Tales of Pirates 2 Unsealing Sealed Equipments Guide

Tales of Pirates 2 Unsealing Sealed Equipments Guide by rameisaac

Hi y’all. As we all know, there are sealed equips in-game. These sealed equips can really help your character boost to its potential, by means of unsealing them. Unsealing these so called sealed equips can unleash their true power. There are sealed armors, gauntlets, greaves and etc. for all classes. We can get these equips from different chests such as Chest of Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, Demonic World and Enigma Chest. This guide is all about HOW TO UNLEASH THE GREAT POWER WITHIN THE SEALED EQUIPMENT.

Unsealing these kind of equips is not an easy task. For you will be needing enough money and the needed runestones.

For LVL 35 SEALED EQUIPS(Chest of Forsaken City):
You will need:
5 Yal Runestones
5 El Runestones
10 Nal Runestones and;
200,000 gold
*Go to the Forsaken City researcher to unseal(Shaitan:809, 3615)

For LVL 45 SEALED EQUIPS(Chest of Dark Swamp):
You will need:
5 Lum Runestones
5 Cam Runestones
10 Sol Runestones and;
400,000 gold
*Go to Dark Swamp researcher to unseal(Shaitan:811, 3616)

For LVL 55 SEALED EQUIPS(Chest of Demonic World):
You will need:
5 Fel Runestones
10 Ja Runestones
10 Tef Runestones and;
600,000 gold
*Go to Head researcher to unseal(Shaitan:808, 3613)

For LVL 65 SEALED EQUIPS(Chest of Enigma):
You will need:
5 Kal Runestones(REALLY EXPENSIVE)
10 Fa Runestones
20 Ter Runestones and;
800,000 gold
*Go to Demonic World researcher to unseal(Shaitan:811, 3613)

For additional info guys, there are many ways to get runestones such as by buying them from another player in-game. These runestones are really useful since they have many uses(Unseal sealed equips, exchange 5 kals in heaven and exchange for chests in mazes).

Thanks for reading this really short, great and crammed guide. I hope I made it clearly for all especially to noob players(like me xD).

Guide made by: Sacky23 (Mystic Ocean-Silver Sea)


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