SWTOR Operative PvP Lethality Build Guide

SWTOR Operative PvP Lethality Build Guide by Varcan

Hybrid Build(18/0/23)

Firstly, I like healing in PvP. Or at least I will once they fix the dang raid frames!

I considered doing a hybrid with Concealment, and know of the standard hybrid build that already exist. I decided that ultimately at lvl50, the addition of Concealment added very little utility and without Acid Blade very sup-par dmg. The spec does get surgical probes, which is a big deal i know, but at the end of the day it seems you may as well just finish out the healing tree instead of adding a low dmg version of Laceration without Acid Blade.

So my quest is to find a hybrid build where the two trees actually synergize together to some degree, instead of just fighting for your attention. I found the build above by playing with the talent trees, and confirmed on the forums that others had previously reached the same conclusions.

Advantages to Build:
The above build has said synergies, but knowing for sure that my Kolto Prode DoT heal has an extra +12% crit chance would be very nice indeed.

For dmg, the build has an endless Tactical Advantage generator from Medical Engineering, allowing you to Cull targets into oblivion after you stack your two dots on them. Secondly, a dot that crits around 40% of the time doesn’t seem like such horribly slow dmg, and since players die more slowly in this game I’m rethinking the general notion that DoT builds have no real plaace in PvP.

The energy efficiency is outstanding, and Stim Boost can now add 10 energy seemingly anytime you need to push you back towards the sweet spot of regen(60 energy or more).

There’s a lot of utility here too. An 30% AoE snare effect that last 6 secs, and in conjunction with your standard 12 sec 50% snare can near stop a person in their tracks for 6 secs if they can’t break out of it. HoT healing people is what gives you your true dmg potential, rolling in an extra Tactical Advantage every 6 secs if you have enough HoTs up(though just the 2 you keep running on yourself procs it most of the time). Still, your friends will appreciate all those HoT heals along with your quite capable healing potential overall(Now if I could just manifest 3 extra talent pts for Surgical Probe we’d be in serious business!)

Additionally Cull is 10m range, not the 4m of Laceration, allowing you to kite ur opponents and still do relevant dmg. Carbine Burst(10m) is also a fun ability to use in this build.

Downside is you literally need to be lvl50 to test this build at all(lvl 48 min.). So it’s not like you can practice the healing/kiting playstyle this build provides on your journey to 50. THough the Concealment tree isn’t much better needing lvl40, but at least the Medicine tree is good at lvl30(I guess I’ll go with that as I lvl, for PvP reasons not PvE).

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2 Responses

  1. sir_manton says:

    I'm really interested in this build but was curious about rotations balancing healing and dps that also allow for kolto probe, stim boost, DoT's and Cull. The only way I can think to do it is to rifle shot after every ability

    e.g. kolto probe> stim boost> rifleshot> corrosive grenade/dart(alternate between 2 rotations because of the long duration)> rifle shot> cull> rifle shot> cull> rifle shot

    This seems like a long rotation sure, but is there anyway to maximise ability usage and balance energy consumption? I know I havent accounted for burst healing or 'oh ****' moments but would like to hear feedback.

    P.S. Nice work on the calculations and the build itself. Always fans of the hybrid 'jack-of-all-trades' classes :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was actually looking at doing something very close to this build for leveling, going up to Medical Engineering first and then making a break up to Cull. Managing TA and Energy seems to be the hardest part of Operative, and this build minimizes both. You might get better energy returns with Lethal Purpose over License to Kill.

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