Dekaron Crevice Guide

Dekaron Crevice Guide by laeknishendr256

we start with the location of the dungeon. you will find it in python inner castle, marked with a red circle here:

-as the thread title says, you have to be lvl 90 to enter this dungeon.

-the time to complete the dungeon is limited from 35-55 minutes, depending on A (short time), B (medium time) or C (long time) run.

-the total cost to enter this dungeon is 1.000.000 dil. if you are in a 6-member-party, everyone has to pay 166.666 dil. the first member who enters the dungeon pays the million and when all members are inside the dungeon, everyone drops the 166.666 dil for the one who paid the total cost.

-in rough outlines, the goal of the dungeon is to survive 10 rounds of continuosly spawning mobs. you have to keep the number of mobs below 50. if more then 50 mobs are in the dungeon, the run fails.

-while the rounds are active, stay on the pad, damage dealers stay close to the back wall. if someone is going too far away from the pad, he might be out of hyperheal range, which could kill him very fast. also, if the party doesnt stick together on the pad, you wont get all the mobs in the position of your AOE, use your AOEs on the pad.!!! MAGES SHOULD NEVER USE FREEZING SPIRIT !!!, as it causes the mobs who normally walk towards the pad to get stuck far away from the pad. and if this happens, the run can fail very fast, as the mobs are out of your killrange. so if you are a mage and dont want to be hated by your team, just dont do it. absolute no-go.

-as a bagi, be careful with using knockback skills. if you are using it wrong, u will kick away the mobs from the pad in the direction where they came from. we need all the mobs to come close to the pad. for further explanations about bagi knockback usage, take a look here:

-be sure the item distribution method of your party is set on “random”, because after each finished round from 6-10 you will receive one gem. mostly, that gems at round 6-9 are nothing big, but after finishing round 10 you can receive good stuff like an argate/+25 medial.

-create a curse resistance set (socket a second armor/helmet with curse resistance gems and take some curse resistance necklaces with you) which you will use only in round 10. 50-75% curse resistance is recommended here, 75% is the maximum you can get. be sure you dont forget it in your stash when you move to the dungeon. else your chances to survive round 10 are pretty low.

-if a party member gets a disconnect during the run, your party leader can exit the dungeon (talk to regena), reinvite the guy or invite someone else if the original member doesnt show up. after inviting, you can reenter the dungeon without paying again.

-when someone dies in the run, the segnale should res him between the rounds, never while a round is active. if there is no res available, the one who died can move to saved location, run back to the dungeon and reenter it. another possibility is relogging when you are dead. when you relog, you spawn (dead ofc) in front of the dungeon. if you are lucky there is a segnale among the ppl outside, and if you ask nicely you might get a res there. when you are alive, someone of your party should leave the dungeon to reinvite you.

this is the dungeon map:

the white/blue/yellow/red dots are called “pads”. while the rounds are active, your party will fight on that pads.

Round 1

there are 2 tactics to complete round 1:
1. select a driver. that guy will run in circles in the middle part of the map with the mobs following him. when the mob counter reaches 30, we start attacking. repeat this procedure till the end of the round.


2. segnales go to the yellow pad and fight the incoming mobs, the rest of the party to the blue pad.

Round 2

all members go to the blue pad to fight.

Round 3-10 (B or C run)

all members just go on red pad.

Another common possibility for Round 3-6 and 7-10 (B or C run)

all members go to the white pad or split up 3-3 on white and red.
if you decide to split up the best splitting is this:
magician on red because mobs on white got elemental resistances
azure knight and bagi on white because tanks are needed there
segnale on white, if your team got 2 segs, one goes on white and one on red
summoner/hunter/aloken is possible on both pads.

between the rounds, meet in the middle to get aloken/segnale buffs.

-> if you choose this, it is less hard to fight the mobs, but it needs more coordination then just staying on red for round 3-10. i am not sure what is harder for less experienced players, fight hard mobs or coordinate your team well. it is up to you.

Round 7-10 (B or C run)

all members go to the red pad.
after round 6-10 some treasure appears in the middle of the map. one person goes to collect it after a round ends (party on random!!). in round 10 all have to wear a curse resistance set, often called “cs”.

Round 3-6 (A run)

the party splits up, 3 guys on red pad and 3 guys on white pad. who is going on which pad depends on his character class. again we split up like this:
magician on red because mobs on white got elemental resistances
azure knight and bagi on white because tanks are needed there
segnale on white, if your team got 2 segs, one goes on white and one on red
summoner/hunter/aloken is possible on both pads.

between the rounds the team meets in the middle of the map to receive segnale/aloken buffs.

Round 7-10 (A run)

the whole pt unites on the red pad. dont forget to collect the treasures in the middle of the map after each round. wear your curse resistance set for round 10.

Congrats, you have finished the dungeon!!!

to exit the dungeon you have to talk to regena. after finishing you get 1 magic stone piece for a C run, 2 magic stone pieces for a B run, or 4 magic stone pieces for an A run.

there is also a fourth type of crevice run, called Abyss. you can enter it with lvl 115 after completing a specific quest. for a guide, look here: Dekaron Abyss Boss List

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