Angels Online Spearman Guide

Angels Online Spearman Guide by Warhawkxt

3.How 2 Play…
4.How 2 equip
7. Alternate Builds Updated


After reading many threads about how spearmen suck, i decided to write this guide to prove that spearmen definitly does NOT suck.
I’ll tell you how to play a spearman succesfully and enjoy beeing a spearman.
Playing a spearman mean you’ll deal massive amounts of damage and at the same time you can still tank with apropiate gear. You will be able to strike down your monsters at the same level with 4 or 5 mighty blows with a good spear. In pvp the high burst damage is a nightmare for all classes with low defense. Even against heavy armored opponents we still deal considerably good damage. The only point limiting a spearmans damage is MP, so i swapped Finesse for Earth. You can compensate your Dps loss because of Finesses’ lacking by charming a pet dealing extra dmg.


Obviously, we’re playing a spearmen
Yeah, Hp + Def, stuff we need
Hp + Atk + Accuracy
Faster Sp charge and More Sp lanterns, + Atk, vital
I swapped Finesse for Earth at lv 20, the + Agi and + Atkspeed doesnt effect
our damage remarkably and since we aren’ main tankers we don’t need
that agi for evasion. Earth comes in handy mainly becuase of Mp regen.
Heavy armor providing good defense.

– You will deal heavy damage and kill 20% faster, so u level fast too
– you dont need to rest so often, due to mp regen, therefore you kill more in the same time
– You are very versatile, in teams for boss hunting u can tank or deal damage while
replenishing mp for healers and other members
– You gain a extra pet, buy a regular pet(preferd waterelf or wolf when u can afford it) and you have a small army
– When ppl see your high dmg, exspecially when you crit they will be like
– you get your weapons cheaper since there arent many spearman yet

– Kinda hard to keep Earth near your lvl later
– U need very good armor to tank, because u lack a shield
– cant think of anything else

3.How 2 play…

3.1 … solo
Whether it is soloing or team or pvp u always keep up Bloody Song for extra dmg and always charm
a mob to have extra dmg. If you are solo grinding you should also keep up Fury Attack when you get it at lv36. You will
basically spam your strongest stance atk while fighting monsters and mix in pantherkilling. But keep in mind to keep at least
1 sp lantern for emergency, e.g. u get ganged up by respawning aggro mobs a Crazy Roar can really save your ..
3.2 … in a team for boss hunting
-Now if you’re the tanker ask for buffs from your healer/s, also buff yourself with Endless Energy and Recovery Shield
before charging in, you dont have to worry that the boss will switch target because you will deal heavy damage. It may
be wise to have some mp pots in case you run out of mp. Don’t froget to use sp based attacks u don’t need to keep any
lanterns and also keep up Recovery Shield.
-If you are the damagedealer, also ask for buffs and instead of Recovery Shield buff Fury Attack. Don’t charge in right
after the tanker started the fight, you will most probably steal the hate from the tanker due to your heavy damage. Wait
for the tanker to deal 5-10 blows then start to attack, spamming your stances, use sp based stances as soon as they are
available. If you re taking too much damage from boss aoe just run out of his range and rest/cast hp regen, same goes
if you run low of mp. You can also cast Mp regen on party members in need of mp while recovering from aoe damage.
3.3 … pvp
-Always go for healers first and always have max Sp if you aren’t in fights. Use Bloody Storm when no foes are nearby.
-If you’re fighting melee classes, try to cast hp regen beforehand. Then charge in and spam all your most powerful stances.
Don’t bother with Crazy Roar since it doesn’t work on players. Keep 1 sp lantern for Pantherkilling in case your opponent
tries to escape.
-Fighting against caster/archers your main weapon would be Pantherkilling since they will shooting/casting spells on you
while running away. If you encouter a caster don’t run after him because you will most likely end up dead without having
dealt a single blow besides Pantherkillings. Hide behind a corner so the mage is forced to come into your melee range, since
they can’t attack you around corners. When they approach you charge them with your stances, and repeat hiding around a corner
when they run away. If you sucessfully dealt 4-5 melee strikes to them they will most likely have very low Hp. This is the
time to run after them and finish them of with Pantherkilling.

4. How 2 equip

The priority of stats is ranked like this
1. Atk
2. Atk
3. Atk
Else Def and Hp

So your main concern is to get a good weapon with high Atk. Always go for weapons with the highest Atk, it doesn’t matter if it is
B, A or S class as long as it has high Atk. To further enhance your Atk cut holes into your weapon and put in orange gem pieces, but
be carefull not 2 destroy the weapon.
When you are lv30 buy either a lizard or a steed those two have the highest Atk.
Also try to get as much credit as possible to be rank 7 when you turn lv 40 , so u can buy and equip a badge with + Atk.
After covering your first priority get armor with as much Def and Hp as possible, this will help you to endure fights longer without

5. Leveling
– Get a Waterelf pet as soon as possible. Their Vigor Blessing skill is very good to beef up our Atk and are really helpful while solo
– You can also team up with a Life/Earth mage. Have him only heal you and cast Mp regen on you, this way you can continue killing without
resting. Never team up with more than one person if its Share, if its alone it doesnt matter.
– You can also aoe grind after lv 32 but you will need a healer, it sure is fun once in a while for some change. Set Dancing Stab and
Bloody Storm in your first and second hotkey.

1. Gather monsters
2. Use dancing stab while running from the crowd
3. Use Bloody Storm to fill up Sp
4. repeat 2. and 3. until crowd is dead. Don’t overdo it, watch u hp and dont use bloody storm recklessly

Leveling Spot apply for aurorans, because I am one and don’t know leveling spots for other fractions, also do the repeatable quests for
credit and extra exp

lv 1-10   Angel lyceum, monsters
lv 10-17  Spike Farm, Field Mice, Pumpkins
lv 17-22  Sunflower Plains, Pumpkin Man (do repeatable quests)
lv 22-26  Dawn Harbor , Grey Mice , Soldier Crab (Repeatable Quests)
lv 26-28  Riprap Coast, Riprap Pirate (Repeatable Quests)
lv 28-30  Cherry Village, Cherry Crabs (Repeatable Quests)
lv 30-42  Crashing Hillock, Green Wolves (Repeatable Quests)
lv 42-    Quiet Vale, Evil Bishop

6. FAQ

Q: I heard Spearman suck, that true?
A: Definitly not, spearman rock and kick ass , just read my guide

Q: Why Earth, can i keep Finesse or use another Spell like Life
A: The reason for Earth is stated in this guide, but of course u can stay a pure spearman or use other spells,
life is cool to during soloing, you dont need to follow this guide exactly, after all its just a guide

Q: How do i get a good weapon and gems?
A: Look for weapons in stall or if you re lucky u may get good weapons from drops or treasure map chests, I recommend
the lv 25 s-class spear Soldier Javelin though its quite common and cheap but hast good Atk, i used that till 35.
You get gems from Bosses , your lucky box and you can look for them in stalls, they usually cost around 5-15k.

Q: Can you tell me where to level, I am Beast/Dark/Breeze Fraction
A: No, sry but u can look for other guides here

Q: What lvl are u?
A. Im currently lv 40

Q: Can you give me your old weapons and gear?
A: No

Q: Then can u give me money?
A: No

Q: But u can level my newb for sure?

Thats my guide so far, hope you enjoyed reading

7. Alternate Builds
here are the promised result of different builds i was testing , enjoy :

ill be ranking the effectiveness from 1-5 of each build for pvp grinding and bossing with like this, with 1 beeing really bad and 10 beeing really good.

#        /   #       /   #   / #

Pure Spearman 4/3/4/3
Well the pure spearman build is overall a good build, but finesse isn’t that useful in grinding because the 10% atk speed isnt really noticeable but we’ll have the highest dps during long boss fights. The +agi from finesse slightly increase our dodgerate giving a slight benefit when it comes to tanking and a good benefit when aoe grinding (especially at evil bishop/nasferite, since we have low spelldef we can only count on evading spells). Nothing special when it comes to PvP. Its allso very easy to lvlup all skills since we are pure build.

Axe Spearman 4/4/4/4
By swapping finesse for axe, we gain 2 good buffs. Fighting Shield and Ferocious Song, the first increasing both phys and spell def, the latter increasing critical hit. Well we lose agi from finesse but gain def and spelldef from Fighting shield which is slightly better than
the agi when it comes to bossing and equal when aoe grinding. Increased Crit from ferocious song is nice in grinding but even better at pvp
for high burst damage. Easy to level skills, just swapp an axe and cast self buffs.

Life Spearman 3/4/1/3
Well Life provides some good buffs helping as to delay the next rest, but costs of Mp are quite high as well. When aoe grinding these buffs are very helpful especially life blessing and dawn shield(at nasferites/bishops). But this build suck in bossing because the priest while buff
all necessary buffs for us and render life useless. At pvp when no allied priests are nearby we can beef up our stat to survive longer and also resurect allies which is quiete neat but if we dont have the time ,e.g. enemies nearby its pretty useless as well since we cast so slow.
For now i could only find healing spells useful for pet training and never found any use during actual combat due to long casttimes. Alsp very hard to level skills

EagleEye Spearman 5/4/5/4
Woah last but not least i want to report about this build. If i should describe this build in one sentence it would be like this:
It’s friggin awesome! Eagle Eye Provides our spearman with acurracy and agility. If u keep eagle eye considerably high to your level (rather easy compared to leveling magics) you’ll miss very very rarely which also means higher dps. especially against bosses this extra accuracy help
you bring em down faster than any other skills i tested so far. Also the added up agility provides us with higher evade rate and also slight increase of our attackspeed which makes this build dps wise nearly equal to pure build. Whitout those annoying misses and added evade we grind fast as well 1v1 and AOE. In PvP increased accuray and agility increase our damage considerably also let us survive longer.

Thats it for now, i hope u enjoyed reading and found this helpful to further understand Spearman(hope u do so because i used quite a lot of Skill Crystals ). I may add pictures and other build in my next update so look foward to this

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