Mythos Global Crafting Introduction

Mythos Global Crafting Introduction by scotland

Crafting hmm  this guide comes with a little warning =).
Ignore the crafting quests at the beginning of the game they will only slow you down and you wil be yelling in world on where to find this and that.
Level up and loot every thing you see so by the time you hit 17 for the mysticube quest you already have what you need for the crafting quests, and hopefully you will be able to complete all of medisons quests in one go from the materials you’ve been looting.

Medison can be found on heaven island the big orange question mark ?
Each quest gives crafting points to spend on the crafting trees, there is 3 trees to choose from.
To start of i chose potions minor luck potion to be exact, buy recipe from vender and it wll add to your book, you can find every thing you need for minor luck on the vender next to Medison.

You will want to craft hundreds of minor luck potions to begin with so choose the potions skill and level it up until the minor luck potion on the vender goes yellow and not red, when your inv is full put them all inside your mysty cube and spam combine, they will all xmute into a higher luck potion keep  xmuting the pots till they are perfect luck potions. when you have 20 Perfect luck potions sell them on the Auction house and get your money back that you used from buying the ingredients to minor luck or keep them use them before a boss dies or opening master chest.

By now you should have enough crafting points to respec and choose a more appropriate crafting skill according to your class, if you have completed the crafting quests you will know how to respec.
I stuck with luck potions i basically made thousands of them and turned them all perfect but its very boring =)

Most of the info im posting about in these small guides are from mythos europe i’m not betting on much of it changing, i hope it does tho crafting in mythos europe was basically useless except for adding luck heraldry to crafted armor (heraldry is like a gem for crafted equip only)
if you get a full set of crafted armor with luck heraldry, your in the money.

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