SWTOR Slicing Profitability Guide

SWTOR Slicing Profitability Guide by pdxmarcos

So you’re probably thinking, “slicing is awesome and makes me so many credits, but I really want to make the most credits possible!

My guild and I have done extensive research to find the most profitable missions based upon time and credits spent to send your crew on missions. Now, a few of these missions don’t have statistically large sample sizes, but by and large this seems to be the best option for your time and credit.

Here’s your answer: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/…UE&output;=html

Backup xls Copy

So what exactly are you looking at here?

I’ll summarize a few points:

  • This chart is currently sorted by average credit earned (after operating expenses) per minute spent (including the highest level time discount you can get at 10,000 affection).
  • Higher level missions is not always more profitable!
  • Surprisingly, the most profitable mission for time spend and credits spent is ‘The Automated Saboteur’, a mission obtained at skill level 175! While the average net profit is not going to garner you the highest amount of credits per mission, if you’re online and constantly sending your companion out on missions always choose this one first because it will generally give you the highest profitability.
  • See the list for what are the other profitable missions!

The second sheet of my spreadsheet is a document showing some research we performed to determine how the companion affection impacts the time discount. What was found is that companion’s affection versus the time discount they offer is not a linear relationship, but rather there are breakpoints every 750 affection that decreases the time it takes for your companion.

What this let’s you know is if you are borderline on one of the breakpoints, it might be worth picking up a companion gift or finishing that quest line before you send them off on another mission.

Feel free to post any comments here or PM me if you have any questions about our results.

Additional Notes that have come up throughout the discussion in the thread:

Companions – Companions do receive time discounts on all missions. The break points were determined by measuring various data points as leveling companion affection. The listed time to complete a mission is static on each mission and does not change, but when you send out your companion the time until they return fluctuates based upon their affection level. We measured the time required to send them out on missions compared to what the listed time and Malthrin was able to determine the formula for the break points in time discounts.

Mission failure – Including mission failures was something I initially considered, but decided to exclude them in the end. My justification for doing so is because they are avoidable once you level past their failure level. The UI is not very effective at the moment at conveying that you may see a mission failure if you send your companion out on a Orange, but the mission will not fail if it is listed in yellow (not 100% sure here), green, or grey.

Nerfs – We are not seeing any demonstrable nerfs to slicing profitability. What you need to keep in mind is that the range on the credits received is pretty big, but in the long run the average profitability is pretty strong for the missions at the bottom of the list and we have strong data set to show that they are consistently profitable. Regardless, we will continue to monitor the profitability of slicing to see if we observe any nerfs.

Should it be nerfed? – Ultimately the scope of this spreadsheet was to assume that you were max slicing and how to maximize the profitability on your slicing missions with regard to gaining credit boxes. In the long run though, the augments are going to be the real cash cow of slicing. Once people are at max level and want to improve their gear with augments, slicing will play a big role in allowing people to do that and that is where the profitability will come from. Credit boxes are the easy way to inject credits into a brand new game without devaluing the currency completely. The problem is that the perception that 100,000 credits is a lot of currency, but it isn’t. Think of it like a penny. 100,000 pennies is worth $1,000 and while it may seem like a lot of money, it’s not going to let you retire.

I imagine that as we move forward in the game, people are going to realize that the perceived value of credits is overestimated.

Credit to my good friends in on Veela, the very intelligent Malthrin for the work on determining the formula for companion affection, and the Elitist Jerks benefactors for contributing to the data on my spreadsheet.

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The data in the spreadsheet is post-nerf, but there are far too few data points for most missions to be reliable (i.e. Arranged Accidents).

    There are two tables (this one and another) linked in this discussion: http://www.swtor.com/fr/community/showthread.php?t=72970&page;=21

    I've combined this blog's data with the data listed as "My slicing table v. 1.3" in the second post and started adding my own data. So far, the data posted here seems to hold true for my own results.

    Unfortunately, Bioware could slip in a hotfix at any time, rendering any or all previous data useless.

    That said, DamionSchubert stated slicing is working as intended: "Once we corrected the issue, the math started to fall into line, which is to say the metrics of our economy started to match what we expected slicers to have. It's important to note that, while slicing was always meant to be a little more casual, and less wedded to the other crafting skills than the other gathering skills, it was never meant to be a Magic Money Machine. Slicing is still profitable, I promise – the metrics are showing that slicers still do quite well – but it's no longer profitable to the degree where you were a moron if you chose any other Crew Skill."

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any update to this since the nerf?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is there an "updated on ________?"
    Also, I haven't seen "The Automated Saboteur" on my mission list. Do I need to buy this mission?

  4. fixed now sorry for that!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Xls says it is corrupted too

  6. added xls copy which is working

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is a problem with the worksheet. Most of the cells are showing '#DIV/0!' Can you please fix?

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