Audition Beat Rush Guide

Audition Beat Rush Guide by Vpower

Ok, Beat Rush recently got added on RedBana’s Audition! HOORRAAY

Now I bet that a lot of people don’t have a clue how to play it.

This is how (trying to explain as simple as possible).

There is a circle with 4 bars in it.
In each bars, there are arrows in it.
It can vary from 1 to 4 arrows (4 is Crazy Mode only).
There is also a ball circling the circle, passing each bar ON THE BEAT (off-beat music not included).
When the ball passes the bar, or is behind/on the bar, you press the arrows on that bar. Then you go to the next one etc. etc.

That is the basics.

Now how to perfect:
Depending on when you press, you can get certain scores for each bar.
To get a perfect, you need to have Excellent on ALL four bars.
How? You need to press the FIRST arrow of EACH bar on the beat. (When the ball is directly in the middle of the bar, or when the music is on beat… 1,2,3,4.) It doesn’t matter how fast you do the rest of the arrow, but you still need to finish it before the ball reaches the next bar.

That is how you Perfect.

Now here is my technique of getting excellent.
This is the normal beat:
1 2 3 4
This is the beat, but zoomed in:
This is how I play.
4 bars: 1st bar has 1 arrow, second has 3, third has 2 and fourth has 3 (lvl9 move).
x = hit and the numbers are also hits.

Another way to do 2 arrows, is like this:
1.x.2.x.3.x.4.x. (all bars have 2 arrows in this example).

Now there are also 2 other things that happen in Beat Rush.

When you’re playing, you will probably notice a bar under your circle (if not, don’t worry, I didn’t see it until GamingNerd told me …Months later or something? LOL).
You fill it up by hitting moves. Depending on your score, it will fill faster or slower than other people (or the same speed).
When the bar hits full, you get something I (and others) call ”SPAM CTRL!”. It’s pretty simple and you actually see 2 hands in-game, pressing the ctrl buttons. This is the time where you spam your Left and Right CTRL buttons.
All that I remember, is that:
Perfect = 61+ HITS.
If you get 60 hits, it is a great. So yes, depending on your hits, you also get a certain score.
Now if you get more than 61 hits, it counts as extra score. This is very important if you play against another pro and you both Full Perfect (YES, it’s POSSIBLE).

Now for the second thing.

Sometimes, there will come something called ” Double Beat ”.
Double Beat isn’t hard to understand. You just don’t get a break after a move.
I’ll try explaining it more simple:
Normally, it’s
”ALRIGHT NOW, COME ON!” Move break move break move break etc.
Now, when Double Beat is on, it will be:
Move break move break (DOUBLE BEAT NOW) move move move break move break.
And yes, you can also get this:” Move break move move move break move move move ”.

I hope this ”Rushed” Guide helps .

Example of my technique (which others also use, but I found it on my own… so meh xD.)
are shown in these videos

^ has old ”new S2” scores, which got replaced to the ones you got now.

and again, I hope this helps you to understand Beat Rush and if you got any questions, ask them! I bet there will be other forumers that can answer your questions, too! (I’m in GMT+1, 9 hours farther than Redbana’s server).

Some Glitches, or Lag Bugs etc.:
Like almost every Mode, there could be a glitch or a lag bug.
For example: In normal games, you are on level 8 and miss. You would go on to level 9, because it was the last level 8 move. The thing is, you glitched or lag bugged (not sure, but I think it’s lag) and you still have level 8.

In Beat Rush, you have multiple bugs/ Glitches. (Sorry )
1) The first bar ”opens” later than normal. This is irritating, because you will have less time to see and respond to which arrow it is. You will definitely notice this on Fast songs (150+ I guess).
2) You get Double Beat on and on and on, but you don’t see words saying ”DOUBLE BEAT” on the left. This is irritating, since after you finished a move, the next arrows suddenly appears, making you have NO time to think. in a normal Double Beat, after you finished a bar, it will flip and show the next arrows.
3) Not really a bug or glitch, but when you get CTRL Spam on the LAST move, then it will not count. You can spam all you want, but it will NEVER finish (well, it just dissapears when the game ended).

P.S. My technique is actually pressing ”on-beat” lol.
P.S.S. Tip: If you want to practice to perfect, start with slow songs.
P.S.S.S. Only 3 Chance is available and NO REPLAY SAVE, sorry.

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