PlanetSide Infiltration Guide

PlanetSide Infiltration Guide by Huntsman889

Note:  A few of the tactics below are not very nice (but after all, they are your enemy), and I hearby take no responsibility for any enemies you make by using this guide, particularly the “mind games” section.  I also aplogize for my horrible spelling and admit I made no effort to correct it.

This guide is designed to help an infiltrator become dispropotionatly useful to their empire.  It is not for those who just want to go hunt snipers and the like.  As an infiltrator, you are a “secret agent.”  it is said good intellegence work is woth an extra division.  You can be worh an entire squad, or an entire platoon of soldiers in some cases.  But you also need to sneak around to accomplish these objectives, so that’s in here too.
Seriously, It’s the best thing you can do.  Hiding is not standing still, hiding is not crouching and moving.  Hiding is getting behind something and out of the enemy’s line of sight.
That way, if they have audio amp… nothing, you are not moving.
If they have Darklight… Nothing, they can’t see you.
If they have an interlink facility… Well, there’s nothing you can do about that, except hide ontop of something red on the map.
But seriously, it is ridiculously easy, even without any implants, to kill 90% of the cloakers out there, who rely on their suit.  Just spam bullets until one lights them up like a bomb in a munitions factory.  If they can’t hit you, you won’t light up.
Your suit will cover up for the toe or elbow that is sticking out that would otherwise have given you away, maxamizing your effectiveness much like dark clothing in the dark.  But, like that dark clothing, it does not make you unseen by any means.
Actually, completely forgeting you have the suit is not the best plan, as you do of cource have one and it does help you.  But it is just camoflauge, not the One Ring To Rule Them All.  It should be used and even depended on in SOME situations.  But only for experianced infiltrators who have good instincts and a lot of practice, and then only sparingly.  You don’t get the absolute most out of yous suit by ignoring it, but let your own experiance tell you when it’s ok to rely on your suit.
#2 tip for infils:  Don’t always stay crouched.  Some will say you need patience and this is true.  But you also need quick reaction time, sound judgement and quick feet.  Sometimes you neet to run.  As an infiltrator with surge, you are the single fastest foot unit in the game.  (excluding autorunning maxes, who are not a threat to you anyway becasue they cannot shoot you.)  Learn when to run, and do so.  First off, not being detected is important, but don’t die for the sake of secrecy.  It is better to let them know you are there and stay alive than it is for them to know you are there becasue you are now a backpack.  Also, sometimes running will keep you from being detected.  For example, if someone is doing a darklight sweep of a tower, it is all too easy to run behind their back into an area they have already checked.  But you won’t manage this by crouch-walking.
Tip 3: Combat.  No matter what empire you are, use another empire’s pistol.  If you are an infiltrator, you casn’t carry much ammo.  But that’s alright, becasue you can replenish your supply with almost any kill.  If fighting terrans, use a repeater or AMP.   if fighting VS, use a beamer.  If fighting NC, use a magscatter or repeater.  When fighting, you have 3 options.  One is to kill your opponant quickly, usually from close range.  This is the most dangerous method and should only be used on targets that are standing still for a long time, and there are no other enemies that will see you.  Your second option is to attack from long range and whiddle them down.  This has a lower rate of success but a highrer rate of survival for you.  After all, if you are far away and can outrun your enemy, you can get away with ease.  The third method is to use trickery.  For example, you can shoot soemone, let them see you run around a corner, and wait for them to follow.  Then blast them with that boomer you had set up there earlier.  Or, alternately, get them between you and a spitfire turret, then shoot the turret.  It will shoot at you, but because the enemy is inbetween you and the turret, and spitfires are stupid, it will shoot him.  chances are, they will not shoot their own side’s turret, even to defend themself, and not even suspect an infil is indirectly attacking them.  This has the definite plus of not alerting the enmy to your presence even after dispatching them.  Trickery is good if you are smart and imaginative, but if you can’t think up good tricks, will get you killed fast.
Note: another method is to NOT kill you enemy.  You get no kills, but they know they were attacked by an infil and are expecting a second attack and probably looking for you.  You can harrass many enmies at a time this way.  what do you gain by this? nothing.  but your allies have that many fewer enemies to take down.  Also, they are out of the battle for longer than if you killed them, because they will not respawn.
Mind games:  Infils can gain alot by talking to the enemy.  First off, you can find enmy AMS’s by simply asking.  Not “where is our AMS” but rather something like, “where did you say you wanted an AMS?” to an enemy CR5.  Chances are, they will tell you where they wanted it.  So?  So you now know where other people have been told to put an AMS, and may even be able to get there before them! Then when they show up, hack the ams and deconstruct it.  Also, commanders are very easy to kill and confuse.  If you see someone with two wristgaurds or a backpack, /tell them so me phony info and ask a question about it.  for example: “I have a full MAX squad (8 MAXES, 2 engies) ready to fight.  where do you want us?”  Then  as they are typing a responce, kill them.  OR, you can NOT kill them, and just feed the phony info all day.  for example, if he says to take your MAX squad to Baal, then you can reply later.  “We’ve taken the Baal CC and the base is well zerged.  what’s our zext target?”  Then he belives you have won a battle you have not, and any decisions made on that data will, most likly, lead the empire to ruin on that continent.
That’s the guide, It’s short,  Incomplete and badly written, but mabye you can pick up a few pointers off of it.

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