Dekaron Saving Money for Wings Guide

Dekaron Saving Money for Wings Guide by Naamakal4

Ok so I see alot of people over lvl 102 and without wings, so I decided to make this little guide here.
If you know all this already, then don’t read it. This is for those who don’t know how to make money in this game.
Here are some guidelines, which helps out with getting wings without huge amount of farming and such. This guide also helps to collect money generally.

1. Forget luxury items. This means legendary sets, expensive +5+6+7 stuff and things you really don’t need when you think about it more carefuly. You can get them later after you have earned your wings. Borrowing sets from your friends is a great idea to save money. Just remember to return them.

2. Don’t make items yourself (unless your a lucky b**t**d ). Buying stuff is usually cheaper than socketing them or +ing them yourself. But if you buy DShop items, well, then you can try. If you are lucky with making items yourself, you can also sell the items you have made for high price.

3. Skip sets or weapons. When on lower lvls, you still gain experience quite fast, so buying full socketed items for every set can become expensive. Getting decent set at lvl 80 is much more important than getting decent set at lvl 50.

4. Do quests. They normaly give great full slotted items for your class. Later you can sell the items to people who haven’t done the quests.

5. Hunt for great deals. If you see something that should be way more expensive, buy it and sell it later. Also try to sell your old gear with higher price than it was when you bought the item.

6. Don’t buy the gear before you actually need it (but still look at tip 3). You might happen to find a full socketed item for your class before you reach the lvl to wear it, or the current prices might go down a bit.

7. Put a little bit of money to the stash daily. It doesn’t have to be much, but it is important that you do it every day, like 100k DIL per day will do just fine, if you can’t get more than that. The earlier you start the more you will gather. Don’t touch the money that you have put in stash, untill you have enough.

8. Get all the DIL you can. This also means going for money in Dead Front, but this is only recommended to classes that have speed buff. Allthough if nobody is going for money, you can go take it alone. You get money in Dead Front after killing the first boss, and going to east or west after the gate.

9. Do commission quests that give you DIL. They are normaly cheaper than the commission quests that give you exp, and by repeating these commission quests you can gather nice amount of money.

10. Farming. Well this is the nasty part, all else is pretty easy. There are 4 ways to gather money by farming. You can do full C runs in Crespo Dungeon, and also concider taking some low lvls with you and ask them to pay you some money for the run. Sell the argates you get from there afterwards. Or you can hunt for rare items. Killing monsters that might drop legendary items is also a way to get ritch, but you need some luck with you. And then there are “Akris runs”. Go to Norak or Castor cave second floor and kill all the Akrises you see. Pick up necklaces, rings, weapons and DIL untill your inventory is full of stuff. Then go to town and sell the items to NPC, change server and repeat. Be carefull though, there might be other people hunting for Akrises and they may want to hurt you. Fourth way is to go to python and get inventory full of items, and then sell them. It’s like Akris hunting but a bit easier maybe.

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