Tales of Pirates 2 Money Making Guide

Tales of Pirates 2 Money Making Guide by iDailyInsanity

First off, this is my first post here, so don’t bite my head off.


During my one year of playing Tales of Pirates, I encountered many players asking me about making fast money. When I was
a newbie, I did that too. Still now I see many players begging in the streets. So I’ve decided to put all the methods I
know about making money into one big collection.

Suggestions and all other things are appreciated. So let’s get started.

Method 1) Buy low, sell high

I didn’t use to care about this way, but believe it or not, one of my friends had made actually over 300,000,000 gold
this way! So how does it work? I’ll explain with my starting way. Suppose you buy 99(or one stack of)Blurry Blueprints
for 50,000g(or 50K). Then you can sell it to players for 1K each, or 100K for the whole stack. See what I mean? You
get 50K profit. Just set up stalls or scream in the world and trade channel.

Method 2) Mazes

You can do various mazes as you level up.


This maze is only for players level 45. Here you can farm runestones, beautiful chests, skeletar chests, gems,
and other equipments and chests as well.


This maze is only for players level 55. Here you can get nifty items like Fusion Scroll, Fel Runestone,
Incantation Chest, Evanscense Chest. These items can be sold to other players, or used by yourself.


This maze is only for players level 65. This maze simply makes you rich even if you stay for like ten
minutes. One of the richest mazes as it is, I haven’t really explored much yet, but I’ll try to keep up.
Also any guide-link is deeply welcomed.
Anyways, this maze gives out Evanscense and Enigma Chests, Refining Gem, Sealed equipments and other
kinds of gems.

But even it is the richest mazes, you also have to be super strong. I mean SUPER STRONG if you want to
farm items here.


Here’s the picture: You go there, and when you return, you’re Bill Gates. Here you can get all sorts of
chests, and most importantly, you get some cool stones.

Framestone: This stone can be fused to armors. It has all the needed stats.

Clawstone: Can be fused to gloves.

Pawstone: Can be fused to boots.

Method 3) Manufacturing, Cooking, Crafting

If you can get some good blueprints, the money will be worth your hard work. I personally feel manufacturing
is the best, for you can make sandbags, ship items, soul detectotrs, and more. Cooking is also useful because
you can make wines like Mao wine and Dukan wine. As for crafting…I really don’t know.

Method 4) Item Mall

You need credits or IMP (Item Mall Point) for this. The most popular items that sell fast in-game are
Heaven’s Berry, Amps, Apparels, Skills and Fruits.

Method 5) Events

Official events give out nifty prizes. Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Method 6) Leveling Disciples

You can make a person your disciple and level them up to 41, where you can get 600 reputation, which in
turn, can be exchanged for credits. However, i recommend you create your own character and level them,
because some players be your disciple but never comes online and secondly, when your own character reaches
lv41, you get 220K (or 420K if you do the second job advancement).

Method 7) Story Quests

When you progress through story quests, you will find out that later parts give out more than 100K gold,
plus other stuff which can be pawned for good money.

Method 8) NSS/OSS

NSS (New Sheepskin Scroll) and OSS (Old Sheepskin Scroll) give out treasure maps where you can get gems,
gold, or monsters (no, seriously). You can also sell them to players.

Method 9) Hexathlon Items

Collect Hexa items (wood, iron ore, sashimi, candy, signet) and set stall in Shaitan two hours before
hexa starts. Or sell hexa party in Icicle City. With this method, you will earn over 200K, guranteed…

Method 10) Stone of Oath

For this, you need to be a Champion and have to survive the turrets in Canary Isle. Go there and kill Jack
to get Stone of Oath. Then you can pawn it to players for a good amount of money.

Method 11) Mini-boss hunting

Mini-bosses like Grassland Wolf Champion drop rare gems. Hunt them regularly, and hope you are lucky.

Method 12) Sell blueprints!

Collect blueprints. Yes, I mean all kinds of blueprints starting from Blurry Blueprints and Encrypted
Blueprints to Sealed Blueprints and Inovocation Blueprints and any other blueprints there are. Sell them
to players.

Method 13) Quest Items

Collect quest items (usually class advancements quest) and sell them. Don’t expect to be rich right away.

Method 14) Hair Items

Collect Dyes, Colorants, Combs, Scissors, Hairstyle books and vouchers and sell them to players. Yeah,
they do it a lot.

Method 15) Legendary Tree of Fortune

Cut this tree to get lucky packets, fortune packets and prosperous packets. You can either open them
for yourself to get goodies, or sell it to players. Of course, it takes forever to get some packets.
If you are lazy like me, skip this method.

Method 16) Smugglers

It’s time to smuggle the Smugglers who have smuggled the smuggled-victims! Hunt them in Rockery Haven,
they drop Fake Documentations (91g each, easily 9K a stack), NSS and Old Tickets.

Method 17) Ancient Generator

Hunt down bandits in the southern side of Andes Forest Haven to get Robot Cores. You need 10 Robot
Cores and 5K to exchange for Ancient Generators from Little Daniel. These stuff can be sold to players
who go to FC.

Method 18) Fairy Coins

There is nothing that sells faster than Fairy Coins! You can go looting them off the streets and sell
one stack to players easily.

Method 19) Healing Items

Items that increase more HP than cakes can be old to players at Argent Bar. Examples are Buns.

Method 20) Ash Wood Logs

Cut down Defoliate Pines (sorry I can’t remember the spelling x.x) and you can sell 1 stack to NPCs for
5K. Yeah, it’s a boring job too.

Method 21) Language Barrier Quest

Collect Language Barrier Quest items and pawn to players.

Method 22) Fairy Coin Chest

Go to the Icicle Fountain NPC – Gift Giver and ask for Fairy Coin Chest. You can open it 10 times a day
and you need exactly 6 stacks and 57 fairy coins. There is only 6% chance of getting Ref Gems, and 60%
if you are using Mordo Jr.

So folks, that’s the lot! I’m reminding you – do NOT bite my head off as it is my first post in the forum.
These are the methods from my experience. If I have left out anything, please comment.

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