oread has high Defense, and Hurts like HELL and hits Physical so its Defense Set. As a TB Hybird Summoner, when it comes to this Boss mostly focus on Poison Swords/Spirit Dagger/Shadow Revenge (Hit and Run), and a few DAs and maybe Vicious Mirrors. Now assuming at times those TB Cosmos will be on cool down, keep up the Hit and Run with Poison Sword, and then Follow up with some Staff Cosmos with the Poison Sword Buff for more damage.

When it comes to Pets though, its not ALWAYS Muspel cause he can Tank, or Agares because he hits the Hardest. Abyss is like any other Dungeon, its a Party Dungeon, meaning do what you can to HELP the Party. For the Most Part you are going to Cycle through Muspel/Agares/Anathema. If you are fighting a Boss with High Magic Res, use your Level 5 Anathema so that its -11% Res can help Mages out in the Party and other Party Members who are using % Elemental Damage Gems in their Weapons. When it comes to High Defense Based Monsters, you want to use Agares because he hits Harder using Magical Damage. If he dies though you Muspel as his -% Def and Stun AOE can help alot for the Bagis/Aks using Physical Damage. When it comes to Oread, use Muspel as he can Help Tank, and his -% Def and Stun AOE can help out.

For the most part when it comes to Pets in Abyss, just use the Pets that make he most logical Sense to Help he Party, High Defense Based either Agares for Magic Damage or Muspel to help Party out with -% Def. If its High Magic Res use Anathema to help Mages etc. By Level 115 Most people who are in Abyss know what they are doing, and thus usually everything goes ok and people work together (BUT even still Oread is STILL A ********** and can COMPLETELY SCREW UP Dungeons if you get him, ESPECIALLY if you get him 1st).

Level 130 Siege Ritual Dungeon:

[—Self Note—] recheck video when I get home to make sure I didn’t miss any information…as most of this is off memory for now.

Now to start this isn’t a Level 130+ Dungeon, BUT you need a Level 3 Guild, 50 Mil and a Leader of the guild to be Level 130+ to start the Dungeon, BUT if you aren’t all over Level 130+ it can be pretty hard, so in general I would recommend everyone be over level 130 at least to be safe, and at best the lowest being over Least 115+ at least.

The Point of this Dungeon is to get your guild in Seige as an Attacking Guild once you complete the Dungeon and register before all the spots are taken. Depending on the the situation is you may have to rush to try to finish this Dungeon FAST before the other Guilds do in which case its all depending on high damage, good team work, and also just random luck depending on results of levers.

For this Dungeon the Party Set-Up I would recommend is:

-1-2xTB-Hybrid Summoner
-1xAK (with Dual Axe + has Bounce Defender)

You maybe wondering why this set-up is like this, the reason behind it is that you don’t NEED more than one good Segnale in the party as long as you guys don’t get separated and work together well, one should be fine. I would only recommend 2 Mages instead of what most people believe an all mage party pwns or anything, the reason behind this is when it comes to destroying Block Walls, mages are completely useless besides Energy Hammer as none of their skills will do damage. The only use they have is their range attacks, and Aqua Circle being a strong skill with no major element, AND they are needed for correct timing and use of Imitid Flash. I would recommend more hunters if anything because they are good AOE in general, good range attacks, AND they can kill Block Walls. TB-Hybrid Summoners are useful here because good TB Cosmos and TB Skills are useful for killing walls, AND you can use Staff Skills for some range attacks. Aks you only need one that has good Dual Axes for good out-put damage on mobs/Block Walls, AND I would recommend them having some Weapon Build for Bounce because it always helps.

If you are wondering, I Highly wouldn’t recommend using any Dagger Hunters, Staff Summoners, or Bagis for this Dungeon because in general they have their uses, but sadly in this Dungeon they aren’t THAT useful…..BUT then again this Dungeon isn’t that HARD and most people should be able to complete this easily no matter what classes, but if you are against the clock and need to finish it fast I would use a Party with a similar Structure to the one I recommend.

Now to Res Gear, you will need Curse Res, Ice Res, and Light Res for the mobs, or at least some necklaces and some good Res Buffs. You also will need Fire Res as the Boss for the Dungeon is just Phtach or also know as Favnil.

There isn’t much I want to go into detail about this dungeon now, BUT as Summoners just make sure you focus on the Block Walls with the other Physical Damage Characters at times and let the mages kill the mobs because they are useless on the Blocked Walls, AND they have a lot of Defense/HP so they take a while to kill and you need to kill the 50 Mobs and Move Fast at the same time towards the long Bridge in the end.

25 – Dead Front and Summoners

To start with, I’m going to honest, I NEVER did Dead Fronts as a Lower Level. The reasons behind this is I played 2moons when it was in Action 1 mostly and when Action 2 (Dead Front) came out I was only in the Level 6x-7x Ranges and people back then NEVER partied Summoners for Crespo/Crevice/Dead Front (which is why I have a TON of those old low level Vouchers). BUT since the times have changed Summoners with the updated skills have been accepted more into parties and with that being said….the only Advice I can give to low Level is to stay alive the best you can for Exp and to Help your parties out when they need it.

Mostly I’m going to Focus on Summoners in Duke/Arc Dead Fronts as they are the most important and end game ones for now in 2moons. As a Summoner you aren’t always the one that rushes out into a Mob and starts AOEing. Generally you follow some people or a party and as they start AOEing they will Agro the Mobs on them, which will free yourself up to use AOEs to try to KS the weak mobs AND at the same time prevents you from getting jumped by all the mobs by yourself.

Now when it comes to skills some Summoners use Hell Burst a lot as if its special. To be honest its not…. The only Staff Skill I use a lot is Palpus because the damage is decent, and since a lot of the Snake Road Mobs have Poison Res it helps for other people attacking by lowering their Resistance AND it slows the mobs down. Mainly at this Level I cycle between correctly timing DA, Vicious Mirror, and Shadow Revenge. Randomly I use Poison Sword for the Buff, but mostly I focus on DA/VM/SR but sometimes I do throw in a Spirit Dagger…BUT the skill takes long and isn’t a great AOE.

Helping a Party as a Summoner:

Now as a Summoner we have a lot of roles and uses in a Dead Front that make use very important in the Higher Levels. If there are one or 2 parties OR other Summoners in the Party AND mostly all Physical Damage, IF one Summoner is using Muspel on a Boss you can use Bregon because more -Def De-Buff helps the party members, OR use Anathema is there are Mages in the Party as the De-Buff helps and makes killing the Bosses easier and faster for Mages since they usually are dealing with High Resistance Bosses.

If you are a Solo Party I would alternate with Mages and Bagis as you approach Mobs. Ventrillo or TeamSpeak clearly make this easier, if not just remember your alternation and follow them. Mages clearly will use Freezing Spirit to Stun the Mobs so people live longer, Bagis use EarthQuake, AND Summoners would use Palpus. Effectively alternating this combo and staying close (and a seg for heal or AK for bounce always helps) can allow you to easily stay alive as a Party and get far in a Solo Dead Front. I wouldn’t recommend using Palpus often if you are in a Solo Party on Mobs in Snake Road because if its ever on Cool Down it can really hurt a Team if some Stun/Slow Down Mobs AOE is needed.

As for the talking to slates, again very easy for Summoners since we can use our Pets to Tank the Lavas while we talk to the Slate (I would use Muspel or Agares as long as Agares has a lot of HP). And the last party we are useful for is the Boss in terms of Tanking and Luring. If there are no Bagis or AKs in the party to tank the Boss, thats when Muspel comes in because he is now your party’s Tank. Besides they you can use Muspel, Bregon, or Anathema depending on the situation of the Solo Party if you want to kill the Boss (I don’t recommend Agares because the Boss has High Poison Resistance making him useless).

26 – Expedition and Summoners:

The Expeditions that were added to 2moons/Dekaron with Action 4 are:

Expedition: Kanon’s Transport Ship (Level Ranges 1-170)
Expedition: Nest of Cherubim (Level 140-170)

For information on both types of Expedition I would first visit this link as it provides a good summary and information on both Expeditions:

The Expedition Dungeons are like a normal dungeon, but are made up of 3 Parties all in one Group (AOE Buffs can be shared) who’s sole purpose is to work together cooperatively as a team to complete the Dungeon. The Expeditions aren’t easy if people don’t know what to correctly do, and work together.

Expedition: Kanon’s Transport Ship

First before I begin I would recommend using the following links Provided as it helps to get a better understanding of how this Expedition Run works (you can also use the Guide I made in the link my in Signature, but I feel this is a better Guide to use):

Map Information for Expedition: Kanon’s Transport Ship
Emelyn’s Expedition: Kanon’s Transport Ship Guide

Expedition: Kanon’s Transport Ship Consists of 4 Different Level Ranges:

Expedition C – Level 1-80
Expedition B – Level 81-101
Expedition A – Level 102-120
Expedition S – Level 121+

Most of this Section will be referring to Summoners who are in Expedition S Rank or High (as honestly you don’t even do Expeditions often, and if you do they aren’t usually until Level 121+).

Before I get into the small information about the uses of Summoners in this Expedition, I want to go over resistance. If you followed my information provided earlier for Resistance Gear, you might have an Ice Helm Res to use, if not Necklaces or the Armor should be fine (for the first part). And Later on you will need the fire helm for certain mobs, and the Poison Resistance Helm for the Ship.Though I’d recommend using Resistance Gear if its good, if not Dark Eye + 3 Elemental Resistance Necklaces should be fine also (because you will still need Defense + Resistance Gear Combination).

As TB-Hybrid Summoners we have a lot of good uses in this Expedition. To start I would recommend using Agares as a main choice of pet for the start, and later it will change. Although it may seem useless to you, Palpus is a really good skill to use and have for Expedition as there will be lots of mobs to fight at once, and an AOE to slow them down helps a lot.

ONE of the hardest Parts in this Expedition is the 3 Part Split and the Beach, the reason for this is because the Mobs can KB you like Bagis and a lot of them at once makes it impossible to cast skills and kill them. I would recommend for both parts to Use Muspel, as his chance for AOE Stun is very useful. I would also use Palpus as often as you can because it will ultimately help slow down the mobs and help everyone kill them faster before the Mobs can Attack.

For Both the Bosses, depending on the other how many, and the other type of Summoners in your party, you will need to use Muspel, Anathema, or Bregon….but to decide on that look in the previous sections in this Guide to determine which pet is more useful and why depending on the situation.

The Ship is the last part of this Expedition and is also a very difficult part because of the mobs. I would use a Poison Res Helm if you have a good one, if not use Dark Eye + 3xPoison Resistance Necklaces. As TB-Hybrid Summoners, if you followed my Guide you should have 15% Poison Resistance when holding the staff out. I recommend as you move with the party to lure mobs you use HOLD ur Staff so you have more Poison Resistance and start with Palpus to help the party AND by the time Palpus finishes you can switch to TBs and start to kill the mobs as your party should have already started to KB the mobs making it easier for you to not die.

There aren’t much more advice I can give you, at least specifically to Summoners, but I’ve done a lot of Expedition S so I know a think or too, but in general this is the best advice I can give you guys and I hope its helpful.

Expedition: Nest of Cherubim

First before I begin I would recommend using the following links Provided as it helps to get a better understanding of how this Expedition Run works:

Map Information for Expedition: Nest of Cherubim
Evileric77’s Expedition: Nest of Cherubim Guide
Emelyn’s Expedition: Nest of Cherubim Guide

Before I get into the information on how TB-Hybrid Summoners work for this Expedition I need to go over the Resistances just to make sure you are good. You will need ALL elemental Resistance for this Dungeon, because one part the mobs elemental damage is random, so make sure you have all the gear, if you ever have a problem where its like Light Resistance and Fire Resistance, and those are both Helms, if so use the helment with the better Defense, and use Dark Eye + 3xResistance Necklaces for the other Resistance. Though its not too often this happens, so with combination of buffs and good luck you will be able to just use 1 Elemental Resistance + Defense OR get lucky and get a combination that works well with the recommended Resistance Armors I mentioned earlier.

You Will Need Lighting Resistance for the Sub-Boss, which is why I recommend making it a helm, as Armor gives more Defense, BUT either way with 75% Resistance or not he will hit hard, and if you stay still for to long in one spot ur most likely going to die.

As a TB-Hybrid Summoner we have a lot of really good uses for this Dungeon. Again like the other Expedition, Palpus is your friend, and one of the most useful skills to have to help the party with slowing down Massive Mobs and Bosses. As a TB-Hybrid Summoner you should have a lot of AOEs, I mention this because the 140 Dungeon is like no other Dungeon in the game because of one VERY difficult part.

At one part in the dungeon there are invisible mobs that you can barely see and you can’t target them. You need to kill 50 of these mobs, and if thats not bad enough, you have these other Monsters that Spawn little fire guys that can 1 HIT KO almost any class depending on the situation. Because of this situation I you should KNOW HOW TO A-MODE SKILLS. This is a major important part of the Dungeon and going into the dungeon you should know how to do this so you don’t screw things up and make urself look retarded.

NOW for this section I HIGHLY recommend you use Agares because all of the attacks are AOE, and if he dies/CD use Muspel or Anathema. Pets are very useful for this part because if a Ghost mob randomly attacks and no one notices, if it hits the pet, the pet will start to tank/attack the monster making it more visible to others. I would make sure for this section to have your pet on FREE Mode.

Now for A-Mode Skills you should have at this point: Shadow Revenge, Vicious Mirror, Dark Avatar, Hell Burst, and Palpus. Now these are the skills you want to use, IF I were you if you see a Bomb OR a Rotten (spawn bombs) use Spirit Dagger then as you can make use of that AOE and not waste your other AOEs when you will need them for A-Mode and you can’t use Spirit Dagger. ALSO I would if you are mostly alone and see a Rotten to control your Pet to attack the Rotten so it tanks any Rotten Bombs/Attacks until a good CF is up and it is safe to kill the Rotten.

In terms of Bosses you CAN use Muspel for the Mini-Boss if you want, BUT depending on who is in your party you can use Anathema or if want (I don’t recommend Beast Pets only because they die fast). When it comes to the Sub-Boss though. DEFINITELY use Muspel and Target the Sub-Boss for Muspel because he is the only thing that can tank the Boss (though he still dies pretty fast). Muspel’s chance to De-Buff and Stun the boss also is very useful, BUT if Muspel dies, while on CD switch to Agares because the Range Attacks distract the boss, or if not Anathema if both are on CD.

In general this is all the advice I can give to you Summoners, to be honest, only Bagis are REALLY useless in this Dungeon, and some AKs, so as Summoners if you actually get to do this Dungeon, make SURE you know how to A-Mode Skills, and try not to DIE if you can and make us look bad.

27 – Siege and Summoners:

Siege is something that was introduced (was suppose to really) into 2moons/Dekaron with Action 1. Siege involves 1 Guild that owns the castle, Defending it from 3 other Attacking Guilds who are trying to take it. This Battle over the castle occurs every 2 weeks. Now as TB-Hybrid Summoners there are a lot of things I can talk about here for you guys for Siege since I’ve been to about 15 Sieges or more. From what I have learned I will just share with you guys some good advice if you are either Defending or Attacking (because depending on which side your on etc. and this way I can’t have this advice help an Attacker and not a Defender member and vice versa).

As a Summoner we have Summons, pretty obvious, for Siege mostly you will be alternating between Muspel, Agares, Anathema, and Bregon. Now although it may sound smart to Summon your pet as soon as you can, it can actually be a bad thing. Depending on the situation at hand, if you know you may die fast, don’t waste you Summon Skill to just die and have the pet be on CD. Constantly doing this can cause the Level 108 Pets to be on CD at the same time (and in general you don’t wanna use the Level 83 pets unless you need too). With all the high damage done in Siege the Level 83 pets aren’t as useful because they are weak, and easily get KBed so they can’t even attack. I recommend as SOON as you Spawn Back Alive to SUMMON your Pet IF you know timing wise its the right time to Summon. Besidse that don’t decide later one after you have Spawned to Summon it (waiting later means the CD is longer when you could wait less for the CD if you Summoned as soon as you can).

As a TB-Hybrid Summoner we have both Range and Close Combat Skills. In general depending on the situation you WILL use and NEED both types of Skills. I highly would recommend using Palpus on groups of people to slow them down to help others kill them and for the Skill-Lock De-Buff AND to slow people down if they are trying to run away. Palpus isn’t used as much so its nothing to be cautious of really. Dark Avatar, Vicious Mirror, and Shadow Revenge on the other hand are. These are extremely good skills and are used a lot in Siege. I highly recommend if you are going against 1-2 people to use Shadow Revenge and Vicious Mirror and Dagger. You may wonder why I don’t recommend DA. IF the person you are killing dies because of your DA, and then a group of people come out of no where, you don’t have that Great Damage Cosmo to use anymore.

Timing Dark Avatar, Vicious Mirror are essential to Siege. It is best not wasted on 1-2 people (unless you time correctly the CDs), but instead used on Large Groups of people so that you can KB them and help others Kill them. I would use Shadow Revenge more often only because its a good Range Attack and the more you use it, the more time you will have the Buff for which is useful against any range attacks OR if you are trying to run away.

Another important thing that most people don’t realize is that Siege Map is different from any other map. In thet Siege Map you can Target yourself, your Guild Mates, or even you Summons. I mention this because sometimes if you can’t click on an enemy because of all the dead bodies or w/e, you can target yourself or your pet and Control+Attack. Another good use for this that I used a lot was Poison Sword. You can use it on a Guildmate OR yourself (though you will lose HP from the De-Buff), BUT instead of doing that I often chose to attack my own pet so that I can always have the Poison Sword Attack Buff at all times (because of the low CD). This worked really well with Muspel and Anathema since they have a lot of HP and the pets OR myself would have died soon anyways (I don’t recommend using it on Beast Pets because they are already low in HP as it is).

This is really all the advice I can give you guys. I’d like to talk A LOT MORE about Siege because there is so much to talk about in terms of strategy for Defending or Attacking (etc.), but for now this is all the information I can give to help you guys without being unfair to one side or another.


1sum – Pros and Cons of Summoners:

When deciding on which class you want to play in 2moons, you have to consider all the Pros, and Cons of each class before deciding on whether this is the class for you to play or not. So this section is just to list some of the Pros, Cons of making a TB Hybrid Summoner (in other words I might leave off Pros/Cons of Staff Summoners).

Pros of a TB Hybrid Summoner:

-Naturally able to Lure Up to 6 Mobs
-Have the ability to Lure Up to 12-15+ Mobs
-Cosmos are some of the Coolest Skills in Game
-Able to Summon a Summon to Assist in Grinding
-Able to use some Range and Close-Combat Skills
-Pretty Cool Armor in the Higher Levels
-Pretty Cool Skulls for Wings at Level 102
-Have some of the Fastest Attacks
-Great for Soloing/Farming
-Fast Levering in the Lower Levels
-Wanted Sometimes for more Lure in Parties
-Can be DDs (sortof) and Tank (sortof) at times
-Can Lose IP Fast
-Can Give people IP without dying (pets get PKed)

Cons of a TB Hybrid Summoner:

-Don’t have Great Defense
-Decent at PvPs (we lose and win some)
-Passive Stats from Mastery only works when holding Weapon
-Most Have Average Damage (Not to Low or High)
-Generally Hated by Other Classes
-Summons can be Very Annoying in Parties
-No Great KS Skills at Lower Levels
-Not wanted for Dead Front Parties in Lower Levels
-Generally Not Wanted for Parties (besides Luring)
-Only have One Buff (Defense)
-Neither considered a DD or Tanking Class by Others

2sum – Level Lists and Where to Level:

A Major Event in 2moons that will Help you Level Up ALOT Faster is Dead Front. Dead Fronts are Recommended for ALL Levels where you can Participate.

Level 1-10 = Loa Castle/Brakin Castle and North Morte/North Areas
Level 10-16 = Denebe
Level 16-34 = Heiharp
Level 34-55 = 34 Dungeon and/or Norak/Castor 2nd Floor
Level 55-60 = Crespo 88/55 or Other Spots
Level 60-70 = Crespo C/B Fast Runs
Level 70-80 = Draco (70 CQ) and/or Crespo B Fast Runs
Level 80-85 = Python FE/FW and/or Crespo A Fast Runs
Level 85-90 = Python FE/FW and/or Avalon Mobs and/or Crespo A Fast Runs
Level 90-98 = Python 90 DP B Runs and/or Avalon Mobs and/or Python
Level 98-105 = Python 90 DP B/A Runs and/or Avalon Mobs and/or Oread Mobs
Level 105-111 = Maze and/or Python 90 DP A Runs (Really Just Get Earls for DF)
Level 111-115 = Maze and Duke DFs
Level 115-130 = 115 DP Abyss, Maze, Aqua, and Duke DFs
Level 130-140 = Aqua, Ruins (Entrance/Res Mobs/Bottom Left), Space (Entrance) and Arc DFs
Level 140-150 = Aqua, Ruins (Bottom Left/Top Left), Space (Entrance/Spirits), and Ark DFs
Level 150-160 = Ruins (Bottom Left/Top Left), Space (Entrance/Spirits/Top Left), and Ark DFs
Level 160-170 = Ruins (Top Left), Space (Spirits/Top Left), but Mostly Ark DFs

3sum – Skill-Build Information:

If you can Re-Skill 2x or more in 2moons, By Level 96 Have this Build:

Then Re-Skill at Level 97 to this Build:

Then Pump THESE Skill Points Until Level 107:


Then Re-Skill at Level 108 to this Build:

By Around Level 142 have this Build:

4sum – Information On Fishing:

I personally feel its a Great Skill to have IF you have a 20% Cash Amulet and a Golden Crespo Rod (makes fishing SO much easier).

The New Fish You can Fish in Avalon Island Are:

Chromes = Recovers 1500 MP and Gives a Fast-Recover of 1500 MP over 10 Seconds (2 Seconds Cool Down)
Lamis = Recovers 1500 HP and Gives a Fast-Recovery of 1500 HP over 10 Seconds (2 Seconds Cool Down)
Naples = Recovers 1600 HP/MP Instantly (2 Second Cool Down)
Shads = Recovers 1500 HP and Gives 20% More Defense for 3 Seconds (5 Second Cool Down)
Parrots = Recovers 1800 HP and Gives 20% All Magical Res and 20% Physical Res for 3 Seconds (5 Second Cool Down)
Kamins = Recovers 2842 HP Instantly (2 Second Cool Down)
Malakites = Recovers 25% HP/MP and Gives a Fast-Recover of 1500 HP/MP over 10 Seconds (2 Seconds Cool Down)

5sum – Pet Information BOTH Libido and Beast:

In general….Beast Has more Damage than Libido, but Libido Pets can Tank More and Have More HP/Defense.

Generally Libido Summons >>> Beast Summons, expect for the Last 2, Agares and Muspel are both very useful and have their own unique uses (same applies to Anathema and Bregon, though they aren’t used as much).

6sum – Types of Stat Builds:

Heal Build:

Pump Requirements for Str and Spr for your Twin-Blades, rest goes into Heal.

Strength Build:

Make sure to have Spr Requirements for Twin-Blades, rest mostly goes into Str>Heal. Common Ratio is usually 3:2 or sometimes 4:1 for Str : Heal Ratio for stats that are Pumped.

Balanced Build:

Make sure to have Spr Requirements for Twin-Blades, rest mostly gets evenly distributed between Str and Heal. Its based on preference/gear/weapon, as some prefer little more Heal then Str, and others more Str then Heal, or some pure 50/50 split. Recommended Ratios range from: 5:0, 4:1, 3:2, 2:3, 1:4, 0:5 for Str: Heal Ratio, though common ones usually are 3:2 or 2:3 Str: Heal Ratio.

7sum – Recommended Resistance Armor Parts:

Curse Resistance Armor Set: ARMOR (Optional: HELMET ALSO)
Poison Resistance Armor Set HELMET
Fire Resistance Armor Set: HELMET
Ice Resistance Armor Set: ARMOR (Optional HELMET ALSO)
Lightning Resistance Armor Set: HELMET

8sum – Information on Gems to use for Weapons:

Low Level Staffs use +Magic Damage if you can’t afford +Poison Damage Gems (no % Gems).

When Lower Level use +Damage Gems for your Twin-Blade, and at High Levels use Poison % Gems.

9sum – Information on Earrings:

Heal Build:

Mostly Use Pure Str/Con Str Earrings for Damage. Some use Pure Con Earrings for even more HP/Defense though its recommended Damage Earrings to make up for the loss in Damage.

Strength Build:

Use Pure Str Earrings for even more Damage, or Pure Con Earrings for more HP/Defense to make up for the lack of it.

Balanced Build:

Combination between Pure Cons and Pure Str Earrings are used, if not just Pure Con or Pure Str can be use, not recommended to use Con Str Earrings (small extra damage isn’t worth the -HP/Defense).

RAWR THE GUIDE IS OVER!!!!!! Well probably…. I can add more stuff still and I need to clean it up a bit/fix gifs, but its mostly done now!!!

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