Lineage II Epic Quest 4th Part Quick Guide

Lineage II Epic Quest 4th Part Quick Guide by BordrX

I m bored but … not bored enough to explain the easy parts, I ll just focus on the parts most people pm me about. Pics are thumbs, click for bigger version

First part most people seem to get stuck on is the the L shaped corridor with the 2+1+2 fast guards

Stand were I m standing, DONT go into stealth, wait for the first guard to cross the red line then run towards the yellow spot, staying left of the blue line

if you did it right you should be standing here, make sure you stand in front of the red line but not too much in front of it, wait for the second guard to cross the black line then run towards the pillar staying left of the yellow line

Third guard is easy, just wait for him to walk away from you then run hugging the wall.

Go around the corner, 2 final guards are there. Stand were I am standing, behind the red line and wait till the guards are in the formation you see in the pic, ie first guard walking away from your side of the wall and second guard walking towards it. When the first guard crosses the yellow line run towards X. Wait for the second guard to start walking away from your side of the wall then run towards the corner. This part is a bit tricky, you need to be quick or you ‘ll get spotted.

Next part is easy, big priest room. Wait for the first patrolling priest to pass going right, walk in the room in stealth and turn left

X is a safe spot to wait for the two guards to get in synch, basically you want the second guard to be heading towards the right of the room (he has a long patrol path) while the first guard is heading left (short patrol path). The path you want to take (in stealth) is the red line

Do it right and you ll be standing here. Again the path you want to take is the red line, making sure you stay left of the grill on the floor and head towards X (corner of the pillar there)

When you standing there turn the camera around and plot a diagonal path towards the pillar across from you in between the two stationary priests. Like so.

To give you a better idea, you should be moving diagonally on the red line in between the edges of the grill on the floor (yellow lines) without getting on them

Hug the pillar in stealth and exit the room.

Final room is easy if you figure out the timings of the guards. Basically go left, stealth were I m standing and wait for the first set of two guards to be in the relative positions they are in this pic, ie guard closest to you slightly ahead on his patrol path of the guard furthest away from you. This might take you waiting for a min or two for them to get in this order. When the guard closest to you crosses the yellow line run along the red line. Be careful and don’t hang too far right or you ll bump on the little statue there (or some other invisible obstacle) and be seen by the guards.

You ll want to be standing were I am, ahead of the blue line inline with your intended path along the orange line towards X. Wait for the guard to cross the red line heading away from you and run towards X.

Final two guards are identical to the first two in this room. Wait till they get in formation and run towards the little code device, click the correct and enter the library. Avoind the one patrolling priest, “talk” to the bookshelf on your right and … end of story.

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