PlanetSide Agile Ninja Guide

PlanetSide Agile Ninja Guide by RasFrostwhisper

If you do not know what I am talking about, here is the video. Agile Ninja is the art of detaching yourself from the cloaker suit, but still being able to perform cloaker-like missions (gen drops, knife kills, vehicle jacking, etc). In my experience, I have obtained over 1000 knife kills, blown 12 contested generators (none of which were bio labs ) and jacked several vanguards/prowlers with this AMAZING setup.

History (omg skip this! it r boring!!!)Let’s start with the history of Agile Ninja. Experimenting with this will give you an insight as to WHY I bother doing this and WHY I find it fun. SpeedieSolVS and I created One Shot SKILLZ as a jab to TRx. We created SKILLx Alts and MAX crashed generators, Lodey Bombed, ran around in agiles with nothing but plasma grenades and other equally annoying things. It was for giggles. The outfit fell apart (who’d’ve thunk it!) and Speedie and I were the only ones left.

One Day we decided to use Supressors as our only guns. For giggles. We [Removed for Content] NC all the way from the South Gunuku Tower all the way to the backdoor falling victim to a Galaxy Gunship. We decided we were doing way too good with teh supressor and decided to load it up with AP ammo. After one run, we realized how amazing it is at owning MAXes.

The NC advanced on us and Speedie and I made it outside of the tower. We saw a sniper up on the hill and decided to go in for the knife kill. Mossies, Mines, vanguards, zerglings…. we had to dodge them all. (3:32) As we killed him, the Agile Ninja was born…

InventoryFirst off, lets get your inventory set up.

You should have something to heal yourself, something to repair yourself, and something to defend yourself with. Luckily for you, the defense against “softies” is built in. Pull your knife. For MAXes the OFFICIAL Agile Ninja weapon of choice is the AP supressor.

Wait wait wait Ras, why the armor piercing supressor? Shouldn’t I carry my ESAV for MAXes? If you think about it, the supressor is the superior weapon for this playstyle. The AP Supressor is omni-potent. You can kill a MAX in 3-4 clips and it has a very decent range and an excellent cone of fire. Also, there is a lot of margin for error. If you don’t land every shot, who cares? Just get the majority of them and you should be fine!
The knife should be a no brainer. C’mon now, this is Agile Ninja we’re talking about.

The Good Stuff (just a taste of strategy)I have been accused of being a sniper hunter. This is un-true. Yes, the majority of my kills IN MY VIDEOS are snipers, but that is not the only time I pull my knife. Ask any of my outfit members. When we’re charging a base and I am on my main, the knife makes an appearance. Now you, being the Nooby Ninja, should NOT try this. You suck.

First Time Ninja and/or Knife Whoring

  1. Phantasm
  2. Medical/Engineering
  3. Melee Booster
  4. Surge
  5. Sensor Sheild


  1. CUD EMP
  2. Friends

Okay, look at my video. This is what you should be doing. The goal is to get behind the snipers, LAND, stab what you can and get OUT. The reason you land is because the phantasm is your escape plan. I don’t care how good you are. If you are behind enemy lines with a supressor, you WILL get owned. After all, you aren’t me.

  1. Get ready. Pull your phantasm, land, fill it with whatever you feel necessary, put your knife on stab mode and get back in.
  2. Pick your target. Use the tactical overlay. If you see a nice yellow or enemy colored blob on a hill, chances are there are snipers up there.
  3. Fly to your target. When you get close to your target, SLOW DOWN. Theoretically, the phantasm becomes invisible at speed 2 or less.
  4. Sneak up on your target and scope the area. You are looking for CE, Vehicles, AMSes, Air and anything else that could be detrimental to your health.
  5. Use your judgement. If you see a problem turret and you feel pretty good about not being noticed, bump the turret. It will be destroyed and you will suffer minimal damage.
  6. Land.
  7. Get out and stab your target. After you killed your target, either move to the next one (if you had multiple targets planned) or get back in the phantasm.
  8. Retreat. Full AB straight away from the enemy towards allies.

Ninja Dropping and/or Gen Blowing

  1. Combat Engineering
  2. Medical
  3. Phantasm OR Mosquito
  4. Sensor Sheild
  5. Surge
  6. Patience
  7. Jammers


  1. Melee Booster
  2. Audio Amplifier
  3. Friends

Some people in this game have this crazy notion that only cloakers can drop the gens in a contested base. I am here to refute that ill-conceived lie. The object of this type of mission is not kills. It is a tactical gen drop accomplished while wearing armor. I do not have a video of this.
Since this is a better tactic of mine, and is very complicated, I can not give you a step-by-step. Instead, here is a list of helpful suggestions.

  1. Fill your inventory with ACEs, a jammer and a REK.
  2. Pick the least guarded entrance.
  3. Surge down that entrance to the least used portion of the base (like a hallway or something).
  4. After you’ve passed the riff-raff, turn on Sensor sheild while surging.
  5. After you’ve reached your “hiding spot”, turn off SS and surge and wait for stamina.
  6. Get to the gen and start blowing it up. If you blow them seperately, it will take 5 ACEs. With a jammer, use at least 7.

Tank Pirate and/or Vehicle Jacking

  1. Tank Driver
  2. Phantasm
  3. Electronics Expert
  4. Enhanced Targeting
  5. Patience

This one is for lulz more than anything else. In my video I used a cloaker suit but as you can see, Speedie did it in agile. The object is to simply follow the tank in your phantasm throughout its battle and when it stops to repair, you let it repair. At 50% life, you AB over it, bail, and start jacking it immediately. Once you have the tank, your driver gets in, you get in and you kill the tank’s original crew. You are a Pirate!

Patience is key, no matter what you do. This will take some getting used to (especially because you are all HA/AV toting rexo [Removed for Content] ). If you ever once think of replacing that supressor with a lasher/jackhammer/mcg or lancer/striker/phoenix, I will eSlap you. Same thing goes for shooting softies! I’m watching you! >.>
Have fun ^_^

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