Dekaron How to Meet Cherubim in His Nest

Dekaron How to Meet Cherubim in His Nest by Weenie

I see many users complaining they haven’t seen the Boss Monster of Nest of Cherubim, The Cherubim.
I guess everyone have figured out it has to be something with the timer,
But it’s just simply more than just running fast.

To explain it easy,
Let’s divide the DG in to some sections.

Inside the dungeon, you can see a timer only at section 4,
the place where you hunt down the ghosts,
but actually, we have more timers ticking down,
and you have to make each section in those time to meet the boss, Cherubim.

Let’s start at section 1.
On the mission window, You are able to see the mission,
‘Kill the monsters and get inside the castle.’
To spawn Cherubim, you have to finish this mission in 100 seconds.
It starts to tick as soon as the first gate is opened, so you should hurry!

Then Section 2.
The place where you have to destroy the Centeral Guardian stone and the other guardian stones.
You have to Clear this section in 210 seconds, which means 3 mins 30 secs.
So you should divide your parties wisely.

Section 3.
You will meet Kadirun and Dikesel in that room.
You have to Kill Kadirun in 250 secs (4 mins 10 sec) from the entering in the room.
Dikesel is not needed to be caught to spawn Cherubim,
So if there’s no one inside the Jail,
I recommend to skip him.

Section 4.
Kill 50 ghosts in 10 mins.
You have a timer here,
so it won’t be hard to figure out how things are going on.

Section 5.
Clear this section in 390 secs (6mins 30secs).

If you follow these,
You’ll be able to meet the boss, Cherubim

*Time Requirements are the least you must do to summon Cherubim.
Even you do this the chances to meet Cherubim is not 100%

*Donating the stones obtained from section 4 increases the rate to summon Cherubim.

Good luck!

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