Audition Guitar Mode Guide

Audition Guitar Mode Guide by FreaQiStyle

Hey Guys,

i just want to publish a little tutorial, how you can play the Guitar Mode in Audition Eu/Sea.
Well, let’s start with the basics!



ZXCV – 4 Key Buttons
M? – 8 Key Buttons
Right Shift – Strum Button
Spacebar or Right ctrl – Bending Note Control
Up Arrow – Swing Operation
Delete – Flame Out Mode


Easy (level 1) – For starters and novice players. Only 3 keys on the keyboard lines are active and without the 8 key mode
Normal (level 2) – For intermediate players. Normal play without the 8 key mode
Hard (level 3) – For clubbers who can play the guitar
Crazy (level 4) – For clubbers who can play the guitar very well


Normal Notes:
Press the corresponding button and strum at the same time once.

Long Note (Characterized by a noamal note with a long tail):
After the Stum, continue to hold on to the fret button until the end to the trail.

Hammering Note:
Player only needs to press on the corresponding fret button without strumming. However, if the same fret button is held down before the hammering note appears, player will have to strum the guitar once to score.

Banding Note:
Player needs to pressand push the corresponding buttons to score bonus points

Swing Section:
When the icon is displayed and the score line is brightened, tilt the neck of the guitar to score addtional points. (or press Up)

8-Key Mode (Only for Hard and Crazy):
Players needs to press and push the corresponding button up to score bonus points. All the notes and lines on the screen will turn red. All the 8 Keys will be utilized during game play.

How to play?

Ranks (Estimated):

SS= 0 to 9 Miss
S = 10 to 19 Miss
A = 20 to 49 Miss
B = 50 to 99 Miss
C = 100 to 299 Miss
D = 300 to 599
F = 600 Miss & Above

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