Angels Online Archer Wizard Hybrid Build Guide

Angels Online Archer Wizard Hybrid Build Guide by synsane

Archers in this game are quick physical damage dealers of this game. They can wield a bow or slingshot and are not a class to ignore. With their fast attack speed and distance they can take you down before you even get close.

Wizards use magic known as Chaos. They are the strongest magic type users with a lot of freeze skills to boot. Electro hit is also the fast magic skill in the game, for that quick finish with that fireball to the face which we all fear. Chaos mages lead the ranks with the high damage outcome and they mean business.

Why Chaos Archer?

Mixing physical damage and magical damage from the start makes you one to fear because no matter the opponent you have the upper hand. No class has high defense in both fields, so using them both to strike at quick speeds makes you a fearful enemy.


– Quick casting skills
– Ability to spam skills
– Long distance strikes
– Many buffs
– High damage output
– Mix of magical and physical damage


– Lower defense
– Lower Max Mana
– MP runs out fast
– Alone your skills are weaker



Speaks for itself, chaos magic.


You can decrease cooldown with this spell, and improve your skills level by casting death spells, life spells, chaos spells or earth spells. Once you have learned the spell, your magic attack will be increased by 2, and each level increases your magic attack by 1.

Axe          Life
or or [:Reserve:] or [:Staff Hit:] or [:Meditate:]
Axe will give you more defense, and more chance of a critical shot.
Life will give you a lot of buffs, heals, and a skill called Binding that will make your foe move extremely sluggish. Your choice… You will survive longer with life, but leveling it up will be a hassle.. Axe will give you more crit which you’ll love to death in future.
Reserve will allow you to have more SP, and gain it faster letting you use skills that use up more then 2SP, Staff hit will give you more Attack power, and Magic attack power, Meditate will give you more spell defense and Max MP. Your Choice.


Speaks for itself, lets use use longbow and gives you skills.


Increases ranged attack power. Allows you to use snipe skills such as Slow snipe.


The lightest armor, gives you fast cast.

How will this work?

You will spam your magic and longbow skills together for quick never ending strikes that can finish anyone off with ease. The skills may be weaker then other classes, but when you add them together you will be dealing much higher damage then them and faster.

Having good equip would really make this build excel.

Well once you get the skills, the class basically speaks for itself.. use ice, then basic shot right after, then you’ll get electro hit which is very fast cast.. spam those skills together.. then you’ll get the very powerful fireball. Spam fireball and Basic shot, and Frozen snipe when you can. Then you’ll get slow snipe, and your set. Spamming fireball and slow snipe is very strong and will kill quickly. Those are my basic guidelines but it doesn’t matter much.. throw in binding where you want.. play around.

The class will start out weak because you’ll run out of MP quickly, and you’ll have low defense, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be strong in no time, also having lots of mp pots on you helps.


If you have any questions post below.. If I forgot anything also post below.. If you need more of an explanation.. also post below.

Thank you.

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  1. Dane De Gracia says:

    Hey….if the main is LongBow ….ts useless cause you will have a low SP without a RESERVE Skill!!!>……and i want More Hybrids guide…!


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