Mythos Materials and Locations List

Mythos Materials and Locations List by ICanTank and Ozhbern

I cleared every dungeon in this list three times and wrote down the materials I found. It is possible that I missed materials with a low drop rate. I am planning to do the Stonehill Market, Evergreen Pasture & Archeological Expedition dungeons. I will update this thread when I’ve done more dungeons. If I am still bored after that, I might continue with other areas. You are welcome to help out!

Stonehill Market

The Breakdown Mine 4-5

  • Copper Nugget
  • Chipped Fang
  • Rotten Eye
  • Grave Dust
  • Stinging Venom
  • Torn Webbing

The Valley Breeze Cave 5-7

  • Iron Nugget
  • Copper Nugget
  • Dull Scales
  • Grave Dust
  • Rotten Eye
  • Brittle Carapace
  • Stinging Venom
  • Torn Webbing

Magic Experiment Chamber 6-7

  • Gnarled Wood
  • Knotted Wood
  • Frayed Hide
  • Rough Hide
  • Clouded Crystal
  • Simple Flask
  • Brittle Carapace
  • Crude Scrap
  • Grave Dust
  • Torn Webbing
  • Slimy Residue

Shaman’s Cave 6-7

  • Slick Scales
  • Dull Scales
  • Copper Nugget
  • Iron Nugget
  • Crude Scrap
  • Ragged Scrap
  • Torn Webbing
  • Rotten Eye
  • Grave Dust
  • Stinging Venom
  • Chipped Fang
  • Brittle Carapace

Scream Of Sound 6-9

  • Gnarled Wood
  • Knotted Wood
  • Frayed Hide
  • Rough Hide
  • Chipped Fang
  • Coal Lump
  • Flaxmoss
  • Rotten Eye
  • Slimy Residue
  • Clouded Crystal
  • Simple Flask

Emerald Cave 6-11

  • Iron Nugget
  • Dry Bone
  • Dim Eye

Cold Scale Cave 14-16

  • Lustrous Scales
  • Rigid Scales
  • Chipped Fang
  • Silver Nugget

Evergreen Pasture

Ancient Warrior Grave 10-12

  • Brittle Carapace
  • Smooth Carpace
  • Harsh Venom
  • Bewildered Phantasm
  • Dim Eye

Moaby Hangout 10-12

  • Dull Scales
  • Lustrous Scales
  • Chipped Fang
  • Silver Nugget
  • Dim Eye
  • Clouded Ectoplasm
  • Waxy Residue

Delphino Sanctuary 10-14

  • Dry Bone
  • Shadow Dust
  • Dim Eye

Hungry Cave 13-14

  • Chipped Fang
  • Lustrous Scales
  • Shadow Dust
  • Smooth Carapace
  • Waxy Residue
  • Ragged Scrap
  • Silver Nugget

Archeological Expedition

Deadman Tomb 14-16

  • Bewildered Phantasm
  • Dim Eye
  • Shadow Dust

Green Temple 13-16

  • Twisted Wood
  • Warped Wood
  • Stiff Hide
  • Coarse Hide
  • Rigid Scales
  • Lustrous Scales
  • Ragged Scrap
  • Coarse Scrap
  • Smooth Carapce
  • Dim Eye
  • Harsh Venom
  • Waxy Residue
  • Shadow Dust
  • Robus Flask
  • Clouded Ectoplasm
  • Ebonberry

Discordia Eliminators

I will clear these three dungeons some more, because I think some items with low drop rate can drop at all three.

Assassins’ Hide 27-29 (3 runs)

  • Gelatinous Residue
  • Kindled Amber
  • Sticky Webbing
  • Translucent Ectoplasm
  • Sundrite Nugget
  • Wild Heart
  • Gold Nugget
  • Reap Wood
  • Elastic Webbing
  • Blaze Twine
  • Grim Heart
  • Burnished Leather
  • Chromium Nugget
  • Talonite Bar
  • Golden Troubet
  • Cling Line
  • Flamesteel Bar

Assassins’ Post 27-29 (3 runs)

  • Gelatinous Residue
  • Kindled Amber
  • Sticky Webbing
  • Translucent Ectoplasm
  • Reap Wood
  • Wild Heart
  • Gold Nugget
  • Sundrite Nugget
  • Elastic Webbing
  • Blaze Twine
  • Grim Heart
  • Burnished Leather
  • Blended Leather
  • Cling Line
  • Talonite Bar
  • Glint Cloth
  • Electrum Bar
  • Veil Cloth
  • Bane Dust

Assassins’ Base 27-29 (9 runs)

  • Gelatinous Residue
  • Kindled Amber
  • Sticky Webbing
  • Translucent Ectoplasm
  • Reap Wood
  • Elastic Webbing
  • Sundrite Nugget
  • Chromium Nigget
  • Gold Nugget
  • Cling Line
  • Grim Heart
  • Wild Heart
  • Blaze Twine
  • Electrum Bar
  • Laurelweave
  • Blended Leather
  • Searwood
  • Flamesteel Bar
  • Resin Line
  • Bane Dust
  • Beaten Leather
  • Veilcloth
  • Burnished Leather
  • Fused Leather
  • Blaze Twine
  • Talonite Bar

Material Drop Locations by Ozhbern

G’Day All,

Thought we’d help the crafting community by posting our list of material drop locations. Me and a buddy in-game are actively compiling a list of material/recipe drop locations. We’ve had such a hard time trying to find where to get stuff in our journey from lvl1 to lvl30 that we figured we’d share our (ongoing) list of where stuff dropped.

Enjoy. And we’ll be updating this list with more as we catalogue them.

NOTE: I put the list in Code Quotes so that it will keep the formatting.

NOTE2: You may notice that some of the starter dungeons don’t have any drops listed… We started compiling the list after we had started the game, so we missed a few early dungeons. Rest assured we’ll be going back to pick these up on our alternate characters.

NOTE3: You are free to copy, link and distribute this list, all we ask is give credit where credit is due

List compiled by: Seomon (my main) and Dracos (buddy’s main) on the English Server.


Scarred Bone         ,4,Common   ,Abandoned Shrine (Crumbling Kingdom)
Mystifying Phantasm  ,5,Common   ,Abandoned Shrine (Crumbling Kingdom)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Abandoned Shrine (Crumbling Kingdom)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Abandoned Shrine (Crumbling Kingdom)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Abandoned Shrine (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Abandoned Shrine (Crumbling Kingdom)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Adial Hold (Green Runegate)
Ebonberry            ,3,Common   ,Adial Hold (Green Runegate)
Rotten Eye           ,1,Common   ,Anslem's Cellar (Windmill Village)
Torn Webbing         ,1,Common   ,Anslem's Cellar (Windmill Village)
Slick Scales         ,1,UnCommon ,Anslem's Cellar (Windmill Village)
Golden Troubet       ,6,UnCommon ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Grim Heart           ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Bane Dust            ,5,UnCommon ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Veilcloth            ,6,UnCommon ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Reap Wood            ,6,Rare     ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Cling Line           ,4,UnCommon ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Base (Discordia Eliminators)
Searwood             ,4,UnCommon ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Chromium Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Grim Heart           ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Bane Dust            ,5,UnCommon ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Shimmerwood          ,4,Rare     ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Blaze Twine          ,6,Rare     ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Reap Wood            ,6,Rare     ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Assassin's Hide (Discordia Eliminators)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Ragged Scrap         ,2,Common   ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Chromium Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Aungor Mausoleum (Yellow Runegate)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Black Crack Cave (Endless Abyss)
Supple Hide          ,7,UnCommon ,Black Crack Cave (Endless Abyss)
Kothite Bar          ,7,UnCommon ,Black Crack Cave (Endless Abyss)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Black Crack Cave (Endless Abyss)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Black Crack Cave (Endless Abyss)
Reap Wood            ,6,Rare     ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Thick Hide           ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Supple Hide          ,7,UnCommon ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Etched Flask         ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Lustrous Crystal     ,7,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Blaze Twine          ,6,Rare     ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Thornsilk            ,9,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Scorched Wood        ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Runed Flask          ,7,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Tempered Wood        ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Polished Crystal     ,5,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Rugged Hide          ,5,UnCommon ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Sturdy Wood          ,7,Common   ,Black Valley (Endless Abyss)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Blackhorn Den (Research Academy)
Coarse Scrap         ,4,Common   ,Blackhorn Den (Research Academy)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Blackhorn Den (Research Academy)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Blackhorn Den (Research Academy)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Coarse Scrap         ,4,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Boulder Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Reap Wood            ,6,Rare     ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Veilcloth            ,6,UnCommon ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Razorbloom           ,8,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Talonite Bar         ,6,UnCommon ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Scorched Wood        ,5,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Refractory Scales    ,6,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Blaze Twine          ,6,Rare     ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Burning Wilderness (Crumbling Kingdom)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Burning Wilderness (Crumbling Kingdom)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Burning Wilderness (Crumbling Kingdom)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Burning Wilderness (Crumbling Kingdom)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Burning Wilderness (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Burning Wilderness (Crumbling Kingdom)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Catacombs of Cardun (Yellow Runegate)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Catacombs of Cardun (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Catacombs of Cardun (Yellow Runegate)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Catacombs of Cardun (Yellow Runegate)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Catacombs of Cardun (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Catacombs of Cardun (Yellow Runegate)
Refractory Scales    ,6,Common   ,Catacombs of Cardun (Yellow Runegate)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Chambers of Stoneshale (Green Runegate)
Miralnut             ,1,Common   ,Chambers of Stoneshale (Green Runegate)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Chambers of Stoneshale (Green Runegate)
Bewildered Phantasm  ,2,Common   ,Chambers of Stoneshale (Green Runegate)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Chaotic Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Chaotic Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)
Rigid Scales         ,2,Common   ,Cold Scale Cave (Stonehill Market)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Cold Scale Cave (Stonehill Market)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Cold Scale Cave (Stonehill Market)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Cold Stone Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Skyspire Town [Ordo])
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Skyspire Town [Ordo])
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Skyspire Town [Ordo])
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Skyspire Town [Ordo])
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Skyspire Town [Ordo])
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Skyspire Town [Ordo])
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Cold Stone Forest (Skyspire Town [Ordo])
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)
Dusky Leather        ,2,Common   ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)
Bronze Bar           ,2,Common   ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)
Rigid Scales         ,2,Common   ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Flame Steel Bar      ,6,UnCommon ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Lustrous Crystal     ,7,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Curthis's Stone Warren (Yellow Runegate)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Dank Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Dank Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Dank Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Dank Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Dank Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Dank Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Dank Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Dank Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Rugged Hide          ,5,UnCommon ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Seasoned Carapace    ,7,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Thick Hide           ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Rookie Village)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Dark Cave (Rookie Village)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Rookie Village)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Rookie Village)
Rugged Hide          ,5,UnCommon ,Dark Cave (Rookie Village)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Rookie Village)
Thick Hide           ,5,Common   ,Dark Cave (Rookie Village)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Dark Cave (Rookie Village)
Grave Dust           ,1,Common   ,Dark of Julay (Evergreen Pasture)
Brittle Carapace     ,6,Common   ,Dark of Julay (Evergreen Pasture)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Dark of Julay (Evergreen Pasture)
Torn Webbing         ,1,Common   ,Dark of Julay (Evergreen Pasture)
Ragged Scrap         ,2,Common   ,Dark of Julay (Evergreen Pasture)
Rotten Eye           ,1,Common   ,Dark of Julay (Evergreen Pasture)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Adamant Nugget       ,7,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Seasoned Carapace    ,7,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Dark Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Deadman Tomb (Archaeological Expedition)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Deadman Tomb (Archaeological Expedition)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Deadman Tomb (Archaeological Expedition)
Dry Bone             ,2,Common   ,Deadman Tomb (Archaeological Expedition)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Amalgam Bar          ,3,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)
Bewildered Phantasm  ,2,Common   ,Delphino Sanctuary (Evergreen Pasture)
Dry Bone             ,2,Common   ,Delphino Sanctuary (Evergreen Pasture)
Grave Dust           ,1,Common   ,Delphino Sanctuary (Evergreen Pasture)
Veiled Phantasm      ,1,Common   ,Delphino Sanctuary (Evergreen Pasture)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Divided Valley (Discordia Eliminators)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Divided Valley (Discordia Eliminators)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Divided Valley (Discordia Eliminators)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Divided Valley (Discordia Eliminators)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Divided Valley (Discordia Eliminators)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Divided Valley (Discordia Eliminators)
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Runed Flask          ,7,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Sturdy Wood          ,7,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Kothite Bar          ,7,UnCommon ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Veilcloth            ,6,UnCommon ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Dusty Warren (Red Runegate)
Seasoned Carapace    ,7,Common   ,Endless Cave (Forgotten Tomb)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Endless Cave (Forgotten Tomb)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Endless Cave (Forgotten Tomb)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Endless Cave (Forgotten Tomb)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Endless Cave (Forgotten Tomb)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Endless Cave (Forgotten Tomb)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Endless Cave (Forgotten Tomb)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Cinnabar Lump        ,3,Common   ,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Fascination Oil      ,4,Very Rare,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Rigid Scales         ,2,UnCommon ,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Ebonberry            ,3,Common   ,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Harsh Venom          ,2,Common   ,Everwight Cellar (Green Runegate)
Mystifying Phantasm  ,5,Common   ,Fallen Palace (Crumbling Kingdom)
Scarred Bone         ,4,Common   ,Fallen Palace (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Fallen Palace (Crumbling Kingdom)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Fallen Palace (Crumbling Kingdom)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Fallen Palace (Crumbling Kingdom)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Fallen Palace (Crumbling Kingdom)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Ferus Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)
Bewildered Phantasm  ,2,Common   ,Ferus Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Ferus Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)
Shimmer Edge         ,7,UnCommon ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Supple Hide          ,7,UnCommon ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Thornsilk            ,9,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Sturdy Wood          ,7,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Fin of Cordeith (Red Runegate)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Meteoc Bar           ,3,UnCommon ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Glazed Scales        ,4,Common   ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Amalgam Bar          ,3,Common   ,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)
Harsh Venom          ,2,Common   ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)
Dusky Leather        ,2,Common   ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)
Meteoc Bar           ,3,UnCommon ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)
Scarred Bone         ,4,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Rigid Scales         ,2,UnCommon ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Dry Bone             ,2,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Harsh Venom          ,2,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Bewildered Phantasm  ,2,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Ebonberry            ,3,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Forgotten Caverns (Green Runegate)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Coarse Scrap         ,4,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Forsaken Burrow (Yellow Runegate)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Freezer Storage (Forgotten Tomb)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Freezer Storage (Forgotten Tomb)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Freezer Storage (Forgotten Tomb)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Freezer Storage (Forgotten Tomb)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Freezer Storage (Forgotten Tomb)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Freezer Storage (Forgotten Tomb)
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Shimmer Edge         ,7,UnCommon ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Frost Plains (Forgotten Tomb)
Veilcloth            ,6,UnCommon ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Frozen Body Tomb (Cold Breath)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Goblin Mines (Fort Hope)
Meteoc Bar           ,3,UnCommon ,Goblin Mines (Fort Hope)
Dusky Leather        ,2,Common   ,Goblin Mines (Fort Hope)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Goblin Mines (Fort Hope)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Goblin Mines (Fort Hope)
Cinnabar Lump        ,3,Common   ,Goblin Mines (Fort Hope)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Goblin Mines (Fort Hope)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Goblin Mines (Fort Hope)
Dusky Leather        ,2,Common   ,Goblin's Forest (Fort Hope)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Goblin's Forest (Fort Hope)
Bronze Bar           ,2,Common   ,Goblin's Forest (Fort Hope)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Goblin's Forest (Fort Hope)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Robust Flask         ,3,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Warped Wood          ,3,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Brittle Carapace     ,6,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Twisted Wood         ,2,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Lump Coal            ,1,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Clear  Crystal       ,3,Common   ,Goosebumps Mine (Archaeological Expedition)
Golden Troubet       ,6,UnCommon ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Chromium Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Goretooths Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Gorge of Sorrow (Research Academy)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Gorge of Sorrow (Research Academy)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Gorge of Sorrow (Research Academy)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Gorge of Sorrow (Research Academy)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Gorge of Sorrow (Research Academy)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Gorge of Sorrow (Research Academy)
Bane Dust            ,5,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Fell Wood            ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Cling Line           ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Resin Line           ,4,Rare     ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Laurelweave          ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)
Meteoc Bar           ,3,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Cinnabar Lump        ,3,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Amalgam Bar          ,3,Common   ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Reap Wood            ,6,Rare     ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Greed Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Coarse Hide          ,3,Common   ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Twisted Wood         ,2,Common   ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Warped Wood          ,3,Common   ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Clear  Crystal       ,3,Common   ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Stiff Hide           ,3,UnCommon ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Brittle Carapace     ,6,Common   ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Robust Flask         ,3,Common   ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Seaclad Wire         ,1,UnCommon ,Green Temple (Archaeological Expedition)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Supple Hide          ,7,UnCommon ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Grimeness's Dark Pit (Red Runegate)
Brittle Carapace     ,6,Common   ,Hall of McTian (Archaeological Expedition)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Hall of McTian (Archaeological Expedition)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Hall of McTian (Archaeological Expedition)
Stitched Leather     ,1,UnCommon ,Haven Tomb (Evergreen Pasture)
Rancid Ectoplasm     ,1,Common   ,Haven Tomb (Evergreen Pasture)
Lump Coal            ,1,Common   ,Haven Tomb (Evergreen Pasture)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Haven Tomb (Evergreen Pasture)
Miralblend           ,1,Common   ,Haven Tomb (Evergreen Pasture)
Brittle Carapace     ,6,Common   ,Haven Tomb (Evergreen Pasture)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Cinnabar Lump        ,3,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Glazed leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Amalgam Bar          ,3,Common   ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Meteoc Bar           ,3,UnCommon ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Amalgam Bar          ,3,UnCommon ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Mystic Bone          ,6,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Seasoned Carapace    ,7,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Hidden Sanctuary (Forgotten Tomb)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Hungry Cave (Evergreen Pasture)
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)
Coarse Scrap         ,4,Common   ,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Refractory Scales    ,6,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Ice Mine (Cold Breath)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Seasoned Carapace    ,7,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Bane Dust            ,5,UnCommon ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Reap Wood            ,6,Rare     ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Resin Line           ,4,Rare     ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Glint Cloth          ,4,Rare     ,Icicle Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Ebonberry            ,3,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Dusky Leather        ,2,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Rigid Scales         ,2,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Cinnabar Lump        ,3,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Amalgam Bar          ,3,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Glint Cloth          ,4,Rare     ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Maddening Phantasm   ,6,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Golden Troubet       ,6,UnCommon ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Flame Steel Bar      ,6,UnCommon ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Blended Leather      ,6,Rare     ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Talonite Bar         ,6,UnCommon ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Reap Wood            ,6,Rare     ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Adamant Nugget       ,7,Common   ,Living Corpse Lab (Forgotten Tomb)
Clouded Crystal      ,1,Common   ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Rough Hide           ,1,UnCommon ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Knotted Wood         ,1,Common   ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Dull Scales          ,1,Common   ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Slimy Residue        ,1,Common   ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Gnarled Wood         ,1,Common   ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Stinging Venom       ,1,Common   ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Simple Flask         ,1,Common   ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Frayed Hide          ,1,Common   ,Magic Laboratory (Stonehill Market)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Malice Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Malice Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Rigid Scales         ,2,Common   ,Malice Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Malice Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Mushroom Hole (Evergreen Pasture)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Mushroom Hole (Evergreen Pasture)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Seasoned Carapace    ,7,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Rugged Hide          ,5,UnCommon ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Blaze Twine          ,6,Rare     ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Scorched Wood        ,5,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Mysterious Cave (Endless Abyss)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Coarse Scrap         ,4,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Orthauroncalin Tombs (Yellow Runegate)
Harsh Venom          ,2,Common   ,Passage of Kural (Green Runegate)
Dry Bone             ,2,Common   ,Passage of Kural (Green Runegate)
Grave Dust           ,1,Common   ,Passage of Kural (Green Runegate)
Flame Steel Bar      ,6,UnCommon ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Cling Line           ,4,UnCommon ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Fell Wood            ,4,UnCommon ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Bane Dust            ,5,UnCommon ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Ebonberry            ,3,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Chromium Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Supple Hide          ,7,UnCommon ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Sturdy Wood          ,7,Common   ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Lustrous Crystal     ,7,Common   ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Shimmer Edge         ,7,UnCommon ,Plateau of Eroleth (Red Runegate)
Sturdy Wood          ,7,Common   ,Purity Cave (Cold Breath)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Purity Cave (Cold Breath)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Purity Cave (Cold Breath)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Purity Cave (Cold Breath)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Purity Cave (Cold Breath)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Veilcloth            ,6,UnCommon ,Quarry of Tavian (Yellow Runegate)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Rigid Scales         ,2,Common   ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Rigid Scales         ,2,UnCommon ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Queen's Den (Research Academy)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Blended Leather      ,6,Rare     ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Rari Chambers (Yellow Runegate)
Quality Scrap        ,6,Common   ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Solid Scales         ,6,UnCommon ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Recovery Forest (Forgotten Tomb)
Fell Wood            ,4,UnCommon ,Redfall Storerooms (Green Runegate)
Dry Bone             ,2,Common   ,Redfall Storerooms (Green Runegate)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Redfall Storerooms (Green Runegate)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Redfall Storerooms (Green Runegate)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Redfall Storerooms (Green Runegate)
Iron Nuggent         ,3,Common   ,Redfall Storerooms (Green Runegate)
Bewildered Phantasm  ,2,Common   ,Redfall Storerooms (Green Runegate)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Riverhead (Research Academy)
Maddening Phantasm   ,6,Common   ,Rocksheer's Caverns (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Rocksheer's Caverns (Yellow Runegate)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Rocksheer's Caverns (Yellow Runegate)
Mystifying Phantasm  ,5,Common   ,Rocksheer's Caverns (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Rocksheer's Caverns (Yellow Runegate)
Grim Heart           ,5,Common   ,Rocksheer's Caverns (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Rocksheer's Caverns (Yellow Runegate)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Rocksheer's Caverns (Yellow Runegate)
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Rotten Passage (Red Runegate)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Rotten Passage (Red Runegate)
Sturdy Wood          ,7,Common   ,Rotten Passage (Red Runegate)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Rotten Passage (Red Runegate)
Serrated Fang        ,6,Common   ,Rotten Passage (Red Runegate)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Sandy Plain (Research Academy)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Sandy Plain (Research Academy)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Sandy Plain (Research Academy)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Sandy Plain (Research Academy)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Sandy Plain (Research Academy)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Sandy Plain (Research Academy)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Sandy Plain (Research Academy)
Coarse Scrap         ,4,Common   ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Shadowed Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Shadowed Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Shadowed Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Shadowed Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Shadowed Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Shadowed Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Coarse Scrap         ,4,Common   ,Shadowed Tunnels (Yellow Runegate)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Harsh Venom          ,2,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Rigid Scales         ,2,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Gleaming Scales      ,4,Common   ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)
Warped Wood          ,3,Common   ,Short Respite Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Robust Flask         ,3,Common   ,Short Respite Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Coarse Hide          ,3,Common   ,Short Respite Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Stiff Hide           ,3,UnCommon ,Short Respite Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Twisted Wood         ,2,Common   ,Short Respite Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Sturdy Wood          ,7,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Golden Troubet       ,6,UnCommon ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Lustrous Crystal     ,7,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Blaze Twine          ,6,Rare     ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Bane Dust            ,5,UnCommon ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Shimmer Edge         ,7,UnCommon ,Small Snowfield (Forgotten Tomb)
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Coarse Scrap         ,4,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Thornsilk            ,9,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Ebonberry            ,3,Common   ,Snow Leopard Turf (Endless Abyss)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Supple Hide          ,7,UnCommon ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Runed Flask          ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Quality Scrap        ,6,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Blaze Twine          ,6,Rare     ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Talonite Bar         ,6,UnCommon ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Seasoned Carapace    ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Lustrous Crystal     ,7,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Mystic Bone          ,6,Common   ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Shimmer Edge         ,7,UnCommon ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Veilcloth            ,6,UnCommon ,Snow Pellet Forest (Cold Breath)
Sturdy Wood          ,7,Common   ,Snowstorm Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Snowstorm Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Snowstorm Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Snowstorm Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Snowstorm Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Snowstorm Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Glint Cloth          ,4,Rare     ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Resin Line           ,4,Rare     ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Blaze Twine          ,6,Rare     ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Veilcloth            ,6,UnCommon ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Bane Dust            ,5,UnCommon ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Searwood             ,4,UnCommon ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Golden Troubet       ,6,UnCommon ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Chromium Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Cling Line           ,4,UnCommon ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Grim Heart           ,5,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Fascination Oil      ,4,Very Rare,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Amalgam Bar          ,3,Common   ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Bright Lace          ,2,Very Rare,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Bronze Bar           ,2,Common   ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Rigid Scales         ,2,UnCommon ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Dusky Leather        ,2,Common   ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)
Knotted Wood         ,1,Common   ,Soundless Scream (Stonehill Market)
Clouded Crystal      ,1,Common   ,Soundless Scream (Stonehill Market)
Gnarled Wood         ,1,Common   ,Soundless Scream (Stonehill Market)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Stone Quarry (Green Runegate)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Stone Quarry (Green Runegate)
Stiff Hide           ,3,UnCommon ,Stone Quarry (Green Runegate)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Stone Quarry (Green Runegate)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Stone Quarry (Green Runegate)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Tears Lake Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Tears Lake Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Chipped Fang         ,1,Common   ,Tears Lake Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Harsh Venom          ,2,Common   ,Tears Lake Cave (Archaeological Expedition)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Dusky Leather        ,2,Common   ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Meteoc Bar           ,3,UnCommon ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Glazed Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Harsh Venom          ,2,Common   ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Amalgam Bar          ,3,Common   ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Terrian's Forgotten Excavation (Red Runegate)
Serrated Fang        ,6,Common   ,Terrian's Forgotten Excavation (Red Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Tomb of Hardship (Cold Breath)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Tomb of Hardship (Cold Breath)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Tomb of Hardship (Cold Breath)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Tough Scales         ,4,UnCommon ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Lustrous Crystal     ,7,Common   ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Gold Nugget          ,5,Common   ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Fused Leather        ,4,Rare     ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Talonite Bar         ,6,UnCommon ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Flame Steel Bar      ,6,UnCommon ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Tunnels of Picknoes (Yellow Runegate)
Blended Leather      ,6,Rare     ,Turtur's Dire Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Turtur's Dire Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Turtur's Dire Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Turtur's Dire Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Turtur's Dire Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Shimmer Edge         ,7,UnCommon ,Turtur's Dire Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Scarred Bone         ,4,Common   ,Undervault of Blackedge (Green Runegate)
Scourge Grit         ,3,UnCommon ,Undervault of Blackedge (Green Runegate)
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Undervault of Blackedge (Green Runegate)
Shadow Dust          ,3,Common   ,Undervault of Blackedge (Green Runegate)
Bewildered Phantasm  ,2,Common   ,Undervault of Blackedge (Green Runegate)
Stinging Venom       ,1,Common   ,Valley Breeze Cave (Stonehill Market)
Grave Dust           ,1,Common   ,Valley Breeze Cave (Stonehill Market)
Brittle Carapace     ,6,Common   ,Valley Breeze Cave (Stonehill Market)
Hamarbrek Nugget     ,7,Common   ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Supple Hide          ,7,UnCommon ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Shimmer Edge         ,7,UnCommon ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Adamant Nugget       ,7,Common   ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Smooth Hide          ,7,Common   ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Blaze Twine          ,6,Rare     ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Vaurorn's Dreaded Abyss (Red Runegate)
Lustrous Crystal     ,7,Common   ,Vengeful Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Vengeful Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Blended Leather      ,6,Rare     ,Vengeful Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Supple Hide          ,7,UnCommon ,Vengeful Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Vengeful Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Petrified Wood       ,7,Common   ,Vengeful Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Iron Thread          ,7,Common   ,Vengeful Catacombs (Red Runegate)
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Barbed Fang          ,7,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Vyle Heart           ,7,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Wraith Dust          ,7,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Kindled Amber        ,6,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Adamant Nugget       ,7,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Visionary Cave (Endless Abyss)
Iron Nugget          ,3,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Waxy Residue         ,3,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Slyph Dust           ,2,UnCommon ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Smooth Carapace      ,3,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Harsh Venom          ,2,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Lustrous Scales      ,2,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Bronze Bar           ,2,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Laurelfiber          ,2,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Silver Nugget        ,4,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Scourge Grit         ,3,UnCommon ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Sundrite Nugget      ,5,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Ebonberry            ,3,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Bright Lace          ,2,Very Rare,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Dusky Leather        ,2,Common   ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)
Crude Scrap          ,1,Common   ,Wet Cave (Windmill Village)
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Refactory Scales     ,6,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Luminite Nugget      ,7,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Malign Residue       ,7,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Mystifying Phantasm  ,5,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Reap Wood            ,6,Rare     ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Elastic Webbing      ,4,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Scarred Bone         ,4,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Wind Cave (Iceville [Tigan])
Wild Heart           ,6,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Burning Venom        ,4,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Knotted Carapace     ,5,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Ebonberry            ,3,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Phantom Dust         ,5,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Sticky Webbing       ,6,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Serrated Fang        ,5,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Caustic Venom        ,6,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Sharp Fang           ,5,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Subtle Eye           ,6,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Dim Eye              ,2,Common   ,Wind Forest (Iceville [Tigan])
Burnished Leather    ,6,Rare     ,Withered Land (Discordia Eliminators)
Electrum Bar         ,4,UnCommon ,Withered Land (Discordia Eliminators)
Emberveil            ,5,Common   ,Withered Land (Discordia Eliminators)
Clouded Ectoplasm    ,2,Common   ,Withered Land (Discordia Eliminators)
Beaten Leather       ,4,UnCommon ,Withered Land (Discordia Eliminators)
Translucent Ectoplasm,6,Common   ,Withered Land (Discordia Eliminators)
Gelatinous Residue   ,5,Common   ,Withered Land (Discordia Eliminators)



Novice HP Enhancement (Food)     ,1 ,Chaotic Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)
Novice Mana Enhancement          ,1 ,Deadman Tomb (Archaeological Expedition)     
Novice HP Enhancement            ,1 ,Chaotic Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)
Novice Mana Enhancement (Food)   ,1 ,Deadman Tomb (Archaeological Expedition)     
Voltaic Guard Heraldry I         ,1 ,Delphino Sanctuary (Evergreen Pasture)       
Gold Ring                        ,1 ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)                 
Low Mana Enhancement (Food)      ,2 ,Cold Scale Cave (Stonehill Market)           
Low HP Enhancement (Food)        ,2 ,Solitary Manor (Fort Hope)                   
Cloth Cape                       ,2 ,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)         
Low HP Enhancement (Food)        ,2 ,Ferus Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)  
High Mana Enhancement (Food)     ,3 ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)               
Master's Spear                   ,4 ,Mushroom Hole (Evergreen Pasture)            
Larger Soul Heraldry I           ,4 ,Lava Cave (Research Academy)                 
Wisdom Up VIII (Food)            ,4 ,Heated Mine (Research Academy)               
Studded Gloves                   ,4 ,Weird Path (Fort Hope)                       
Best HP Enhancement (Food)       ,4 ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)       
Armory Mastery Heraldry II       ,5 ,Temple of Fire (Fort Hope)                   
Strength Up IX (Food)            ,5 ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)              
Moderate Bandage                 ,6 ,Fallen Palace (Crumbling Kingdom)            
Softhide belt                    ,6 ,Narrow Cave (Discordia Eliminators)          
Bandit's Blade                   ,7 ,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)                   
Greywood Staff                   ,7 ,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)              
Longbow                          ,7 ,Warrior's Grave (Evergreen Pasture)          
Adept's Shoulders                ,7 ,Hall of McTian (Archaeological Expedition)   
Dazzling Wand                    ,7 ,Chaotic Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)
Soldier's Cape                   ,8 ,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)             
Strength Up XIII (Food)          ,8 ,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)                    
Spirit Mist                      ,8 ,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)        
Padded Gloves                    ,8 ,Fallen Palace (Crumbling Kingdom)            
Guardian Staff                   ,9 ,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)             
Wisdom Up XIV (Food)             ,9 ,Solar Sanctuary (Discordia Eliminators)      
Moderate Group Antidote          ,9 ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)       
Strength Up XIV (Food)           ,9 ,Grass Goblin Field (Crumbling Kingdom)       
Black Powder Grenade             ,9 ,Fire Goblin Shrine (Fort Hope)               
Heavy Maul                       ,10,Ferus Sanctuary (Archaeological Expedition)  
Falchion                         ,10,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)                    
Moderate Group Health Potion     ,11,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)                    
Prince of Destruction Heraldry II,11,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)         
Moderate Group Luck Potion       ,11,Parin's Storerooms (Blue Runegate)           
Banded Leather Armor             ,11,Malice Cave (Archaeological Expedition)      
War Poleaxe                      ,11,Grass Goblin Town (Crumbling Kingdom)        
Vibrant Spring Heraldry III      ,12,Burning Ice Cave (Endless Abyss)             
Mastering Thoughts Heraldry II   ,13,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)                
Thorny Necklace                  ,13,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)         
Master's Gauntlets               ,13,Crimson Tunnel (Fort Hope)                   
Master's Gauntlets               ,13,Fire Goblin Den (Research Academy)           
Antidote                         ,13,Patriot's Valley (Crumbling Kingdom)         
Lion's Heart Heraldry I          ,14,Deep Cave (Crumbling Kingdom)                
Skeletal Bow                     ,14,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)                
Keen Armor Heraldry III          ,14,Assassin's Post (Discordia Eliminators)      
Chain Armor                      ,14,Heated Mine (Research Academy)               
Dwarven Shield                   ,15,Queen's Den (Research Academy)               
Heavy Mallet                     ,16,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)                
Powderburn Clock                 ,16,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)                    
Gladius                          ,16,Dark Cave (Endless Abyss)                    
Manafire Belt                    ,16,Riverhead (Research Academy)                 
Ring Boots                       ,18,Ice Horn Temple (Cold Breath)                
Tower Shield                     ,18,Ice Spirit's Mouth (Cold Breath)             
Ring Armor                       ,18,Shadowy Cave (Research Academy)              
Cavalier's Belt                  ,22,Secret Canyon (Research Academy)             
Drakescale Helm                  ,22,Purity Cave (Cold Breath)

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