Lineage 2 Raiding Level 30 to 45 Guide

Lineage 2 Raiding Level 30 to 45 Guide by Viorel

After 10+ raids failed because of people making mistakes, I decided to write this guide. Its not the ultimate guide or something like that, it’s a collection of common sense rules.

In this guide I cover only one raid party with lvls between 30 – 45 (I am actually a newbee ^^).

Party setup: 1 Tank, 1 bishop/prophet (cleric), 1 shillen elder (shillien oracle), 1 DD, 5 nukers.

A char is a tank only if that char had HATE (or aggression). Its common sense, I know, but I saw a lot of people who think if their char has huge hp it can be tank. A tank must have hate. A safe choice is a tank with level higher than the RB level.
There is an excellent guide to tank on Lineage2 site, section New player guides -> Guides, all tanks please: read it.


This char is the primary healer. I think after lvl 48 things will change, but until then you can use a prophet as a healer. Most raid parties that I have seen failed is because healers depleted their mana. So healers, please, conserve your mana. A healer with no mana = dead party.
Do not zerk the tank
Zerk the RB only if you know you can handle the healing.
DO NOT use your resurrect with xp return in fight, just a waste of mana, that mana is better used healing people (especially the tank).

Shillien Elder
This char is the secondary healer and recharger. Conserve mana, conserve mana.
DO NOT use your resurrect with xp return in fight, just a waste of mana, that mana is better used healing people (especially the tank).
DO NOT recharge the nukers. It’s the nukers job to manage their mana. If the tank has no mana to hate = dead party.

You need a melee guy to be the targeter for nukers. Best choice is Warcryer. Party buffs and the most important thing: Chant of Life. This spell is great for helping healers to heal less and nukers to use Body to mind all the time.

They nuke, enough said. Wrong, they must manage their mana. Ive seen a lot of nukers who spam nukes, and in the middle of the fight (usually when the minions respawn) they are out of mana.
Use body to mind all the time, I use this pattern: 2 nukes 1 b2m. If u have an WC, Chant of Life help a lot, if u don’t use pots.
If you cant manage your mana don’t ask for acumen. For inexperienced nukers is better not to have acumen, it will help them to manage their mana.

General rules:
– Follow the party leader instructions. If the party leader is inexperienced (or just dumb) – change him.
– DO NOT leave the fight because you think the battle is lost. The party leader should decide this. Its better to have a little organization when you want to drop a RB.
– Bid for items after each RB.
– Make the looting rules clear for everybody before the fight. Here are some sample rules:
o Party looting option: By turn or by turn including spoil
o Bid on full items and blessed enchants
o Regular enchants: if they are 4 or less: bid on them, one by one or bulk. If they are 5 ore more no need for biding, the party looting option will take care of distributing the enchants.
o Parts and dyes: no biding. But, they should be equally distributed between party members. Lets say the drop was 6 dyes, the drop should be distributed as follow: 1 for the guy who picked up the drop, other 5 droped one by one and picked up.

If I missed some rules (and I surelly did) please let me know, I will try to add them.

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