Tales of Pirates 2 Newbie Guide

Tales of Pirates 2 Newbie Guide by flamewings

Welcome, little newbie !

Chapter 0

This lesson has 14 chapters, in which you will learn the basics of this game and much more.
I will teach you everything you need to know in order to catch up with the rest of players.
Pay attention to all tips and suggestions and also try to understand the ‘what?/how?/why?’ of them.
Lets begin the first lesson!

Chapter 1

Did you open your game? Does it work? If so, then you are ready!
Read this little guide, in case you have technical problems (this guide is exclusive for windows7).
Log into the game and check the user interface.
Lets see what you have here:

  • a map in the right corner
  • your character’s health in left
  • the chat bar down left
  • a skill bar
  • and some buttons down right

Get used with this interface fast! You can also change its style, but that I will show you later on.
Now, there are some fast ways to access important windows like:

  • inventory = Alt+E
  • full map = Alt+W
  • stats = Alt+A
  • skills = Alt+S
  • special bag = Alt+D
  • quests = Alt+Q

Press INSERT button to make your character sit down and recover his HP and SP faster.
You must learn them right away! Why? Because the faster you can access what you need, the stronger you will be.

Chapter 2

Now lets focus more on this interface!
In the left-up corner is your character’s bar. It has a picture and 3 bars.

The first one is the HP bar (with red).
** HP = health points = your character’s life (when it reaches 0 you are dead).
The one below is your SP bar (with blue).
** SP= spirit points = you need this to activate skills (every class needs SP for skills).
And the last one is the experience bar (with purple).
** when it gets 100% your character levels up.

If you use a pet(a fairy, you will learn later about it), a new bar will appear below yours, which will show your pet’s level, stamina(red) and growth(green).

If you join a party, your partners’ bars will appear below yours, but pet’s bar won’t appear. You can only check their level and HP.

It is easy, you will get used fast with this.

There is also the “workshop” button, which is a shortcut to some more sophisticated features of the game (you will learn later about them).

Chapter 3

One of the most important feature in any MMO game is the chat (left-down corner).

Lets see how  it works:
Since every move of your character is made by mouse, the keyboard is left exclusively for chatting.
Type some words and press ENTER, that’s how it works!   
There are 5 different important ways to talk:

  • Local = with light blue = it sends your message to players around you. Whenever you write something, it will also appear in a balloon above your character, as well as in the chat panel.
  • Party = with green = it sends messages only to players from your party. If you don’t have any party, no message will be sent.
  • Guild = with pink = it sends messages only to players from your guild. Same as Party chat, no guild means no messages sent.
  • PM = with purple = it means Private Message and it is sent to a certain player only. No one else can read this.
  • World/Trade = with white/blue = these 2 are used the same. Your message is send to the whole server, so everyone can see it. This is mostly used for selling/buying requests. Important note: each time you use this chat you must pay 1000 gold, so be very carefully!

There is also a 6th channel (Camp), but is less important and rarely used. It was supposed to work like a world chat, for players on in the same team in Sacred War (you will learn later about this, though it is not that popular).

You can close any of these channels anytime you wish, by pressing the little white balloon.
Now that you know how to talk, you also must learn how to do it nicely. Read this guide of acronyms used in this game.

Have you heard of SPAM? When a players writes the same message again and again, without any purpose, it is called SPAM.

This is very annoying and in most cases players will ignore you by closing their channel.
So listen carefully, little pirate: never, but never should you spam without a good purpose !!
You should also read swytchblayd‘s suggestions about what to do and what not.

Chapter 4

OK, the new game feature is quite simple and easy to understand: the map (from right-up corner).

You have a little map showing your character’s position, indicated by a white arrow. The arrow points the direction of the top

of your screen (for example, if you press HOME, your camera view will be set to North, same as the arrow).

All the other players and monsters are represented by dots with different colors:

  • light blue = common player or player from your guild
  • green = player from your party
  • red = enemy player or monster
  • pink = special summoned pet (it doesn’t help you in battle or anywhere else, but it’s funny to have one)

The NPCs (non player characters) are shown with different squares, according to their significance.
Along with this map, you have 5 more buttons:

  • a plus (+) = it shows you the big map
  • an arrow = if you introduce some coordinates, it will show you, with an yellow arrow, the route to that place. At first it will use auto-trace, making your character to go there directly, but if make him move somewhere else, auto-trace is stopped, but the arrow remains. To make the yellow arrow disappear, just click button again, without introducing anything this time.
  • a flag = it shows you a list with all NPCs and monsters from the current region. Click on their name to start auto-trace. It works same as the one above, the only difference is that you need to click arrow button to make the yellow arrow disappear.
  • Item Mall = by clicking this button you can access the in-game mall. You will learn later about IMPs (item mall points) and how to use them.
  • a balloon = it opens your friend list. It also contains some other features like: mentor, disciple list, guild list. You will learn later about all these.

Lets focus more on the friend list!

If you use right-click on one of your friend, 4 options will appear:

  • Detailed Info = it shows general informations about a player’s character, including his profile. To edit your own profile, click the little paper from the middle-down of friend list.
  • Message = it opens a new window for chatting with your friend. It is like “yahoo messenger” if you know what I mean. You can even make a “conference” with more players.
  • Delete = it deletes that player from your list. It also deletes you from his list.
  • PM = it sends a private message to your friend.

To add a player into your list you have 2 options:
1) click the little paper from left-down of your friend list and write his name there
2) right-click on his character and click “friend”

Remember that your friend list is limited, so keep only the very close ones!

Chapter 5

Now, I will present you the last facilities of user interface!
In the right-down corner you have 7 icons (buttons):

  • Stats = Alt+A = it shows your character level, experience and attributes. When your character levels up, a (+) will appear for each of the 5 stats (str/con/acc/agi/spr) and according to how many status points you have, you can distribute them into stats.
  • Inventory = Alt+E = it opens 2 windows: one is the main bag, where you keep all your items(equipment, potions, pet, wings etc.) and the other one is the temporary bag, a special one. When you buy an item from in-game mall, that item is sent to your temporary bag and not to main one. In order to use an item from temporary bag, you first need to drag it into your main bag and then use it.
  • Skill = Alt+S = it shows your character’s skills, which are separated into 3 types: combat skills, life skills and pet skills. Most skills can be learnt by using skill books from Grocer NPC. In order to learn a skill, you need a skill point of the right type (pet skills do not require skill points), which you can get when your character levels up (combat skills) or when you complete Story Quests (life skills).
  • Quests = Alt+Q = it shows the quest list. Click on quest’s name to see its details. Note that once you abandon (cancel button) a quest, you cannot take it back anymore.
  • Party Volunteer = it lets you join a party from distance. Though it may seem interesting, this system is rarely used.
  • Guild = Alt+C = it opens guild list, where you can see the current members, as well as the ones applying to join. Unless you are a guild leader, you cannot change the motto, kick or disband the guild, but you can leave it anytime (exit button).
  • Settings = ESC = it opens the system window, where you can change different options. I suggest you click “game settings” and set “equipment contrast”->open (when you check the stats of an item, it also shows the one you have equipped) and “automatic lock”-> auto (if you have “lock of mystic” in your inventory, it uses it automatically when you logout).

The last, but not least: your skill bar!
Drag any of your skills here to use them fast by pressing  F 1..8 keys. You can also use them with single click.

The good point about this bar is that you can also drag here different things (like potions and other consumable items) and use them fast.

There are some scripts, made by different players, that increases the bar keys from 8 to 12, but they are considered illegal since not everyone has them.

Though you may be surprised, but I won’t suggest you to play fair. Play any way you like, but be fair towards others as you wish them to be towards you!

Chapter 6

Now that you have accommodated with the interface, it’s time for the true game to begin!
In order to play effectively, you must know a few tricks:

1) this game was not supposed to be played from only 1 account. Most players use from 3 to 10 accounts or even more, so in order to be able to catch up with them, you will need at least 2 accounts.
Take a break from reading this lesson and create your second account !

2) leveling is your smallest problem, you will face much more significant ones (like getting money, having a good guild, having good equipment, dealing with game bugs and more). You will learn in the next chapters how to focus your energy on what really matters.

3) this game is full of greedy and selfish players (not all, but most of them), so do not trust anyone you meet in game! You will see that being a good merchant and having a strong character are the only 2 things that everyone wants. If you don’t lose your patience during this time and you get through all my lessons, you will notice something much more significant than simply money and strength. I will show you the true power, something that few can see and even fewer can reach! I will show you what being a pro player really means!

This little guide should explain you few things about the game.

4) check game’s database! it might come handy when you need to find something from in-game.

5) check also stats simulator! this is very useful when you are not sure how to distribute the stat points.

Now, are you willing to continue? or you give up already?
If you are ready, then LETS PLAY !

Chapter 7

Even if you chose other class, you must first make an Explorer (its gender is not significant). Make it on your second account!
This character will be the base of your further ones.
It must have the following characteristics:

  • it must be full spr (as stats)
  • it must have level 10 (which is maximum) “Lighting Bolt” and “Diligence” skill (read this guide for skills’ requirements)
  • it can only reach level 41, but not lower
  • at level 41 it must change class to Voyager
  • it may have or not a mentor

OK, so listen the plan!
Explorer is the class that levels up the fastest thanks to his magic attacks. He can kill in one shot monsters even 9 levels higher than him. If you use him right, he can make level 41 in like 1-2 hours or even faster, after that he becomes Voyager.

And there is more: being your first character, you will most probably mess up (from the stats’ and skills’ point of view), but it won’t matter at all. This will be like a testing character, to see how the game works. After you get enough experience, you can start your main and choose whichever class you wish.

Having this Voyager level 41 will provide you both leveling and money support for your next character.

Give him whatever name you like and lets begin!

Chapter 8

Make your character and start in Argent City (the forest region).   
The red X on the map signifies the most important NPCs in this city (you should check them all).

Don’t waste time with normal quests, because they give you little experience and almost no money.

Open your yellow box (every character gets that box, this guide from TOP1 should give you a better idea about it) every time and it will give you all you need and much more. You will receive a skill book, containing a newbie skill that doesn’t require skill points. Learn that skill, it will help you till level 9, after which it becomes completely useless.

Before you start leveling, you should try to find a “mentor” for your character. What does that mean? It’s quite simple: each character can have only one mentor (other character level 41 or higher) and 3 or more “disciples”. This system is especially made for players to help each other. Each time you level up, your mentor receives reputation points (but only if he is online that time) and you receive special gifts in your temporary bag. This little guide explains all rewards you can receive. There are 2 significant gifts you will receive: a necklace at level 20 and one at level 41. These necklaces are weak comparing to another one you can receive from quests, but … you can sell them to NPC for almost 200k gold (200k = 200 000), which means alot for beginning.

Go to west gate of city, there you will find a little NPC called ” Pucca” (read this guide for more informations). She will give a special sand that will increase 2 times the experience you receive from killing monsters. You have 10 hours per week of 2x Exp, and you can take 1-2-3 hours each time, depending on how much time you intend to spend. Take the 3 hours, it is more than enough.
Go outside city and kill everything you can, until you become level 9. You will get more exp if you kill level 6 bees.

Open the yellow box at level 5 and you will get new sword to use at level 7.

After you get level 9, return to city. At fountain, you will find newbie guide NPC “Senna”, who will give you the quest to become Explorer. You only need to talk to other NPC, called “Spit”, and you will automatically become Explorer and also reach level 10.

Return to Senna and take a new quest, “The Tweaks”, and go find an assistant NPC (there is one near Spit). This is a set of quest that will help you level up, get money and learn more about each NPC in city, all the same time.

By the time you complete these quests, you should be around level 20-21.
In case you need more help doing that quests, read this guide.

There is one thing you should know about first examination quest: if you answer all questions right from the first time, you will get a level 20 ring, but if you intentionally answer wrong first time and then repeat and answer right, you will receive a level 20 necklace, which will be very useful for any of your characters. I would choose the necklace anytime.

After that, go to Spit and buy “Diligence” and “Lightning Bolt” skills. Learn them, then go to blacksmith NPC and buy some level 1 “Thunder Coral” (you can also buy level 2 if you got enough money). Buy like 5-6 corals.

OK, now let me explain you how this 2 skills work:

  • with lightning you kill monsters in one shot. It’s damage increases according to skill’s level and your spr (that’s why I told you to put full spr stats). Each time you use lightning, your coral loses energy. When it gets to 0, it becomes useless and you have to buy another one. You can also recharge coral’s energy, but it is easier to buy a new one.
  • lightning also needs SP to be activated, and this is where diligence skill comes in: it increases your SP recovery rate.

Now that you know how these things work, there is one more thing you should do: go back to Senna and redeem “star of unity” (here is a guide about it). It is a special ring, without stats, but the ability to give you 3x exp if it’s used the right way. Let me explain how it works: when you don’t have party, the ring is charging, and then, when you make party with a character 6 levels or more below your level, the ring uses the accumulated energy to boost your exp 3 times. And with the 2x exp from Pucca, you should have 3×2= 6 times the normal exp. And if you play during the 2x or 3x exp period for the whole server (check official website for that), you will receive an awesome amount of 12x or 18x exp.
That’s how a pirate levels up!

Chapter 9

If you want to use “star of unity” ring right, you will need to make a new character level 8 on other account (level 8 is the minimum level from which you can join a party). After you charge the ring, make party with your level 8 newbie, leave him away from you (so that he won’t steal any exp fro  you) and go level up! When your ring gets empty, leave the party and recharge it. And after that … I guess you know what comes next.

This strategy is repeated until your Explorer gets level 41 and become Voyager. After that you can no longer use the ring, but you can exchange (at Senna) it for a level 50 weapon, according to your class.

OK, so now you need to find a good place to hunt monsters:
level 21-29 –> teleport to Andes Forest Haven, go to west till you find level 30 “Mad Boar”. Kill them all!
level 29-41 –> teleport to Abandoned Mine Haven, go inside the mine and find the portal to mine 2, where you will find level 38 “Ninja Mole” (at 215,90 coordinates). Beware level 46 pumpkin, stay away from him!
level 29-41 –> you can also go west from Haven and find the other entrance into the mine. There are level 35 “Miner Moles” (which gives less exp than level 38) along with ninja, but no pumpkins. Choose which place you like more.

Don’t forget to record your respawn point in each haven. That means when you die, you will be revived in the last place where you recorded your respawn point, and that should be in haven, not city. To do that just talk to the teleporter NPC you find there.

As I said before, you should kill any monster in one shot with your skill. Add spr stats till you are able to kill ninja moles, after that add con stats (this will increase your HP and help you survive easier).

At level 41 return to city and go to Spit. Take the Voyager quest and go to dock. Talk to ship builder and make a ship (you should have received a “Builder’s Certificate” from your yellow box, which allows you to build a “Guppy” ship for free.

After that go on dock till you find “Silevelius” teleporter NPC. Teleport to Zephyr Isle and then talk to the NPC from that harbor to set your ship on sea. Sail south till you find a little isle, there is the NPC you need to talk to. Once you did that, return to Zephyr harbor, then to Argent City and go to Spit to complete the quest and become Voyager.

NOTE: don’t forget to open your yellow box each time you can! If you become Voyager before opening the box till level 40, you won’t be able to open it after you change class.
Now that you are level 41 Voyager, go exchange your ring at Senna. If you still have money and skill points, buy and learn “Conch Ray” skill (you will also need “Strike Corals” to use that skill).
At level 41 with second class, you can become mentor for other characters, like your main one. You will use this character as mentor for your next ones, but from other accounts.

Chapter 10

So now you are ready to start your main character!
Choose a nice name for it and a suggestive face, because you won’t be able to change these 2 things.

In this game, there are 3 types of characters, according to their level:

  • FC characters (they remain at level 45 to be able to enter Forsaken City maze, here is a guide, with the mention that you do not need “Ancient Generator” anymore)
  • DS characters (they remain level 55 to be able to enter Dark Swamp maze, here is a guide about it)
  • high level characters (they try to reach the highest level possible)

Every style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now I will give you few details about each and later, you will learn more about them.

  • if you play FC:
    ++ you can join at very beginning
    ++ you will face not so strong monsters
    ++ you will easily learn how the maze system works
    ++ you will clearly see the difference between common and “pro” players
    ++ you won’t waste time leveling, but focus on gaining money
    ++ you will accommodate with this game faster
    ++ you can also enter DS
    — you won’t be able to use higher level game features
    — you need to choose only the most necessary skills
    — you need to work harder to gain money
    — your character’s power will be limited
  • if you play DS:
    ++ you can farm in peace (“to farm” means to kill monsters and get their drops, but nothing more)
    ++ you can get free +3 gems (you will learn later about gems)
    ++ you can use more features of this game than from FC
    ++ you can have quite a powerful character
    — you might not have much pk (“pk” means “player kill” , when you fight other players without challenging them first)
    — you need good equipment in order to survive here
    — your character’s power will be limited
    — you need to work harder to gain money
    — you won’t be able to use higher level game features
    — you cannot enter FC
  • if you play high level:
    ++ you have access to all game’s facilities
    ++ you can make your character as powerful as you wish
    ++ you have many ways to gain money
    ++ you can join many events especially for high level
    ++ you can fight very strong monsters
    — you need to spend much time leveling
    — it takes much time (months or years) till you are considered “pro” player
    — you cannot enter low level mazes

You should choose a playing style before starting your main character.
My suggestion: as beginner, choose FC! You don’t have enough experience to go for high level and DS is “dead”(very few people play DS).

Chapter 11

Alright … now you are ready to start your main character!
Use you Voyager as mentor for your main, and also trade all money there, excepting few corals for spells.
Be very careful about what stats you add to your character and don’t mess them up!
Here are few suggestions for each class:

  • Sharpshooter: full acc/full con/full agi/acc+con/acc+agi
    (in this list you have few guides about Sharpshooter)
  • Cleric: full spr
  • Seal Master: full spr/full con/spr+con/full str (this build is kinda new, not for beginners)
    (here is a list with few guides about Cleric and Seal Master)
  • Voyager: full spr/full con/spr+con
    (here you have a list with few guides about Voyager)
  • Crusader: str+agi/full str/full con/full agi
  • Champion: full con/con+str/str+agi
    (you can check the guides from this list for more information)

So … create your character, take your Voyager as mentor, take “star of unity” ring from Senna, to kill some monsters till level 9, go back to Senna and choose your class, change your class and take “the tweaks” quest from Senna, do it till you reach level 21 and then (be very careful now): the assistant will give you one quest called “explore the …” (forest, desert or glacier). This is a special quest than can give you a title (one that will appear next to your name), but it is bugged (you will learn later about game bugs)! You can only receive the title necklace if you collect 13 other medals from common quests. I suggest you to do “Explore the desert” quest (if the assistant gives you other, don’t accept it, and tall to him again, he will let you choose this time) because it will also give you a level 30 ring with stats bonus (stats from the 5 important ones). “Explore the glacier” also gives you such a ring, but the title color is white (which is not quite visible), while “explore the forest” gives you a weak ring (without stats). You can also take all 3 titles if you collect them before you get level 30, but that’s a lot of work and since you can use only 1 at time, it sounds useless.

For more information, read this little guide.

After you accept one of the 3 quests, use your Voyager to plvl (“plvl”, or “power leveling”, means to get free exp from being in a party with other character that does all the work for you) you main character till level 25, for the 13 common quests to become available. Complete 13 quests, collect 13 medals and return to assistant to give you the title necklace.

Now use your Voyager and plvl your main till level 41. Don’t forget to open your yellow box before you change your class!

After you have reached level 41 and changed your class, you may need to create a buffer (“buffer” means a character with supporting spells, a Herbalist in this game) to help you level easier.

Now the hard work really begins!  

Chapter 12

As I said before, leveling means nothing in this game, it is just hard work. The real difference is made by your merchanting skills (if you know or not how to make money, if you know or not how to use them) and by your attitude towards other players (friendly players are more appreciated than others).

Very important for making money in this game is to set your stall and let players buy directly. Read this little guide if you don’t know how to use the stall feature.
I will give you few ways of making money fast (you will learn later improved methods):

  • stay online 1 hour/day and 90 hours/month for free credits. Use the credits to buy useful things from Award Center (read this little guide).
  • make new characters and plvl them to level 41 as disciples, take their goods and sell them (you should get like 400k gold per character)
  • farm NSS (New Shipskeep Scroll) and sell them for 20-25k or go Treasure Golf and open them with a character below level 41
  • sell plvl to lower level players
  • join forum events and win different prizes for in-game
  • you can also use real $ to get imp (item mall points) and buy things from mall (this guide should teach you more)
  • go mazes and farm different gems, chests (you will learn later about them) or other items
  • make your own pirate club and plvl members to get rewards
  • collect Pirate Treasure Maps, sell or open them for other prizes (read this guide to find more about them)
  • and many other ways …

I suggest you to stay level 45, join Forsaken City maze and learn more about making money. After you got enough money, you can level higher.

Chapter 13

Now lets check your equipment! The yellow box doesn’t give you much. If you want to be strong, you need a strong equipment.

In this game numbers are everything! Examples: number of gold you have, number of stats of your character, number of gems in you armor, number of your pet’s level, number of players your can defeat in battle etc.

The higher your numbers are, the more powerful you will be considered. For now, that’s all you should focus on: get high numbers of everything. Later, you will learn something more important than numbers, which can give you the true power.

Each piece of equipment, according to class, can increase the stats by forging different gems:

  • armor can give more con, defense and physical resistance
  • gloves can give more acc and accuracy
  • boots can give more movement speed, evasion and attack speed
  • weapons can give more str and attack power (or spr for magical classes)

According to your class, try to use equipment with the stats you need. For example, don’t add acc to a Voyager, because he doesn’t need it (he is a magical class).

Also focus on one single stat and try to increase it as much as possible, because you will get greater bonus with every point you add. Example: 200 str will give more attack bonus than 100 str.
In this game there are certain good equipment according to level and class:

  • for level 45 –> inca set for level 40(it means “incantation” and refers to the one you get from “Incantation Chests”) and unsealed 45 (special equipment obtained from the unsealing sealed one, obtained from “Chest of Dark Swamp”, obtained from killing DS boss)
  • for level 55 –> eva set for level 50(it means “evanescence” and refers to the one you get from “Evanescence Chests”), unsealed 55 (from sealed, from “Chest of Demonic World”), arena set for level 50(obtained from arena, by collecting a certain number of points there) and some 55 gears with +8 stats (obtained from Pirate Treasure Maps)
  • for high level –> enigma set for level 60, unsealed 65, arena set for level 70, death set for level 75, unsealed 85 and some other super powerful and expensive things (it is very hard to get them)

A good way to get more stats is to use rings, necklaces and, very important, a pet. You get a fairy from your yellow box at level 11, along with some rations (for feeding your pet) and some con fruits (it adds 1 con point when you fairy levels up).

If you want other stat points, you need to feed your pet with other fruits (you can buy them from Award Center with credits, then assign them from your Storage Box).

Here you can find a brief introduction about fairies.

Very important for your pet is to have at least 1 supporting skill (you can buy a standard level skill from Award Center):

  • meditation = suggested for melee/magical classes = recovers your SP faster
  • recover = suggested for melee/magical classes = recovers your HP faster
  • magic = suggested for magical classes only = increases your magic damage (for magical classes)
  • berserk = suggested for melee classes only = increases the rate of critical damage
  • protection = not suggested at all = absorbs damage to pet’s stamina

One more thing you must know about pets: do not, I repeat, do not add different stat points to a fairy! Why? Read  TwilightHikari‘s guide to find out why is such a bad mistake.

Apart from a good equipment, you may also need a ship. To buy one, to go a builder NPC (each city has one). Select the best stats of the ship, give it a name and create it. At first, it will have less power than you saw when you built it and it will get that power at level 15 or so. Here you have a pictorial with all ships. I suggest you to wait till your character gets level 45+ and then buy directly a ship for level 45 (“Eagle” from Icicle City and “Shark” from Thudoria Harbor).

More or less significant, especially if you play FC or DS, it’s your ship’s level. The higher its level, the more defense, attack, speed, HP it has. Ship can only get exp if you kill sea monsters. To increase its level, talk to builder NPC. You also need to pay for that. I suggest you to keep your ship at level 1 until you get enough exp to make high level directly, because, if the ship has a higher level than the sea monsters, it will gain less exp.

And with this, my first lesson is almost over.

Chapter 14

One more thing you should know about this game: PvP (it means “player vs player”).

In this game there are 6 well-known places where you can fight other players:

  • common pvp bar –> you can fight solo or with party (MvM) and win/lose honor. You will need the “Medal of Valor” to challenge other players, which you can get from “Arena Administrator” yellow-hair NPC for only 5k gold.
  • new arena –> talk to “Arena Administrator” red-hair NPC to teleport to arena, where you need to buy a “passport” to enter battle. You can only participate with team. Read this introduction to make an idea about it.
  • pk map –> talk to NPC Silevelius (the one from Argent City dock) to teleport you to PKMap, where you can fight any other player there, without challenging him.            
  • Chaos Argent –> is a special event that takes place 2 times per day, at certain hours. To enter, go Icicle City and find “Chaos Administrator” NPC (near bank). If the portal is opened, a blue circle will appear in front of NPC. Step on that circle to be teleported to Chaos Argent. Here is guild vs guild battle (you will learn later about guilds). Any other player that is not from your guild will look like a common character with equipment for level 50, but that’s only to hide his power, so don’t be fooled by that! One important thing about this place is that the defensive abilities of each character are increased (though it doesn’t show in your stats window) so that the battle last longer. If you want to find out more, read this guide.
  • Dream City –> this city is different from all the others: it has both NPCs and is a pk map, so be careful if you enter there!
  • Lair of Black Dragon –> there you can find the big monster called “Black Dragon”, which is very powerful (you cannot kill him alone) and also drops special gems (powerful gems). It is a pk map and you also have to fight against the dragon. It is more a guild vs guild/monster battle.

I suggest you to try pvp bar and arena for start, since you need to be challenged before fighting. This way you can avoid high level super strong players.

And don’t forget one thing: it is not the level that matters the most, but the equipment! A level 45 player with very good gears can beat even a level 80 player, if he got weak equipment.

With this, my first lesson about Tales of Pirates 2 is over
Thanks for reading and check the next lesson for further informations.

Few more tips:

  • making a Voyager (full spr one) before any other character is also an useful strategy when starting from beginning on a new server.
  • if you happen to get caps with spr/con for Ami (any class),weapons with spr/con for any level Explorer or str/con/agi for level 35 Swordsman, keep them all; they may worth more than you can imagine.
  • no matter how much you need something, don’t start spamming and begging; if the players are annoyed, it is less possibly that you get what you want.
  • try to make as many friends as you can, but do not trust any of them, and don’t share with anyone your passwords
  • a true friend will never try to test if you trust him, asking for yous passwords or other goods; if any of your “fiends” does that, it is better for you to “delete” him from your list.
  • if you want to truly learn a game, try to experience as many of its features as you can; you can also read more guides made by other players and posted on forum.
  • there is no such thing as “the best player”; everyone here learnt as much as he could about playing this game, but there are many other things yet to learn.
  • read these words and try to understand their meaning:
    I would lend you my gold , but that won’t make you rich …
    I would lend you my level , but that won’t make you strong …
    I would lend you my name , but that won’t make you famous …
    I shall only lend you my knowledge ,
    and you will see HOW INSIGNIFICANT the others are !

    These were once Newbie School’s motto.


Task 1
Try to reach as many X-marked places as you can, from these 3 maps:

Task 2
Make 3 characters: one level 45, one 55 and one 65 or higher, on any account you wish.
You can join a club to help you reach that levels.

Task 3
Collect 1 million gold on a single character.

Task 4
Win at least 10 times in PvP at bar.
Fighting against your own characters doesn’t count.

Task 5
Collect 1000 credits on a single account.

Task 6
Invite at least one friend to play this game.

Special thanks for helping with this lesson to:
michyBoom ^ for chibi and suggestions
qooje2 ^ for in-game help
Sylphie ^ for suggestions

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